Trish Regan: America needs safe, reliable borders

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 01:33 AM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz and economist Donald Luskin discuss the crisis at the southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headqu...

Breaking tonight, brand new video of nearly a thousand migrants take a look at that heading north tonight towards our border. We'Ve just learned a short time ago, and this video is just coming in to us. Meanwhile, there's a no deal happening right now, no deal that has been reached with mexico. Regarding the migrant crisis. Talks are gon na continue tomorrow, so tariffs on mexican goods right now ...
re set to go into effect on monday. This is now a full-blown emergency at our border. Nearly one hundred and thirty three thousand people think about a hundred and thirty three thousand were caught at our border in the month of may more than any in a month in atleast thirteen years, and it now brings the total number of people processed to six hundred And eighty thousand this fiscal year - this is nuts it's more than the population of miami. Now i don't care whether you're left or right. If you're an american, we ought to be hugely troubled by these numbers. It'S really pathetic. I mean absolutely positively pathetic. What kind of country are we when so many are here illegally when so many south and central americans are illegally crossing our border to come here and to live off the generosity of our system? How long does this go on? The dems need to wake up.

They need to wake up and they need to startliving in reality, the real world, frankly with the rest of the world, you think any other country anywhere would allow this kind of thing. No, they don't. So why are we joining me right now? Fox news contributor, former chairman of the house oversight committee, former utah, congressman jason, chaffetz and economist donald luskin, good, to see both all right first over two years, jason. Nobody else just says: hey, you know come on in and you know try your luck here in the united states, or i mean came out in switzerland doing this or new zeeland or any other country for that matter. Well, some other countries in europe have done it and they've been over overronen. It'S totally changed the way they are as a nation, but they have no by the way. I just want to point out. Yes, we didn't come on everybody from syria. You'Re welcome. Germany did a similar thing, but in those cases it was legal, they invited them in they allow them and they're paying the consequences. Now i mean you have only to talk to any former liberal in switzerland and they sound a lot like a conservative now because they're not so psyched about the system getting drained by all the syrian migrants who are refusing to really integrate into the culture there and Participate in a way that's going to help the overall economy and contributebut, i digress in terms of the united states. We are a country.

Thus we have borders. Sir yeah, i mean look at the united states of america. What sets us, apart from the rest of the world, is the rule of law and when your first act is to come across the border and break the law in doing so, you're not off to a good start. And if you have economic reasons to come to the united states, that is not a valid reason to come to the united states and claim asylum we legally and lawfully bring in about a million people a year. But we don't have room to by the hundreds of thousands and isaw in your graphic. Eleven thousand five hundred and seven last month were unaccompanied minors coming north across the border. Is a crisis listen to the experts on the ground and let's do what the border patrol wants to do and lock that border down? You know i should also point out: i don't begrudge anybody necessarily coming here for economic reasons. I understand why you'd want to get out of some of these places like guatemala, honduras or parts of mexico, but you know there's there's only so much capacity we have, and unfortunately, donald not everybody's, coming here with the intention of doing everything they can to contribute and Make a living, unfortunately, and if you look atthe numbers, a variety of different groups have put these out a lot of people come here and they're a drain on the system, so it becomes a financial liability. So donald, what do we do about that? In other words, i'm all for people coming here. I think we need more immigrants. Frankly, i mean you look at social security ready to go bust, need more people contributing to the system, but we don't need people coming here and living off the fruit of our land. Well, for sure, look i'm all about immigration.

I wouldn't be here if it weren't for immigration, you can probably say the same thing. My grandparents came here from belarus 112 years agoso. Thank you very much. America. Here'S the problem! Last month alone, i'm an economist, so i'm gon na i'm gon na emphasize some of the things you said using numbers. One hundred and forty four thousand two hundred and seventy-eight, i'm gon na repeat that one hundred and forty four thousand two hundred and seventy-eight deemed inadmissible or apprehended in one month alone this last month, that's not only the largest number in five years. That'S double the largest number in five years, i'm gon na say that again double the largest number in five years. There'S only one thing to do here: trump is right. In one sense, we've got to build a wall he's wrong. In one sense, we do notwish. We should not build the wall at america's southern border with mexico. We should build the wall at mexico's southern border with guatemala, and we should not ask mexico to pay for it.

