Trump’s 'merit-based' plan would require immigrants to learn English

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 09:41 PM

Former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan discusses whether immigrants should be required to learn English. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the b...

[ music ] did outlined his merit-based immigration plan. Today'S new requirements there for people entering the united states. Let'S take a listen future immigrants will be required to learn english and to pass a civics exam prior to admission. That seems to be getting a fair amount of attention as thomas home and joins us, the former ice director and he's also fox news contributor. So it's good t ...
see you, sir, and on that part of it requiring immigrants to speak english and pass a civics exam. But in particularly the english speaking requirement, do you believe that is necessary and if so, why? Why does that need to be part of a plan? Well, i think i was oneto white house yesterday i was briefed by senior administrative officials on this entire plan. I, like this plan, i think it's a great place to start discussions up on a hill. Look, i think, what they're doing is they're looking at who who enters this country to the legal system they're, making those who want to enter legally, it's easier system and they're in and one thing that's a misnomer. I'Ve heard it on other shows that that getting away from the family base be says that is not true: they're much dick with family based visas on the nuclear family, mother and father sons, daughters, that nuclear family, but the aunts and uncles and all grandparents, that's outof. The plan i want to sharon on that on that part of it. Yes, i think, i think, have an educator, a certain educational level, having experience technical experience and you know high tech jobs. I think that, having an ability to speak, the english language, i mean they're all positives, and that adds points now it does a plan say if you don't speak things, you absolutely know you know no chance gator.

No, it just adds points, so those people can speak in these. Have no skills have that education. They have an advantage on the pool system. I think the right thing to do all right. Let me bring up some of those other levels. Aswe, look at the the goals here trying to get the those admitted under employment and skills up to 57 percent from 12 %. That'S the whole idea being merit-based, but if you look at the merit-based factors that are in play, you're talking about english proficiency as one thing but also age, employment offers, which you brought up. So you want to have somebody offering to give you a job educational background. So when you get the briefing there, what was the real and offices at the white house? What do they think is the most important part of all of this? I think they want people to come this country. This won't add to the development, this country they'regoing. To add to the economy, this country we had economists in the briefing very respected, well respect the economists that talked about how this new plan will raise the gdp it would raise the tax base. It will keep and help protect american wages help raise wages, not just for american working for those legal immigrants in this country it likes to raise their wages.

What i heard yesterday, i was very convinced this is a great place to start. Oh, this is a long way to being done right, starting the planning table. Sorry to interrupt both. Oh i'm final question before i let you go is that it doesn't seem as though they really want this particularplan right this minute to become law. Is that fair that it's a conversation, starter democrats control the house? I know operations is more your business than politics, but this is a tough one. You don't no mention of dreamers, for example, which maybe would get democrats to talk more well. I think they like getting the republicans that put a plan on the table. I think this is a discussion. I start the democrats right away. Nancy pelosi made a statement today they do a terrible plan, they put no options on the table. You just want to. You know distance themselves and a plaintiff and put on the table that didn't come to the table of their ideaslet's.

Have a discussion. That'S what this is all about. Lindsey, graham, has a great plan. I hope his plan moves fast because that was shut down the loopholes which was secure the border quicker, but this needs to happen. We need legislation, it's good to see you, sir, as always so always appreciate your experience and analysis on this issue. Thanks a lot thomas holman.

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