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Volcano eruption in New Zealand leaves at least five dead, eight missing, Democratic and Republican counsels make closing arguments on impeachment, and FBI treating Pensacola mass shooting as act of terrorism. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check yo...

Breaking news tonight, the deadly disaster still unfolding as we come on the air, a massive volcano eruption on a popular new zealand tourist attraction, at least five people killed americans among the injured and potentially among the missing no signs of life on the island. The stein site still too dangerous at this hour for search and rescue the closing arguments in the impeachment showdown both ...
sides making their final cases the fireworks in the room. As house democrats draw closer to a vote, a highly anticipated watchdog report revealed what it found. The fbi investigation into the trump campaign and russia was justified and not politically motivated, but the fbi faulted for serious errors. The reaction frompresident trump as both sides, seized on it as new ammunition. The chilling video police calling it rehearsal for a mass shooting, a man armed with an arsenal in a hotel room, pointing guns at pedestrians outside the tip that led to his arrest, o nbc news exclusive. The boeing whistleblower going public tonight bottom line is you're. Worried about people dying in boeing claims, absolutely what he says. He warned the company about months before two deadly 737 max crashes and fighting porch pirates. We go along with police as they set traps to catch thieves. In the act and how you can protect your holiday packages, this is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. There aregrim fears tonight over the fates of tourists, including americans.

After the volcanic island they were visiting in new zealand exploded in a deadly shower of ash. In steam as a new day breaks on that side of the world, reconnaissance planes are in the air searching for signs of life. Our janice mackay fryer is in new zealand, two explosions, a huge tower of ash and steam shooting up 12,000 feet. The eruption captured by anxious tourists as their volt pulled away from the island. We look back. We just saw this plume of smoke coming up from the volcano american michael shade and his family had just finished their tour. It was hard to stop crying long. Enoughto. Take the photo and then you take the photo and then start thinking about it. Start crying again. Rescuers are struggling to reach the island now smothered in two feet of searing ash reconnaissance flights confirm there are no signs of life. At least five people are dead.

Eight are missing: at least two americans are among the injured, matthew, ryan yuri and his wife lauren. There were two groups on the island, those who were able to be evacuated and those who were close to the eruption just one minute before the eruption. A camera captured. This stunning image appearing to show a group of people just tiny specks near the rim of the crater skydiving instructor tristanwebb, was in the air when the island exploded within around about five five seconds of exiting the aircraft you could see. The plume of smoke was just beginning to almost envelop the island. It is row. Rapid, white island, also known as wa khari, is privately owned about 30 miles off the northeast coast. Here it is also new zealand's, most active volcano and the alert level had been raised. Video taken friday shows it was already spewing gas. The agency that manages the alert system had warned days ago. The volcano was restless now questions about why tourists were allowed to go there tonight. The island is so unstable, rescue teams can't get near it and there isthe risk of another eruption, lester incredible, to watch all right janice.

Thank you in washington, the bitter divide over impeachment was on full display, as we near an expected house vote before the end of the year. Hallie jackson has details closing arguments tonight as democrats close in on a vote to impeach the president looking to put the public on their side. The evidence shows the donald j trump. The president of the united states has put himself before his country democratic staff attorneys on the judiciary committee recapping their findings from weeks of public hearings, arguing the president abused his power, betrayed the national interest and tried to corrupt the 2020 election by freezing military aid toukraine. While asking for an investigation into his political rivals, we talked about the abcs of potential presidential abuses. It is extraordinary that the president's conduct was a trifecta checking all three boxes. President trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger. Republicans furious and showing it people giving gentleman will suspend the president's allies are angry with the process. They call rushed and unfair reiterating in their view he did nothing wrong. Impeach, a president who's 63 million people voted for over eight lines in a call. Transcript is baloney. The gop also pointing out the military aid money to ukraine was eventuallyreleased without a commitment to investigate the biden's, like the president, wanted.

Although that happened after the aid freeze became a public controversy. The inquiry has returned no direct evidence. The president trump without a meeting or security assistance in order to pressure president solinsky, nobody understands really what the majority is trying to do, except that interfere and basically make sure that they believe the president can't win next year. If he's impeached president trump today, it's a disgrace to our country there's a hoax and it should never ever be allowed to happen again. The house could vote on impeachment in the next two weeks and against that backdrop, nbc news has learned. The president is set tosit down with a key russian of official tomorrow, foreign minister, sergey lavrov, lester heli. Thank you. Meantime. The russia investigation came roaring back today with a lingering question of whether the fbi was politically motivated to launch its investigation of the 2016 trump campaign. Tonight an answer: the justice department's inspector general saying that while the fbi made mistakes, it had good reason to open that investigation. Here'S pete williams in a highly anticipated report, two years in the making the inspector general found that when the fbi secretly opened an investigation into possible russian influence of the trump campaign in july 2016, it followed the rules about launching that kind of case. The report said it found noevidence of political bias and said the fbi had a legitimate purpose in looking at whether there was a threat to national security.

