Mnuchin refuses to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Dems

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019 01:15 AM

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) on how Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is refusing to release President Trump’s tax returns to Congress. Rep. Walker also discusses how the House Judiciary Committee will vote on whether to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress after the attorney general refused t...

Treasury secretary, steve manoosh in has denied the radical dims requests to see the president's tax returns. A statement from the treasury secretary reads in part quote: the committee's request is unprecedented: it breeze represents serious constitutional questions and the resolution of which may have lasting consequences for all taxpayers. I have determined that the committee's request lacks a l ...
gitimate legislative purpose. The department is therefore not authorized to disclose the requested returns and return information. Desparate dims on the house judiciary committee scheduling a vote for wednesday they're trying to hold attorney general, william barr in contempt chairman jerrold nadler still demanding an unredacted version of the mauler report. This despite federal secrecy, rules that prohibit the release, ofgrand jury material, amongst other things. Joining us tonight is the vice chairman of the house republican conference, congressman mark walker, also, a member of the house, homeland security committee, the education administration committees and the intelligence committee good to have you here good to be here congress. Let'S start with, first of all, were you surprised by treasury secretary manoosh ins response? No, i liked what some of these cabinet secretaries are doing. In fact, it was just last week when the democrats thought they would tell attorney general barr what he would do and he just flat-out said no and then today minuchin a little bit more eloquent said now this isn't happening it is. It is aa wondrous thing to behold, as you suggest, when barr said no, what would what would you do with them? He said and to see the treasury secretary say no you're, being preposterous, politically motivated annoyances and go away. I just love it. Well, you look at look at the history there, even for attorney general, with loretta lynch in eric holder people that obviously the administration was able to ploy in pond whatever they needed to be able to take care of.

So now you have some strong people in these positions, who are saying no you're, not gon na use me as a legislative pawn in this game that you're playing, i think. Ultimately, it's gon na backfire, backfire, onthe majority. These democrats, you know even the situation with the judiciary committee and jerrold nadler he's already overreached without question. It'S very clear: the the laws and regulations that the attorney general is following appropriately and legally so i they're going to be if they have to go to court. They'Re going to look like abject fools, you can't depend on the left-wing media to report faithfully that you can't count on. You know the democrats. It stopped themselves, but the courts will they will and here's the thing lou i've been in congress now for about four and a half years, some of the elder statesmen, the democrat party. They know what's going on here, but they arebeing hog-tied by some of these new members drug further and further to the radical left that they have to play the game and jump through the hoops just to stay relevant. It'S going to cost them ultimately and there's an interesting turn, and that is on the part of the new york times saying in its editorial today. To give the president the money that he's asking for for the southern crisis, which the new york times of all outlets, acknowledges for at least the humanitarian cost of that crisis, yeah well at least they're moving gradually. I think it took jeh johnson, the dhs secretary under obama to finally come out and call this. This is a humanitariancrisis credit, so now they're starting to move a little bit for, but for them to block the president or say we're not going to support the fort.

A half billion dollars from the whole reason that arguing this is a humanitarian perspective. It shows you, the level hypocrisy that is the democrat party today now they're, not sure than manifestations of hypocrisy. Are they exactly? Let'S turn to to the crisis itself? What do you think of the the acting director of homeland security secretary of homeland security, kevin mchale eynon? Well, i think he's coming out strong being a ranking member on the committee on homeland security. We work directly very much so with dhs where's kirsten nielseneven, jeh johnson was there when i first arrived in congress. This is somebody who needs to identify the issue and then to message: will most of the american people had no idea of the trafficking that was going on on the amount of drugs? Even as a member of congress, we didn't really get all that data till late. Last year and earlier this year, when the american people started finding out how big the crisis it is, they sided with the president. So we need to make sure we continue to talk about just the travesty, that it's become and to see the number of americans now agreeing with president trump that it is a crisis. It'S moved17 points from january to last class, for whatever reason the democrats aren't using that talking point anymore, once you've educated american people, whether it's this, whether it's the economy where there's other areas, they're going to say, wait a second. This president trump's, looking okay and let's turn very quickly, as we run out of time here, congressman to to the strike group, the aircraft carrier strike group, that's headed toward the persian gulf in response to a threat from iran. What can you tell us your thoughts? Thank goodness the president showed strength a year ago to get us out of this horrible treaty. That said, hundreds of billions of dollars that we now have evidence that wasbeing funded to hamas and hezbollah on some of these other terrorist groups, that all members of congress should be calling out. I think it's another sign of strength that we're going to show to the iran to the middle east that we're leading on these issues.

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