Trees For Troops Ships Christmas Cheer To Those Who Serve Around The World | NBC News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/22/2019 06:52 PM

Americans are donating Christmas trees to the military through the organization Trees for Troops, which ships trees with FedEx to bases all over the world — even as far away as Afghanistan. The mission: to help military families far from home experience the joy of the holiday season. "» Subscri...

[ music ], there's good news tonight about helping our troops around the world, feel loved and remembered during the holiday season. They'Re getting christmas trees from strangers, a small but important symbol of the season, bringing a bit of home to those serving far away from the mighty and majestic to the humble and hopefully really there a holiday tradition, a symbol of the season. But some ar ...
buying more than just one families donating christmas trees to our troops, along with notes of love and support. Thank you for protecting us. We hope you enjoy the tree merry christmas, my family loaded up and shipped by truck and fedex by flight to bases all over the world. Since 2005, treesfor troops has partnered with tree farms across the country, sending nearly 250,000 christmas trees to military families, who can't be home for the holidays, good tidings coast to coast, even as far away as afghanistan and at anderson air force base in guam. This season extra special for the crisp family from virginia spending, their first stationed on the islands wow literally. The first thing we got to put in our hall is the christmas tree. I have something that's familiar really makes it feel like a home back stateside, seen green at camp lejeune. Four hundred and fifty trees donated here from tennessee for the aegon burgers from missouri. The reason to be thankful. This christmas, sergeant, lucassecond burger, has been deployed to the living room.

You want to put some lights on sadie and bennett, helping dad decorate there. You go good job for them and our other us armed forces. These trees are much more than just a gift. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, they're also an inspiration and says thank you for all you do for your country. We love our mini heroes, such as you love from memphis tennessee families across the globe, united in the holiday spirit for the trees for troops program. Its mission accomplished has been about two years now, since i've had a christmas with my family in everything means a lot to me: trees for troops, isa, massive effort, more than 18,000 trees were delivered so far. This holiday season on 78 military bases,.

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