But it was harshly critical of the fbi's court application for permission to conduct surveillance on carter paige, a former trump campaign adviser, saying there were serious management failures. The fbi relied heavily on an unverified anti-trump dossier, assembled by christopher steele, a former british spy hired by an outside group to conduct research on trump and russia. The report says the fbi's court application made statements about steele that were quote inaccurate, incomplete and unsupported over selling. His value as a source and glossing over the fact that many claims he made were not checking outthe inspector general reached no conclusions about the fbi's motive. Behind these repeated failures but said it got no satisfactory explanation about how all these mistakes happened. James comey, who was in charge of the fbi at the time, says the report is largely of indication. There was no treason, there was no conspiracy, there was no tapping of trump's wires. There was no putting informants in the campaign, it was all nonsense, but president trump said today the report backs up his claim that the fbi was out to get him. This was an overthrow of government. This was an attempted overthrow and a lot of people were in on it and they got caught. They got caught. Red-Handedtrump'S attorney general, william bar, did not go nearly that far, but in a written statement he said the report makes clear that the fbi launched an intrusive investigation of a u.

s. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions, which did not justify the steps the fbi took months Ago, barr appointed a us attorney in connecticut john durham to conduct a separate review and in a highly unusual statement today, given that his investigation isn't done durham echos, the attorney general saying he does not agree with the inspector general about how the fbi's investigation was opened. In the first place, the inspector general says tonight he's ordering a new investigation into how the fbi applies for these secretsurveillance warrants, and the fbi director says he has already ordered changes in how that process works, lester all right, pete williams tonight. Thank you. The world anti-doping agency banned russia today from several international sporting events, including next summer's tokyo olympics. The agency accused russia of fraud and manipulation for falsifying records, but russians who can prove they're clean, can still compete as neutral athletes in the games. Three days after the mass shooting at a naval base in pensacola, the fbi is now treating it as an act of terrorism. As we learn more about the gunman's past gabe gutierrez is there. Tonight. Investigators are delving deeper into the past of 21 year old, saudi national mohammed alsham ronnie. Do you have any idea when this gunman might have been radicalized? No and and i think that's part of the complexity - the new york times reports, the gunman filed a formal complaint earlier this year against one of his instructors, who left them infuriated in class by tagging him with a derogatory nickname about his mustache nbc news has not Reviewed the complaint authorities say the shooter walked into this building friday with a handgun that he bought legally with a hunting license before dying in a shootout with deputies sheriff david morgan says there should be tougher scrutiny of foreign nationals who come to the us for training. Do you believe that he should not havebeen allowed to buy a firearm? Yes, i do believe eight people are wounded, including ryan blackwell, who was shot in his right arm and pelvis took some rounds, people in the process and it's still trying to piece everything together.

Three sailors were killed: 19 year-old muhammad haytham, it just graduated boot camp. His family is distraught. He put his life on the line, trying to not only save himself but save others. Joshua caleb watson had just moved to pensacola last month and helped his family decorate. For christmas he actually put that angel on trade just hours after the shooting the city of pensacola. Was he with a cyber attack, but the sheriff here says: he's beentold by federal investigators. There'S no reason to believe the two are connected: lester, all right gabe. Thank you. In southern california, suspect has just pleaded not guilty to weapons and other charges. After a chilling video surfaced of what appeared to be a rehearsal for a mass shooting, it took place last march in a san diego hotel room stockpile with weapons and ammo. A judge ordered steven homo key held on 1 million dollars bail. He was arrested on a tip from someone who knew him now.

Our nbc news exclusive, with the boeing 737 max still grounded after two deadly crashes. A whistleblower is going public nbc's cynthia mcfadden saying he warned the company about production problemsbefore those planes went down. What did it feel like the the last day of boeing? The day you retired felt like i was abandoning titanic after 30 years in the military. Much of it spent in an airplane at pearson, once a commanding officer has a strong sense of duty. Why did you decide to come and talk to us to come and testify later this week in front of congress? Well, actually, um wasn't my plan. I feel like i didn't, really have a choice. Bottom line is you're, worried about people dying in boeing planes. That'S all, and in 2008 pearson went to work for boeing at their massive plant in renton washington, where all the companies737s are built. The 737 was a magnificent airplane, great safety record. Were you excited to work for the company and to be part of the 737 production? How could you not want to work for boeing? It'S amazing company, but late 2017, as production of boeing's new 737 max ramped up and pearson says he started to see things that alarmed him. It was just out of control and it was ridiculous. The race to build the new planes and compete with europe's airbus pushed.

