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Published: 12/24/2019 04:05 AM

NBC News’ Ali Vitali speaks to candidates and their team’s about how the impeachment trial of President Trump is affecting their campaign. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative a...

Article one is adopted: that's the sound of impeachments, long-awaited collision with the 2020 campaign for months. What'S going on in the capital has followed the candidates onto the trail. Now it threatens to take some of them off the road at a crucial time. The 2020 i mean we're just gon na find a way to do it. Five candidates, who are also senators preparing to trade precious face time with vo ...
ers four long days in dc those voters keenly aware time with some of these candidates could soon be scarce. I was not really liking the idea of getting up early this morning and i was like, oh maybe you know i can go in a few weeks. Andmy dad was actually the one appointed. Obviously well you know busy in the senate. You might want to get a move on that candidates and staff alike now trying to contend with juggling these two massive political moments. So how do you juggle it, though? Do you fly back and forth? Have you thought about it at all? No one knows you what this trial is going to look like and how much mcconnell is going to run it. My strategy is to be a new hampshire alive meeting at night, so we can obviously fly from dc to states and hold events in the evening and fly back with the senators bouncing between the trail and a trialthe rest of the fields can campaign unencumbered. Is there any part of you that sort of relishes that you'll have the campaign trail a little more to yourself once the impeachment where's the senate? I don't know that i'm gon na have anything to myself, but that doesn't mean they're enthusiastically campaigning on impeachment.

The question is not, first and foremost what about impeachment out here on the trail, our job is to talk to voters about how their lives are going to be impacted by who's sitting in the white house. We have to stop being obsessed over impeachment. The senate trial will, however, offer candidates, especially those outside the top tier, a chance at made-for-tv moments that couldbreak through. I think everyone will remember what happened at the cavanaugh hearing. Could you answer the question judge i just so you that's not happened. Is that your answer? Yeah and i'm curious, if you have, i have no drinking problem. Nor do i is there any upside to you in being someone who's in these impeachment trial hearings? Well, i think there may be an upside in that i'm doing my job, but i just can't think of it. That way. I think the cavanaugh hearings marked me as someone that would stand my ground and when impeachment is on voters minds, most candidates try to tie it back to a larger campaign theme. The way i seethis is, we've now seen the impact of corruption and that's what's clearly on the stage in 2020, congress can walk and chew bubble gum. At the same time, perhaps the ultimate test of doing two things at once. Banking accounts: hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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