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Published: 12/22/2019 12:23 AM

A number of travel companies announced they will no longer sell SeaWorld tickets after the theme park chain came under fire for its use of orcas, also known as killer whales, in entertainment shows. The brand pledged to stop breeding orcas and now says that it’s changing those shows to be less a...

The killer whale shell was once all about the spectacle, but now right now, seaworld is at a point where we are evolving our killer whale presentations to more closely reflect our conservation and education mission. The shift coming almost a decade after a seaworld trainer was killed by an orca and then the widely viewed documentary blackfish that challenged the practice of using captured, orcas a ...
d others bred in captivity. Simply for entertainment, did blackfish force you to realize it's time to shift. Think blackfish was a poignant moment in our company's history for sure seaworld says: they're, changing the killer whale displays at each of their parks, san diego san antonio and now orlando to be less aboutmusic tricks and dancing, and more about education. Morgan riki works with the whales. We'Re definitely still gon na have the wow behaviors, but what we're doing is we're explaining the why, but critics argue, the whales do not belong in captivity, captivity, causes emotional mental problems and also physical problems. Physical problems, like droopy dorsal fins from spending too much time at the surface and mental problems like boredom, they are intelligent. So when they are in a box, it's boring, and this year, tripadvisor virgin atlantic and british airways holidays announced they will no longer sell tickets to seaworld, reflecting changing attitudes about wild animals in captivity, eventually, killer killer whales won't be in our parts at seaworld seaworldmade. The commitment to stop its orca breeding program in 2016 and for this last generation of whales, a new environment, striped bass, where once only orcas lived, and if the whale eats a fish in front of a child. The whale eats a fish. It'S the circle of life. Down below is katina and the captive orcas becoming less performers and seaworld hopes or unique educators.

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