Businesswoman uses military uniforms to make teddy bears, clothing

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019

Military Apparel Company founder Eve Baum on the military-inspired clothing and accessories and some of the company's custom items. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquar...

I got the feel-good story for you: female entrepreneur started out, designing and making purses got it. Then she moved into full line of military and spy clothing, and accessories here is eve. Baum joining us to tell us her story, eve welcome to the program. Thank you. Now i'm gon na reach across you right from the start and grab this. This is a pillow okay and it's made from someone's military un ...
form. It'S your husband right, that's correct! Okay, it's it's like his shirt or in the pockets are here, but it's a pillow, yes and it says on it nora. I have worn this shirt close to my heart, so when you hug, this pillow feel my loveyes, that's from your husband to you. That'S right! You my daughter, yes, and we did we crafted that from my husband's uniform when he was in iraq. So you do this, i mean they send you the material, they send you the uniform and you make an item out of it. That'S correct! That'S right! There got a total travel bag. My very favorite are the teddy bears we do.

Sadly, we do a lot of fallen heroes, which i thought we could talk about with memorial d coming up, so people will send us their loved ones uniforms from all era. It could be war war, two, it could be current and then we cut them up. Andwe use their name, tapes, their patches, sometimes to make some special items for them to keep a piece of their loved one. How long you been doing this for 14 years? Yes, how many customers have you had in it? Thousands i have never counted them, but oh yeah, if not probably tens of thousands yeah now you're, not in this to make money i take it. I mean money is always is always nice right, but this is my mission. This is my passion, it's very close to my heart. I i feel like military people they give so much to our country, and it is the least of the the things that i can do for themis to give them a little piece of their loved one. It is a great idea, a good. How is it this is a financial program. So, of course, i'm asking a financial question absolutely how much about $ 30. They all vary, because you can actually customize everything. You can customize all the embroideries and the fabric, but nothing is nothing is over $ 100.

Everything is in crafted in united state proudly. Oh so it's you know it's i feel it's very affordable. I do i do i'm from montreal, so i'm french. I move here 14 years ago, a little bit before, right after i moved here, i started the business. I knew all america - i am allamericans, sometimes more - all american americans homegrown, because i pick the country right. I think the stay here chose. Yes, where can you buy all over yeah on our website? Military apparel company, calm, whistle, also military apparel company? Calm we're on amazon, on etsy and on a bunch of other website. We showed easy to find it's a great idea really. Is it congratulations. Thank you very much for being on the show. Thank you for having us good pleasure, see you later. Thank you.


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