Bannon: Today is the most important day of Trump's presidency

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019 12:18 AM

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on why he supports President Trump’s threat to increase tariffs on Chinese imports. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headqu...

Failed presidential candidate hillary clinton continues her complaint in wine tour unable to apparently let go of her loss to president trump in 2016. As i've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee and you can have the elections stolen from you. I think she was channelling if i'm not mistaken, bernie sanders who she stole tha ...
election. Did she not clinton's comments in inglewood, california, coming in front of a crowd that paid as little as are you ready for this $ 2 a seat? Now, the two folks you sit there, i mean they're worth over a hundred million, maybe two hundred million and theywant somebody's two dollars to have an evening. I mean that's astonishing joining us tonight, steve bannon he's the former white house chief strategist, former senior counselor to president trump. He is a great american and it is good to see thanks for having me lou. Let'S start with, i mean, let's ignore the clintons. Shall we can we do that? I think it's pretty easy to do. Let'S start with this, president grifted the grifter tore the grit future. I like it at two bucks: a throw cheap at any price. You got this this president standing up today and saying to her decision thing that you know you can renege, you can do whatever you wish, but therewill be consequences. This is the man we elected period.

This is a great president. Well, i think you compare and contrast hillary clinton to what donald trump i happen to think today was the most important day of donald trump's presidency. Really, yes, right, listen! He'S president united states, because of the rejection of working class people and middle class people about manage decline of our country at the hands of people like hillary clinton, the clinton global initiative, the that the whole clinton apparatus, these globalist, an elitist we're very comfortable. With the manage decline, particularly visa vie, the rise of china and donald trump conferred that particularly in the upper midwest. This is the reason he wonstates like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin people understand like jd vance, the great sociologist who wrote the book. Hillbilly lg's the factories went to china, the jobs went to china and the opioids came in, and so i think trump understands that tariffs are more than northern taxes, they're about self-empowerment of the working class. Today he said the president. She in the chinese apparatus, which continually whether it's clinton, bush or obama, the permanent political class they've tapped along reneged on every deal, they've had trump said: i'm not going to do this you're not going to come back and retrain us. I'M going to hit you with the tariffs, and i think this is a very bigweek in american economic history. I couldn't agree with you more and to to think the the opposition that this president has faced, the the unregistered foreign agents that are represented on wall street. The koch brothers are the chamber of horrors: are the business roundtable us multinationals and their lobbyists? The idea that this president has to contend with them, while he's also negotiating with shanje pain and his emissaries. It is it's stunning that a president has had to face this kind of opposition, this kind of disloyalty and an active conspiracy to overthrow his presidency.

Let'S, let's leave aside the nullification project for a second: let's just talk about china in china, the resistant he's had fromfrom. The ir department of the chinese communist party is wall street. The investor relations the party, the lobbyists of corporate america and the pressure on president trump has been relentless and it's all the fear project just like in brexit. It'S the fear project project, fear that if you don't actually get a deal, that's just that just about buying more soybeans you're going to have a collapse of the stock market, an economic catastrophe president trump is stood up against that present trump says no. This is an economic war. We'Re gon na have fundamental structural change in the state capitalism that china has. China has this system of state capitalism. We are going to get changes on forcetechnology transfers subsidies, the state-owned industries in your property. These are deep issues and here's the reason this treaty broke down this week. They had to build a road initiative. A week ago. They had 40 companies, there they're 40 countries, they say, hey we're doing fine.

Do we need the americans and all of a sudden, you saw him coming back on what trump had negotiated say. We'Re gon na put all this out to the public to see particularly the chinese public. Remember this is not against the chinese people. President trump is actually assisting the chinese people. This is against this radical cadre of the chinese communist party, and i got to tell you they're supporters on wallstreet and the supporters in corporate america should be ashamed of themselves of the pressure they put on the president. 9 states today, over the weekend he said no way and today he hid the bid. There are so many of the elites in this country the political elites business elites who should be ashamed of themselves because in betraying president trump they betrayed their country and they continue. They persist and to watch what the dems are doing on capitol hill, the nonsense of even thinking of holding attorney general, william bar in contempt. This president is under assault still by the deep state, the radical dems and, of course, the the unbelievably petty and persistent establishment of bothparties. Well, here's the opposition party media, the mainstream media and what i call the nullification project. I don't call it the deep state. It'S in your grill, it's in her face.

It'S not deep. I mean they're right there and i think this this project, the russia things a sideshow to a sideshow. The beating heart of the problem we have the united states is this geostrategic struggle. We have with this radical cadre that chinese communist party, in our position with china in the 21st century donald trump, has understood that you've talked about this for 20 or 30 years. Trump has been a follow. Yours donald trump came into this thing with very set ideas. That'S whathe was able to go up to the upper midwest and working-class people said hey. I understand what that guy's saying and hillary clinton never went there and never mentioned it, because she's a globalist you've got this thing reversed, i'm a follower of president trump's and yet, but you had been taught you've been talking about this for a long time. You know you've been on an old saying, talk's cheap. What this president is doing. Oh, the agency takes ordinary by the way and and the pressure and who said the pressure he has had, and i think that's where that tweet the other day, here's the key thing, the chinese have done what they've always done. Toamerican presidents and he said no way, you're not going to retrain us.

This deal is going to be out in the open and hey here. Come the tariffs here come the tariffs, and here comes america thanks to a fella named trump c banner great to see you come back. Thank you for having me. Thank you, sir mr. bennett.

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