We should pay for it because we've got to keep those migrants from south america coming from coming up into mexico, where mexico welcomes them because they're, like i hear you and i get it, mexico can't control its own problem and right now we're trying to put pressure On mexico to control its own problem, but at what point does this stop and we were just gon na go run around latin america? You know putting up walls and trying to police their immigration system yougot more problems brewing by the way, because you got millions of people right now in venezuela, increasingly desperate because of a lousy socialist dictatorship, their refugee problems there is they trying to cross into colombia at Some point that's gon na hit us, i mean i'm just saying you fast-forward, all this and you're gon na look at an entire continent. That is a complete mess here in the western hemisphere, and i just wonder how much how much we can do unless we want to just take over the whole joint. Let me turn to house, because you too trish you know trish. You know you know very well what we're doing with venezuela we're trying to overthrow the corruptmaduro regime, so the people are delighted to stay in venezuela. I wouldn't say we're not trying to overthrow. I think that there are people internally within that country that are doing everything they can to get freedom back and we're trying to help them. Let'S just say we're trying to help better way to phrase it perhaps house speaker, nancy pelosi, sounded off on the president's tariff threat here today. Somehow, as she wants to bring it all back to robert muller watch this, i don't even think it rises to the level of policy. I think it's notion mongering again, and it's really it well, let's pace what it is. It'S a distraction from the mother report she'sright. It definitely i mean it's definitely got reporters talking about tariffs instead of muller instead of impeachment. I mean frankly, i'm happy to talk about mahler from here to you know forever, because i read both volume 1 and volume 2 and there's no collusion.

There'S no obstruction of justice, it's insane to talk about it, but yet they want to keep on the impeachment theme it does. Is she right in some ways i mean? Is this a way to manipulate the media to excite the base - and you know maybe get back to the some of the issues that really do matter, which is protecting our country? Well, yeah, heaven forbid the president and the congress starttalking about actual policy. When you have these new numbers coming out with over a hundred thousand people, remember the hundred thousand plus people coming across our border. There are apprehended those are just the ones we caught, you didn't. Even that doesn't even calculate all the ones we didn't catch and we know we're not catching all of them. There was one report a couple years ago that no more than ninety percent of the people who cried across our borders, they they actually make it across. So in a don't get caught so the way nancy pelosi is talking about a baller report. They talk about it every day. We can remind everybody, no collusion, no obstruction. Butshe can do only one thing going into 2020, which is try to distract people, because the economy's soaring, the president's on the right side of immigration, republicans better get their act together on health care. You do those three things and donald trump's going to win by record numbers, and but she wants a distraction she wants talking about. Mahler yeah, you know they weren't talking about impeachment, like you said, haven't fed you talk about policy.

The policy bottom line is what's really going to shape this economy going forward. As you look out to 2020, what's the economy going to look like mr. economist donna, luskin we're going through a period right now, where trump has nochoice, but to use economic weapons like tariffs to achieve non-economic goals like controlling out-of-control immigration because thrown actually engage in any Kind of border policing right right, so the congress passed various laws over the league over the years that give presidents the right to use tariffs and not other weapons. So you used the we got to fight the fights you're gon na use the weapon you got and that's tariffs, so you know bully for him. I think the bat here is that mexico is gon na cave to this very credible threat. We'Re gon na get this problem solved in the next couple days, the economy's gon na absolutely soar, wow all right. I like a soaring economy. I likestrong borders, we'll see what happens congressman and congratulations on being the only person in america to read the malla report. You actually read it good for you yeah. It would be nice if some of those democrats or some of the left-wing media pundits that keep talking about how they they should impeach would actually take the time to read it. It was my easter weekend, my family didn't appreciate it.

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