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Published: 01/27/2020

Patrick Mahomes has a lot at stake in Super Bowl LIV as Mike Florio and Chris Simms wonder if he could become the next Dan Marino if the Chiefs lose to the 49ers. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #SanFrancisco49ers #KansasCityChiefs #PatrickMahomes » Subscribe to NBC Sports:

We are in miami for super bowl 50 for just six days away. The kansas city chiefs hosting air quotes hosting the san francisco 49ers. The chiefs are the home team first time in the superbowl for them in 50 years 50 years for the tracy long time coming, and this isn't one of those teams that kind of like the afc's version of the vikings, where they're relevant they contend right. They knock on the d ...
or, but there's always something: there's always something, and now they got something in patrick mahomes. I heard up with andy reed who, because i compared them more to the packers more than i don't know why there's got four trophies. I will they have a trophy one. Yes, i think it's more at some levels, yeah more frustrating to be on the porch and unable to kick the door in than to be out in the weeds and the bushes, unable to even find the stairs to the porch. Like teams like the browns and the line, i think it is more frustrating. I do agree with that yeah when you keep getting close and close. It'S just like a little bit of torture that way to where yeah there's a lot of other teams who don't even get to get tortured by their team being in the playoffs. And you can come to terms with it a lot easier. But it is one of the like iconic franchises to your point and for them to be 50 years in between super bowls because they travel, i mean they travel like a green bay packer fan base, i mean it's, it's truly a special place when you go into Arrowhead, so you know the state of this.

This whole city is gon na, be red and yellow. I know you know they are they are. I know i know different shade of red with a little gold splash, so you've got andy. Reed who's been coaching for twenty years now he is 16 years between super bowl appearances. He has continuously coached the entire time the eagles and then the kansas city chiefs and you've got patrick mahomes second year as a starter, parallels to dan marino. You know on the 49ers side, you got parallels from jimmy garoppolo to bob griese cuz. He hasn't been throwing much on the chiefs side. It'S parallels between patrick mahomes and dan marino, the young gunslinger, the guy who's, revolutionising the game, getting an early shot to set his legacy right and the lesson from dan marino is and we're gon na have him on set later this week and i'm sure he gets Asked about this far more than you'd like to talk about it or when you get to the super bowl that early, you just assume, you're going back, yeah and then again and again, and he never got back, no, never got back and you know uh. You know. I think first thing to just to hit on this. Just the andy reid thing you talked about to me. I always look at it and still go the the parallels between dick vermeil are amazing.

I mean the fact that they started off in philadelphia. You know dick vermeil got with the rams. He got with a special quarterback in a special offense and here's andy reid with a you know, special quarterback in a special offense, but to like the mahomes pointer green. Wasn'T that special? No! But i you know kurt winery. Yes, but but to your mahomes point, like iii, can't state how big this week is. Really i mean where does mahomes career go? This is gon na be a defining moment. I mean. Is he gon na go into dan marino ville? Is he gon na go into john elway ville, where it's just gon na be a constant fight to try to win one? Is it gon na be the start of oh watch out? He won, and now it's only year, two of him starting and now he's got a chance to become a three or four times super bowl champion. I mean there is a lot at stake for patrick mahomes as far as his career and legacy just this week. I think that's what's fascinating about it, and yet all the parallels between you know, marino and us being here in miami is fascinating. Anybody'S excuse you that's! Thank you thank you, for i was trying to do that as subtly. That'S okay, i'm still trying to beat this cold yeah.

I think i have it almost beat you better beat it. I'M gon na give it to you yeah! Thank you. I know you are thank so the thing about my homes, because it's not in a vacuum. There'S always an opponent and he's facing a pretty formidable opponent. That'S the problem! There'S only so much of this game. He can control and if you've got this 49ers meat-grinder offense, that's gon na be able to run the ball run. The ball run the ball around the ball. It doesn't matter what my homes can do right right. It'S gon na be alright. The 49ers chew up a bunch of clock and they're gon na score their points and now hey patrick, gets on. You do go out there and make it happen, and the one thing we've seen from the chiefs and their two playoff wins slow starts. Yes, they afford to have a slow start.

You know whether it's the scripted plays whether it's the extra practice in preparation. They cannot afford to fall behind the way they fell behind 24 to the texans ten points twice to the titans right, nothing in 17-7. You can't let yourself try to do that again because number one third time may not be a charm, yeah and number two 49ers gon na be a much tougher team to come back against. Then the texans are the type much better. I mean, let's, let's not even like: let's not even try to confuse that conversation. The 49ers are in a different stratosphere than the titans or the texans, their defenses. You know the titans past defense was what 26 and football something like that. You know this san francisco, 49ers defense has everything and, to your point mike, i mean you're, a hundred percent right. You give them a ten. Nothing lead a seventeen, nothing lead with these pass rushers and now they can drop back into coverage. I don't know, i don't think my homes will be able to pull off that type of magic. Now you know the big thing is what you said with the 49ers give them that slow death run game.

