Atari to release throwback console with classic games, joystick

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/03/2019 04:56 PM

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais tells FOX Business’ Stuart Varney that the latest console will give gamers access to the classics, movies and music, targeting a broader audience. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact bo...

You really forget it all on this program, so now we're going to talk about atari, okay. I remember this very, very well way. Back in the 70s and 80s, i was playing a game called pong: okay, low style, game drama, i loved it. Then i played it back then well, atari has a new console out and what they're doing is they're getting they're loading it with some of those old games that you can still play ...
hem today. So we have with us today, fred shinae. He is the ceo of atari, i think that's the title. Yes, the name is right. Fred chanel and this is the console. So this is the the first prototype ofthe console. If i buy one of these things, i can play pong again. Yes, so we'll see, but you know it's a first and foremost you know we have we're still making games. I know you got ta tell me that you do more than just the old games going to tell me we're doing games, of course, for mobile online.

So we are relaunching the old classic games. So that's still, you know the dna of the company, but we're very proud to announce so next week we'll be releasing end of the year and the early next year would be releasing this new console. So what is it exactly? First, we you know to pay homage to theto the history. You know we still have a very nice wooden design. It will do a lot more. I understand it's not just the old games is all of the new games and you can stream them. I think yes, exactly it's a computer to boot right, so you have two modes. Basically, first, it's a gaming and video console for the living room. The first use of it is, you have what we call the atari mode, which is based on linux, and here you will be able to access classic games, new games and much more music movies and basically, every type of application for the home. So it's really like. First, a console for it andon top of that, and this is what is also new and different from the other consoles. You will be able in what we call a sandbox mode where you will be able to download a new or a new operating system.

If you want to download microsoft, if you want to download an android system, we will allow that and basically we've at sandbox mode. You can do pretty much what you want. Of course, we see well where we think that this is new. This is really mainstream and we are very happy we'll be showing it to the price behind closed doors next week and it will be end of the. But you still have the exclusivityand. Yes can apply space invaders. So look, yes, definitely you will be able to access it through a steaming. Okay. Can i play pac-man yeah pac-man is not a toy. It'S yes would be able to have it through the your entourage standing over. There is just appalled that i'm bringing up pong. This is video game culture right, you know.

Yes, that's the which dollar graphic are you going after, and would you really go after retired people like myself, and your seniors like myself, on the grounds that you can play pong and space invaders and pac-man? Well, i think we're going you know to with a very very broad audience. Everyone will basically need something inthe living room to do what i've just explained would be. I think we are interested to look into what we are offering the device we have two modes: hey. First mode, where you can have any a lot of applications and then your sandbox mode. Well, you can do what you want. You killing me fred, you killing me. Could i just plug it in and play? Yes? Definitely you will, but only one because it's your machine, but i get my grandchildren to hook this thing. I think i would definitely try it because it's always good to bond with the move, the kids and with the grandkids. So yes, it's just for that. Yes, that's what iwould do you know? That'S the beauty of video games and what we've learned is that senior people they tend to play a lot to ball with the kids and the grandkids. Do you think i could bond with my four-year-old twin granddaughters playing pong? Definitely yes, if, if i buy one, will you supply a technician to come to my stores out like 24/7, the work your own yeah he's not gon na. Tell us we're gon na have different systems, but the entry point will be 249 and then we have also - and we've also rebooted and redesigned the all classic joystick, so that could be announced later this year, but very new joystick, but comes with the machine.

Andthat'S version 2. 0 possible with the and then you get a more and more. We will have you know more pricier option, just a sample which you're leaving here or you take another video sample them you're, not giving me that, so i don't blowing the phone. I read only fraction a look. Thank you very much for bearing with me in about pong and space invaders. I do think that's very exciting, because they're bringing a whole bunch of stuff together. Yes, thanks for having.

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