The production schedule into overdrive, he says instead of 47 planes a month, 52 were being built. So how much overtime was going on at this point? Did it double more than double youwork? Seven days straight, you're beat you know and you're tired. He says during this period. Many people work weekend after weekend as they're, worn enough engineers or electricians, and some ended up doing jobs. They had never been trained for a perfect storm for production problems. He says he sent this email to the head of the 737 team in june 2018. Expressing his concern that workers were inadvertently embedding safety hazards into our airplanes, i know how dangerous even a small defect can be to the safety of an airplane. He says he urged the boeing manager to shut down the factory for a few weeks to straighten things out and what was his reaction to that hesaid? You know we can't shut down and then i got i got mad and said you know: i've seen military operations shut down for a lot less. What was his reply to that? Something? I'Ll, never forget. He said um, he said well, the military is not a profit-making organization. What words would you use to describe that factory at that point? Dangerous, unnecessary, taken, unnecessary risk, chaotic disarray? Four months later, a lion air 737 max crashed killing a hundred and eighty-nine people on board, and the irony that when you wrote that first letter that lion airplane was on the factory floor, it was within our production system. At the time when i, when i saw thatthat was i really can't say i mean i don't know how to describe.

I cried a lot. Did you yeah, i'm mad at myself, because i felt like that? Maybe i could have done more over the next several months. He reached out to boeing ceo and their general counsel, but felt nothing was being done 19 days after sending this letter to the boeing board. A second 737 max crashed afterwards. The 737 max was grounded. Boeing has acknowledged mistakes, including that their anti stall system contributed to both crashes. Pearson says he doesn't know of what he witnessed contributed to the crashes, but it's the uncertainty that disturbs him somewhere in the end of my letter, tothe board. I said you know. No one wants to wake up one morning and and and and hear of another accident, and that's exactly what happened. What do you say to americans who are planning to fly on a 737 even in the next few weeks, my family's in the same boat? I would demand that the faa, in their role as regulators, go in thoroughly investigate that factory. So cynthia. What is boeing saying about all this well lester, while the 737 max lead are all grounded.

There are more than 6,800 other 737s flying now. Boeing is pushing back strongly denied saying that the 737 is one of the safest planes flying and they say quote thesuggestion by mr. pearson, of a link between his concerns and the recent max accidents is completely unfounded and they say so far. No investigators have found quote production conditions in the factory contributed to the accidents lester, alright, cynthia. Thank you. Just a head. Fighting porch pirates were with the police as they set traps for those who'd go around stealing. Packages will tell you what you can do to keep. Your package is safe with package theft on the rise this holiday season, one police department is fighting back jolene kent went along as they set their traps across the country. It'S the season of giving and taking thieves caught on camera pilfering packages, this one tripping, overa 65 inch tv as he tried to get away. I just don't want people's stuff stolen over the holidays. The rampant theft has the sheriff's department in washington county oregon going on offense.

Where is this item detective patrick alt here and his team are planting bait packages on front steps to catch culprits and deter potential criminals, we're trying to keep everyone's holiday season happy. Here'S how it works. They put an item into a cardboard box, along with a sensor, leave it on a volunteers porch and wait for an alert once the package is picked out. Police use a combination of gps cell phone signal, even a radio frequency, to track it down how effective isthe program. So far, we noticed about a 10 to 20 percent decrease in our thefts. The sheriff's department also recommends sending your orders to secure locations. For example, have it delivered on a day you're home, send it to the neighbor use, in-store pickup or an amazon locker, or get it delivered to work anything but letting it just sit on your porch for hours? That'S the best advice i can give and if all else fails, maybe just go shopping in person. Jolene kent nbc news, hillsboro, oregon all right, we'll take a break up. Next, the incredible bond as a young girl meets the finally tonight inspiring america. The young hockey fan. We introduced you to earlierthis year meeting the man who saved her life. Here'S kevin tibbles.

What a championship year for hockey superfan leila anderson battling a life-threatening autoimmune disease. The 11 year old became the st. louis blues inspiration as the team won its very first stanley cups leila. Was there every step of the way they even presented her with her own stanley cup ring all this after receiving a life-saving bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor, i was just overjoyed his name's campton he's 19. He goes to k. U, but anonymous. No more! [ applause, ] laila met kenton family for the first time at the annual, be the match. Soirée fast friends, with some catching up to do. I don'tcarefully go to dinner. We go to disney world. I don't care what we do. I just want to spend time.

First: stop a blues game, of course, and a standing ovation, a life saved the biggest win of all kevin tibbles nbc news. What a beautiful moment for both of them! That'S nightly news: i'm lester holt! Thank you for watching everyone and good night: hey nbc news viewers! Thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch, the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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