Quest Diagnostics data breach may have compromised 11.9M patients’ info

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 06:47 PM

Quest Diagnostics announced on Tuesday that the private information of 11.9 million patients may have been compromised. CyberScout founder Adam Levin reacts to the breach. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact bo...

All right now yet another example of data that gets into the wrong hands and this time not a retailer but quest diagnostics of the big blood. Retrieving folks, saying that a better than eleven point: nine million customers had their data compromised cybersecurity expert founder a cyber scout. Adam levin joins us right now. What do we know about this adam? Well, thanks nail for inviting me what we ...
now is it's close to 12 million people. We know that it was a vendor of a vendor, so this was a bill collection company that was working for a vendor of quest that had medical information, social security, information, financial information and possibly other personal information contact information, forconsumers patients of quest. So let me ask you, when you have incidents like visi here about millions of people's records compromised, whether it involves countless retailers and online concerns? What have you, what percentage of those do you think we're genuinely victims of material that got into the wrong hands and was stolen, in other words, used for nefarious purposes? It really depends on the kind of breach the kind of data. That'S there whether that data is also be used at being used by scammers and identity thieves to launch additional phishing attacks to get more data on people, but it's not a massive percentage of people, but here's the thing. Unlike credit card information, you make aphone call change a number when you're talking about social security, information, social security numbers. This is the gift that keeps on giving you don't really have to use it immediately. You can use it at your leisure simply because the only expiration date on a social security number is your expiration date, and even then we have cases where social security numbers have been in play long after somebody has passed away. So what do you do if you learn that you're one of those customers? What do you do? Well, i think you have to assume we're living in a world where breaches become the third certainty in life. So i think you have to zooom that yourinformation is out there and you need to to really seriously protect yourself now.

There are those who will wait to be notified by quest that they were that they won the quest breach lottery, but but the truth of the matter is that we should all operate as if we already are in that lottery, whether it was quest or the health Insurance companies that have been breached over the years or equifax or many of the government agencies that have been breached and when lewis goes on and on so you need to adopt what i call the three m's you need to minimize your risk of exposure, reduce your Attackable surface not easy in a world withten billion internet of things, devices tracking you, you need to monitor effectively and you have to manage the damage. So, in a case like quest first, you should put fraud alerts on your credit files. You can contact one agency. They will give it to the other two. Secondly, you should seriously consider freezing your credit so that no one, including you, can gain access to your credit for purposes of opening account. Unless that is thawed, you should be checking your credit reports. You should be tracking your credit scores in the event they take a sudden precipitous drop. You can't explain you should be signing up for what's called transactional monitoring alerts which are free from financialservices providers, credit card companies and banks that notify you anytime, there's activity in your account when you're talking about health-related information, you should be reading the explanation of benefit statements That you get from your health insurers just to make sure that you're, the person that had the exam or had the treatment and and the last and important thing the third m - is managing the damage and a lot of people don't understand that many insurance organizations, financial Services organizations, even employers today have a program to help you through an identity incident, and it may be free, is a perk of your relationship or it may be deeply discounted, but you ought to utilize it right, absolutelyalright, adam. Thank you. All good advice live in the cyber scout founder and chair of cyber security, privacy and fraud expert at all. Thank you.

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