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Published: 12/18/2019 04:34 AM

As the 2020 election nears, an NBC News investigation finds Democrats may be on track to top Republicans in “dark money” donations. NBC News’ Laura Strickler tells us what dark money is and what role it plays in U.S. elections. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch mo...

Today, elizabeth warren unveiled her plan to stop the flow of dark money and politics, but as the 2020 election nears an nbc investigation found, the democrats might actually be on track to top republicans in dark money. Donations nbc's, laura strickler, is the reporter. Behind that story. She joins me now from washington dc and what exactly is dark money for people who don't know and what role do ...
s it play in our elections? A great question allison, so most of the vast majority of money? That'S in our elections. We know where it's from and we know where it's going, but about ten years ago the supreme court said they would allow in money into our elections. Thatwhere, we don't know who is actually given the money, and so for the last ten years, we've seen republicans embracing this opportunity, putting money into the into elections from anonymous donors, but last year, in 2018, that flipped and now democrats, at least as of last year, we're Dominating the dark money operations around the country and what we've seen so far for 2020 is that that's that trend is continuing it's early, obviously, but but that's what we're seeing so far yeah i was gon na ask you. Those patterns from 2018 seemed to be continuing as far as you can tell. They are - and you know we're seeing about 8. 3 million spent by democrats so far compared toaround 7. 5 million for republicans and so, but we're also seeing that you know a lot of these democratic candidates for president are saying they don't like dark money. That is terrible. It'S a problem and they want to do something about it, but you know by next summer we're gon na have a nominee, and the question is going to become.

Is that nominee gon na take this dark money from anonymous, yeah, liberal donors? You also found any reporting that republicans are nervous because they're not seeing the same kind of spending from their traditional allies who are those allies and why aren't they spending what's going on there exactly so the koch brothers that have been traditional supporter theyhave now indicated there They'Re open to supporting democratic candidates, the us chamber of commerce has also said you know that are inclined to take a look at whatever candidate supports free trade, and then we've also seen with the nra that they, as you've reported. You know we've seen they're having infighting and lawsuits, and so those three, those three stalwarts of republican funding are not. You know that the fear is that they're not going to be coming out and this in the way they have in the past and that's making some folks nervous. We mentioned earlier elizabeth warren put out her dark money plan today. Other twenty twenty democratic contenders have sponsored a dark money reformbill, but just to be very clear that has not stopped them from accepting dark money. Correct it's not that there. Yet it's it's that dark money organizations have endorsed them. So hmm, you know with elizabeth warren. There'S a dark money group that came out in iowa and supported her and paid for some ads mm-hmm. She disavowed that okay go yep, there's also one for bernie sanders as well, so laura thanks so much for being with us today. We appreciate it. You bet.

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