AG Barr clashes with Senate Democrats during hearing

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/01/2019

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell discusses Attorney General William Barr’s testimony on Capitol Hill. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — th...

Joining us tonight, former federal prosecutor and author sidney powell sidney good to have you with us. Catherine herridge reporting an interesting element from senator cornyn today and raising the possibility that this was all a russian disinformation campaign. The phony dossier paid for, as we know by the hillary clinton campaign, the democratic national committee. If that were the case, and we ...
ave been witnessing the special counsel come up with absolutely no evidence of any impropriety on the part of the trump campaign and collusion or cooperation or conspiracy with the russians, that means that the collusion was between the democratic party. The hillary clinton campaign and the russians to sow discord in this country over a periodof almost two years. Does it not? Oh, yes, but i think senator cornyn's theory. Let'S the democrats and hillary clinton off way too light, as well as the obama administration, because i think the attorney general is going to find that the spying on the trump campaign went back as early as 2015 before the campaign even started good, and all of that Information is going to come out with the reports on the fisa abuses and the unredacted colliers decision by the fisa court that identifies the private contractors to whom, whom he gave the illegal access to the entire nsa database. In terms of the hearing today, william bar making it very clear, the attorney general makingit clear to even the radical dimms on the judiciary committee in the senate that the 19 pages that muller was questioning and wanting released were in point of fact, and to the credit Of senator ted cruz, who made the point absolutely indelibly, those 19 pages were contained in the 448 pages of the overall report, which were out within a few weeks. I mean it was it's insane what the dems were doing. It was absolutely insane and rude and completely baseless lou. This administration has been so transparent throughout this process to waive attorney-client privilege to waive executive privilege. The only reason we know of all these conversations is because the president waived all the privileges sothat.

No one should be able to claim obstruction of justice in any way, shape or form and then encourage the attorney general to be as transparent as possible in disclosing, absolutely all that he could possibly disclose. None of it had to be disclosed to the public other than the conclusion that he did. Anybody did and that's. That is the point here that there are. The radical dems on that committee were insulting slandering. As the chairman lindsey graham said, this great public servant, the attorney general of the united states, and they did so for pure partisan political purposes, some of them even twenty twenty hopefuls. There shouldn't be much hope on their part, but nonetheless, hopefulsit was a display of ignorance. Shameful are they're a disgrace to the country it was. It was absolutely hideous, an attorney general bar handled it all with the utmost professionalism and brilliance. He made them all, look like the idiots they are. Did i miss something. Did he look at notes because i have to tell you i didn't see the man pick up a note.

He was speaking from his memory and his command of the material and i and i'm watching the radical dims with their little. You know whatever they thought they were doing. I mean they had notes, they they had everything, but you know wires into their crania too, from their staff to getout of question. It was quite something: yes, they were reading from their speeches and he was talking facts in law from the muller report and his own command of the legal issues in the law and let's go to bar. If we could listen to the attorney general on the issue of the fisa warrants and the likelihood of further investigation well one of the things i want to look, there are people. Many people seem to assume that the only intelligence collection that occurred was a single confidential. Informant and a fisa warrant i'd like to find out whether that is in fact true. It strikes me as a fairly anemic effort, if that was the counterintelligence effortdesigned, to stop the threat, as it's being represented your thoughts. Well, we know from commis admissions that they open files on four americans early on with absolutely no basis, and then we also know from peter strokes text messages that they had a connoisseurs. They called them. So there were more than one overseas efforts to spy on the trump campaign, efforts to entrap and then spy yeah. Exactly yes, downer miss food and halper all had to be in that category yep.

So i think they're gon na find a lot more yeah. I think so too, and i think it's still laughable the number of organizations, news organizations and others who were warned away from stephen halpern becausehe was a valued asset and they didn't want it disclosed. Nonetheless, he this were always been disclosed. His name is out there and has been for two years: it's where we're, where we're going with this. Is it well it's fun to contemplate because it's going to lead back, certainly to all who were orchestrating the intelligence community, the fbi and the justice department from the obama administration at the very outset, so he can get the last word and we're out of time. The fbi was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars through the department of defense to steven halper to try to set up general flynn and other people. Thank you very much. Sidney powell appreciate you.

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