Trish Regan: Obama’s intel ops may have been weaponized

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/04/2019 01:01 AM

FBN’s Trish Regan and Trump 2020 Strategic Communications Director Marc Lotter discuss a new report that the Obama administration sent spies to gather dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms...

Tonight the case against the obama administration's department of justice and fbi is growing. A new report tonight that obama's fbi sent a spy to london in an attempt to gather dirt on the trump campaign. The new york times reports that a woman tried to infiltrate the campaign by trying to befriend george papadopolis. Now that the new york times is right, then here's what we now know the attorney ...
eneral says spine did occur. Yes, i think spying did occur. Well. Let me question is whether it was predicated adequately predicated and i'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated, but i need to explore that. Indeed, we know that the fisa warrant was obtained by the fbi. Throughthe use of opposition research bought and paid for by the hillary campaign and never verified by the fbi, general counsel. At the time, james baker. Can you imagine not verifying all of that material? He didn't care, he didn't do it. Meanwhile, trump 2016 campaign advisor michael caputo tells us the fbi sent a spy to effectively and trap him watch this.

I know that i myself was approached by a russian national fbi, informant in late may of 2016 fbi informant want. He wanted to give me some dirt on hillary clinton. I turned it down what i didn't know until i sat down with the muller investigation and when they asked me about him and i toldthem what i knew there by their faces. I knew that it was someone that had been sent to me mmm now. You add in this whole new layer, this new layer that the new york times says it can confirm an fbi. Informant obama's fbi department was sent to london to spy on the campaign and what we're left with tonight is a very, very troubling picture of an obama administration that may have weaponized. It'S intelligent, elegance divisions, all in an effort to spy on innocent americans and a man who was about to become the next president of the united states, unacceptable joining me right now to react to all of it. We have strategic communications directorfor. The trump 2020 campaign mark watermark i mean this - is it's very troubling and - and i think that attorney general barr points out, you know look we need. We need to get to the bottom of it right, because we need to understand what the motives were and whether they were pure or whether they were just political, because, my goodness or if they were political, then i think some heads will need to roll. There needs to be accountability, you're, absolutely right - and this is clear - the trump campaign was spied on by the fbi and it was directed at the highest levels of the department of justice to what end they were spying on political opponents, andit's something we cannot allow. We do not weaponize our police powers.

I have the united states government to turn it on political disagreements or political opponents. We saw the fbi do this back in the 1960s and before with j edgar hoover, they kept lists of unamerican people and congress. Put a stop to it right now. You have congress, at least the democrats cheerleading it and trying to cover for it and that's why they're running scared right now, because they know this entire scheme and the obama administration's mis administration of justice is about to be exposed. And that's why you have the likes of kamala harris and some others now calling for the resignation of attorneygeneral barr? Is it because they want him to resign before the tables turn and the america learns? What really went down in 2016? You'Re! Absolutely right! You see adam schiff, saying it too, and it's actually a joke. I mean it's comical that somebody like adam schiff, who lied to the american people for two years about the president of the united states, being a russian agent or knowing of russian in evidence about collusion, proven false would have the temerity to say anyone was a liar. He'S a liar and he's trying to cover-up and stall, this investigation from exposing what they were doing behind the scenes to block president trump, and what do you think was reallygoing on i mean look and with all due respect, sir, you have a political motion to because You'Re working on the 2020 campaign, but if you can just put that aside for a moment i mean i, i try and just think about this stuff as an american citizen who values my privacy and values, my rights and the idea that any of this could have Gone down, i think, is just extraordinarily troubling and it's an issue that every american, regardless of what party they're in, should care about. Do we need do we need another special prosecutor to investigate what actually happened there? I'M not sure we need to go with another special counsel. You have theattorney general, you have the inspector general and you also have the senate judiciary committee promising to look into this. But here's the thing to your point: trish congress has already done this before when when what j, edgar hoover and the fbi did back in the 60s and beyond was exposed, congress in a bipartisan fashion came together to put a stop to it in the 70s. They work together to protect the the freedoms and the rights of american citizens, and it looks like right now that all that went out the window again under obama. In 2016, look, i said we were broken or becoming broken.

It'S quite clear that if they can't protect us from thatkind of deep state horrific nonsense, then we really don't have a congress, that's of any meaning at all.

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