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Published: 10 hours ago

47-year-old Amy Gannon and her 13-year-old daughter Jocelyn, who were visiting from Wisconsin, alongside the helicopter’s pilot, 69-year-old Paul Matero. The other four passengers on board are believed to be a family from Switzerland.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Wa...

Tonight, authorities identifying the pilot and two passengers aboard the safari tour helicopter 69 year-old palma taro of wailua hawaii was the pilot on board 47 year old, amy gannon and her daughter, 13 year old jocelyn from wisconsin. The four other passengers are believed to be a family from switzerland who have not yet been named. It'S unclear what caused the crash, but weather will likely be ...
ne focus. The investigation that area up there is known for having beautiful sunny days and that can change within a matter of an hour or a half an hour. Aerial tours are hugely popular on kauai the backdrop for the film jurassic park, visitors with reservations for safari chopper tours arrivedsaturday morning to find the doors locked. We were a little apprehensive. You know just from what happened a couple days ago: private chopper tours are regulated by the faa, but experts say not as stringently as commercial airliners. One of the things that the investigators will be looking at, of course, is pilot experience, they're going to be looking at the training that the company provides them. Ntsb records show there been 18 civilian helicopter crashes in hawaii since 2015, hawaii congressman eadie case calling for more regulation. Tweeting tour helicopter and small aircraft operations are not safe and innocent lives are paying the price tonight. The grief on this tiny island extending far beyond its shores, sara whatis the tour company saying tonight in a statement late today, safari said the pilot had 12 years experience flying on this island and that they'd cooperate fully with the investigation. Officials from the ntsb are expected on the island tomorrow.

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