Sen Braun on witnesses at impeachment trial: People just want to move on

Channel: Fox News
Published: 10 hours ago

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Welcome back, as promised, i am joined now, live by senator mike braun of indiana senator great to see you looking forward to getting into all the issues, but i just wan na start on a human level. If i may, how did you manage to stay awake through all those sessions last week? If, indeed, you did stay awake tell us about that experience. Well, if we had your speed rebuttal, there had been fewer fo ...
ks dozing off. That was a drudgery of 23 hours. In that first day of 13 hours, where they kind of put out their requested doc list and ideal witnesses, that was the most painful part of it and then the repetition. I watched the whole three versions in the house and there was not one new piece of information. Of course they clipped it just right, so they could get their point across didn't leave any of the other information in there. I thought the president's defense team did a great job of showing that simply how they did not put the full information out there. So now, i'm anxious for them to you know really lay it on tomorrow. Do what they told us, they're gon na, do keep it simple to the point. It'S almost embarrassing to have to hear somebody like adam schiff and nadler. You know go on and on and you're not hearing anything new.

So that's my take on it. You definitely have our sympathy. Let'S just get to the the big issue i just feel is going to dominate the news. It'S certainly in the next foreseeable future of this question of witnesses. Where are you on the question of whether or not witnesses should be called? There? Are some who say that actually this is? It would be helpful to the president, because we completely get rid of the idea and take away a democrat talking point that this was in some way, not a fair trial. What do you think well witnesses? As of the last of their testimony on the prosecution and after the short version that the president had out there, i spoke to lisa murkowski and susan collins and some of the antics at the tail-end. When adam schiff said we're gon na wrap it up here and he gave us an hour and a half had some of those kind of pointed comments in there as well. I don't know that there are many people that need more information, and this you hit it earlier, orchestrated in terms of like the lab partner stuff. Now this with bolton, none of that would work in. They always try to compare it to a regular trial. This isn't that this is a political process, but i think most people there, and especially in states like mine indiana, where they never thought there was any validity to the whole process in the first place when they were talking about getting him back from inauguration. A partisan delivery of articles, and then you know we got an election in nine months.

Most people are not keeping track the pros and cons and they were fed up with the whole process in the beginning, and they won't want to move on and get to the agenda, which is obviously working so just to be clear. This leaked from john bolton tonight that he says he has personal evidence of president trump linking the delay in aid to investigations, including biden, does. Does that change your mind about calling witnesses in general or john bolton specifically, you know, i think anything like this. If it's not bolton, it could be something else. Somebody else mentioned it earlier. This is exactly what happened in the cavanaugh proceedings and anymore. I think what we've got on the other side is. They are gon na, be quick to investigate they're gon na throw a shoddy case out there, and in this case, when the mahler report fell flat, they crammed this in you know i think it'll be interesting to see what fellow senators think about it. I don't think it's gon na make any difference in the long run. Even if bolton has evidence that would say you know it would have to be so direct and then you got to put it with everything else you got to take into consideration is bolton. You know a witness, it's disgruntled, what are the motivations behind it? It would certainly, then, beg the question of what do you do about looking at the biden's, because you're not gon na have any witness come in if it's bolton mulvaney without having our choice of witnesses to it would delay it, and i think that would probably make Most hoosiers unhappy and probably what i'm seeing trump just got shown in a poll by new york times and i think sienna that he's beating every democratic candidate and i think that recently happened in a fire house poll in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. So it's backfiring on them politically, they knew the risk of it.

Now i think they're gon na try to throw everything in the kitchen sink at to stall a bad case built on circumstantial evidence all right. Well, thank you for your time this evening. We love talking about policy that affects real people in the real world. Senator and i know you do too so i'd like to be back on for that. Yes, that will be great see you soon. We hope.

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