You know the 49ers traditionally are not really a slow death run team that way anyway, so we'll see, but you know they, they usually end up. Gashing you for 20 and 30 yard runs now they do control the clock. I get all of that, but i do think andy, reid and spagnuolo they're gon na have to have a failsafe plan and again a little bit to what we talked about early in the year where it's gon na be crap or get off the pot like okay. They can explain that i'm not familiar with that phrase. Well, i'm you know i. I know i'm gon na go football wise though just so people understand what i'm saying. What i mean by that is. It'S like okay, the 49ers have driven down on the first drive of the the game and it's a 10 play 80-yard drive and they true up seven minutes o'clock. The next time the 49ers get. The ball, like kansas city, can't afford to play that game again. So they're gon na have to make something happen. Whether you want to blitz run blitz, take a chance whatever it may be, either they score fast or you get back on the field.

But i do think that is a real thing in this game, because mahomes can't be sitting over there by the gatorade bottle too long. That was a theme that you pushed early in the year when the kansas city chiefs were willing, but i let defense's chew up time, chew, up clock and not force the issue. Yeah. Your point is force the issue. They either score right or they have a turnover right either way. Our offense is not in mothballs right. They got ta have like. Maybe it doesn't work out that way, maybe they're both going back and forth, and you don't have to play that way. But yes, you got ta have that. I think in the back of your mind, to make sure that the strength of your team, the money on your team, your team, was built around mahomes, watkins hill kelsea offensive line, andy reid, that's what the kansas city chiefs are. That'S where their money is, and that's the talent that got them here, so you don't want that being a non-factor on the sidelines, for you know, half the football game. Let me ask you this because there's a presumption, as it relates to the 49ers offense, which we'll be talking about more coming up, that if they can run the ball, we'll know it early.

Well, no, it's unstoppable! And it's not like it's gon na change right. Can we say the same thing about the chiefs offense, though no, if they're able to let me, let me know what i'm telling you now yeah, if, if they're able early on right, so flood zones and tyree keogh and sammy watkins, travis, kelce, demarcus, robinson michal hardman, If they are able to overpower the secondary and patrick holmes, is able to buy enough time with his legs yeah behind the line of scrimmage to find open guys, will we know early that hey, it's gon na be 34 37 points from the chiefs? Good luck! Keeping up well, i don't know if you will, you know you know, but these type of games is super bowl. It only takes one or two plays to jumpstart things to where all the sudden you go like i'll. Still remember: hey new england, patriots, carolina panthers right. It was this slow game for what three quarters three as soon as it was scoreless late in the first half right and all helper, and then all huh it just took a few big pass, plays in the third quarter and all the sudden we were like wait. It was a defensive struggle in the first half and now we're in a shootout in the second half. So i think you know it can go either way here with that, because there's a ton of talent and explosive players on both sides of the football field. I don't know if it's necessarily something i feel like my homes in the kansas city. Offense can just about overcome anything at this point, i guess is where i want to say to you: if they get off to a slow start, i don't think they're gon na panic, as they proven to us, and i do think they could come out on fire And go right down the field as well. That'S my point: if they come out right, working right out of the gate right, can the 49ers stop it? Can they adjust, because i don't think that the chiefs defense can enjoy if they just can't stop the 49ers game? Sure, that's that sure. My point is: if the chiefs are coming out and that passing game is working well, the 49ers to be able to adjust, or will it just be hey, you know what they finally stepped into a matchup yeah, where it doesn't favor them their secondary, isn't good enough And you cover all those guys, yeah and therefore can't get to patrick my home's quickly enough. It'S just not it's just not a good four yeah.

I think i think it what you're saying right there. If they come out like that, then it's gon na be a shootout yeah. I guess it will dictate the game. I think yeah yeah. I know sorry well it's it's early and then i cut you off a lot, but i do think that, yes, if they get off to that type of start, that it just opens up the the floodgates for andy reid to have no fear formations plays whatever it May be and then also think as a defense in those situations mike you're like well they're on fire everything's coming out of from all different directions. Here, it's kelsey, it's hill. It'S watkins! I don't know what to expect and then reid's had two weeks a game plan. Then, if it starts out like that, i would expect it to be a real high-scoring affair. The thing about the superbowl you do have to basically expect the unexpected, who would have dreamed last year that the patriots and the rams would combine for 16 right. You just lock in and let it unfold and we spent that's the beauty of it. We'Re gon na spend the whole week trying to figure out what's gon na happen and then at some point we're just gon na turn. It on see what happens and see what happens.

That will not happen this year. Thirteen to three yeah. I think i feel pretty good about that. I do you. Might you mentioned that superbowl 38 yeah, the panthers patriots right from february 1, 2004 16 years ago? Right no points scored by either team in the first quarter. Right 24 total points in the second quarter. Okay, no points scored in the third quarter. Wow 37 total points scored holy cow. I didn't realize the third had no points either. That'S it's unbelievable, so yeah, it just shows you. You know with two great teams and a game where it's you know, win or go home to be the champion whatever it may be. People panic on the defensive side of the ball, whatever it is about offensive coordinators pushing the envelope you can exceed explosions of points like that, and this one feels so evenly matched like it's hard to get a feel for where it's gon na go.

But i accept points right i mean, like, i think the lowest i'm thinking is like 28 24 right. I don't. Maybe it's a 38 35, but i'm thinking like louis is 2824 hi, i'm mike tirico and thanks for watching make sure to hit subscribe for the latest news and highlights from nbc sports.

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