Zuckerberg unveils Facebook's updated layout and its new 'Oculus Quest'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 04/30/2019 09:08 PM

Fox Business’ Robert Gray discusses some of the big reveals from Facebook’s F8 developer conference. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the newest additions being made to the popular social media platform and what to look forward to in the future. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financ...

We are getting all of this a flurry of headline from mark zuckerberg who made multiple multiple bits of news at a facebook developers conference out in san jose that just finished up. In the last hour, the ceo gave a first look at the new overhauled facebook. He also unveiled the groundwork for never-before-seen tools that look sort of to reshape facebook into what appears to be a private messagin ...
and e-commerce company now, while down about 1 % at this hour, facebook stock has spiked 47 percent. Over the last year, robert gray was in the room in san jose, for it all, including, i guess, robert the big moment where zuckerberg pulled an oprah indeed liz it wasquite. The reveal i mean we're talking about these, this privacy overhang the redesign of the site, the biggest one in years, but clearly the biggest ovation in the biggest response from the developers here in the san jose civic center convention center coming when he did indeed talk about The new untethered oculus vr headsets, so i'm really excited to get this into your hands. I can't wait to hear. I can't wait to hear what you all think of this. It'S [ applause ]. Well, he went on to say that he is giving one to everyone in the audience and then starting on may 21st. That is the release date, but the vr headsets, the quest and the rifts went on presale. Today you can start the orders they will be delivered. May 21st now the focus on privacy today mark zuckerberg, saying that, given the company's checkered past went on to say they were working on a privacy folk envisioned a lot of talk about it, but not exactly specific steps.

Yet on how they're going to implement this one thing of a note, though, that could scaning a lot of traction and big response in the audience. Was discussion of the dating app now they're expanding to more countries to coming to the us, supposedly at the end of the year? There'S a function on that called the secret crush list on which users can listnine friends or friends or friends of a romantic interest, and then you receive a notification from facebook. If your cross-reference they're on the commerce side, they wanted to boost checkout to send money as easy as a text. According to zuckerberg, they did introduce shopping from creator. So, starting next week you can shop inspiring, looks from creators and you'll stay in an instagram according to them and the facebook site and, of course, gon na lose its blue banner. That'S been there since inception in 2004. Liz it's the biggest redesign in years as we mentioned off the top, and they see a lot more future in group conversations, including watching videos with your friends through the messenger appand you'll start seeing these changes as soon as today, when you log in so i'm told Back to you in the studio, oh well as soon as today, wait so, let's be clear: every single attendee got an oculus quest, that's what they said, wow! Well, this immersive virtual reality. I'Ve been waiting for that because we saw it unveiled at ces. I want to say seven years ago, robert. Thank you very much, robert gray.

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