Trump announces 5 percent tariffs on Mexico to halt illegal immigration

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 12:43 AM

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) reacts to President Trump’s tweet that the U.S. will impose a 5 percent tariff on imports from Mexico starting June 10. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall St...

Breaking right now, everyone president trump saying that the u. s. is prepared and is at this moment in time preparing to impose a five percent tariff on all goods imported from mexico. If that country doesn't start to do more to combat the migrant crisis on our southern border. Now the tariffs they're set to take effect on june 10th, so in just a few days here, if mexico doesn't do anything if th ...
y don't act and they continue to allow this he's going to retaliate with these tariffs now the president's warning these tariffs are gon na Keep going and they're gon na keep increasing until the crisis is resolved. Mexico says this action will be disastrous. This coming season, summeri should say, as our border patrol makes its largest single apprehension ever more than 1,000 illegal migrants are actually apprehended after crossing into our country. Near el paso, texas joining me right now, house oversight, committee, member tennessee, congressman mark greene good to have you here, congressman, hey true, it's great to be on the show so tariffs, that's where he's going does? Does he get the reaction he needs and wants from mexico with this threat, this economic threat? That would be quite quite bad for their economy yeah. I look. First, everybody hates tariffs. I mean, i even think the president hates tariffs, but it's a crisis at the southern border and we have to do somethingi mean if it's really a crisis, then you go to crisis measures and i think that's what the president is doing. You know the hundred thousand-plus a month now and we're on track for a record year and you heard yeah.

I think you announced earlier in your monologue about a thousand 36 today, and this is out of control where we have to do something. You know, i think, of the hundreds, thousands of americans who are dying from the opiate crisis and most of the synthetic opioids are coming across the southern border. It'S a crisis and it's time to act. So mexico said we'll act, we'll do something they've. Certainly, given us lip service in thepast, but they haven't really done anything because we look at these numbers right and it's it's pretty striking how severe they are and they just keep growing congressman. Do we have some video? We can show you some video of the the group today apprehended 1000 people. I mean that is a big amount of people that are crossing in to our border there. In el paso texas. I mean you think about the challenges that the community of el paso has or any of these communities along the border and they're saying wait a second there's only so much. We can do right. What about the mexican side? Yeah? Well, the the new york times is even callingit a crisis now, and it is time for mexico to do its part. I know when president trump mentioned possibly doing tariffs before they actually started doing some work at their southern border.

So hopefully this you know gets them going and the tariffs don't have to go into placement. That'S certain! Well, you know yeah, i agree with you, but you know. June 10th is like right around the corner, so you just have a few days here, yeah to show some willingness to step up to the plate. Because look, as you said at the start, you know you don't like tariffs. Nobody likes terrorists. President putin doesn't even like tariffs and they're, not good, for forus in our economy, certainly not good for their economy. But at what point do you say come on like what else are we going to do?.

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