Impact of Trump's trade strategy on his base

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/10/2019 05:44 PM

Democratic Strategist Andrew Feldman and GOP Fundraiser Noelle Nikpour on the economic impact of U.S. trade tensions with China as the 2020 presidential race heats up. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both M...

One of the things i should also mention: we talk about retribution from china. You know one of the bad things about running a half three dollar surplus of the united states. Is you don't have many arrows in your quiver? They have about a hundred billion dollars worth of imports for the united states, so ostensibly they could slap tariffs on them, but the impact would be but a fraction of what we c ...
uld do in this country to chinese imports. The other issue raised is they could go for the nuclear option and debates to value whatever you want to call it their currency now what that of course would have a global impact and that could befar more far-reaching. We just don't know. What we do know is that average investors don't like towers, especially the ones like this, that that that could directly hit them. They just don't see it for the time being they might now. Oddly enough, the president has been enjoying unusual support among prominent democrats like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer may be very sensitive to their union base. That says the china has been taking advantage of it and the president should to quote chuck schumer, hang tough. Let'S get to read on all of that from gop fundraiser noel, nick borre, democratic strategist, andrew feldman andrew ended with you. Do you agree with that chuck schumer view? Hang tough looki think where we're dealing with a delicate situation here, because what we're continuing to see is that the president is doing what he does best, which is trying to govern via tweet, and that doesn't work very well and i think, ultimately, hurts the american people. So this way that's not as well.

I think you agree what job schumer said hangs over the chinese, whether you're tweeting, it's what i think we. What i think we know is that democrats and people, but not doesn't matter what party you are people in the midwest people in the manufacturing senate have been hurt by china and i think that some of the president, they welcome in being well wellit's, not necessarily all Or nothing right because i think he's been tough right, but his policies, on the other hand, have heard a lot of those same people that wanted him to be tough on china right. We saw the soybean tariffs earlier great, but if ours, but it's oddly enough unions to a group, have been very supportive of this approach, whether it's wise longer-term. So what are we to make of that? Well, you know what's interesting and i'm looking at this through a political lens and it's the fact that joe biden who seems to be it may be very well likely the front-runner one of the one of the big right, one of the biggestfactors and one of the Reasons why i think trump pushed a forward, and one was, you know, pennsylvania wisconsin. You know these union states that normally go blue well, joe biden can appeal to those and he's already gotten some union support what would put that in jeopardy, but something he has not criticized the china policy. No, you said, here's what he said and you could help me with his andrew that we look at china as a competitor but they're, not there they're it's laughable, so he kind of dismissed them, and i wonder that we comes back to bite him. We already saw some democrats not agreeing with joe biden on that right, bernie sanders etcbut. I think what we have to remember here is it does matter how he go about diplomacy right and president trump. The way he goes about it ends up coming back and hurting the same families that he had talking points on to try to. If we don't know, this is going to end up, but let me ask you this: if he gets a deal a verifiable deal, you know you do exactly what you say in this deal. That'S a huge win for him, but we've already seen it hurt a lot of these working-class families in the midwest right. Look.

I'Ve talked about this on your show before it's really to be fair, a bit focusedon farmers try to offset that with you know, farm credits. That'S you're quite right, but hear you on that. It really has well one other thing to add in because we've talked before in your show about what happened in lordstown with gm right and gm said in part that they closed that plant because of the tariffs right. I'M saying and that gm plant, though, is that was a devastation to the people, but now that was sold and for jobs are coming back. 400 is not the 1200 they lost nail or how that affected the schools and we'll see. I don't think we picked up 4,000 manufacturing jobs in the latest report. I just don't thinkthat, we are just not gon na give the price. No, i just don't think the president is winning over. No, i don't think he's winning over. It is republicans who are they leaping at this and making assumptions? This is going to be pay dirt friend. Well, maybe this is the conversation for today right now today and what you said earlier. Neal is going to be true and it's going to help donald trump.

If there is a deal that comes out of this, if his strong stance, you know if it works, and there is a good deal for the american people that come out of this, then i think that the strategy is good, but this isa conversation by the way, Any deal, i think the anna's point you you need congress to approve so and we've already see with the one with mexico and canada, but your that's, not a slam down. No, i just think. I just think that we have to see what happens, because you saw what happened this morning, to the futures markets right and to the market, because president trump decides to yell and scream on twitter, and i just think we've seen this for two years. That strategy does not work, but volatility is good in a market. I mean nobody really likes it and by the way, since this first action to go after china, we're still atfive or six percent on all the major markets. I do. You could cite a variety of other reasons, but we've also seen in you, don't like it sweet. I know you share that now, but my other issue here is that he promised to bring these jobs back to the job forget about the unemployment right, because what we have that? Yes, because it's not just about the unemployment numbers in this country, it's about wage growth and you think about wage growth. Let me tell you, let me tell you something about the bottom line. Is i mean here you ran out some of the details and the difference with me hasn't have nods, but you cannot arguepolitics over that. We have seen remarkable employment stats, we know marketable, but we atomics know because of deregulation. We know the only credit.

We know that this election is going to be decided by the rust belt right and these pennsylvania, ohio, michigan wisconsin, and i think that, despite what president trump says, these voters are struggling to make ends meet. I'M gon na put you down as a maybe on.

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