White House wants this T-Mobile, Sprint deal done: Gasparino

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/22/2019 06:11 PM

FBN's Charlie Gasparino with the latest on the T-Mobile, Sprint deal and President Trump not getting credit for the improving U.S. economy. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. ...

All right now, the latest on sea-level and spring weather, the two will ever get together, enter the justice department and that may be sort of as a gatecrasher here. Charlie got sabrina has more with breaking news. Another another messy machine here: okay, earlier today, there were reports that the justice department staff, the staff of the doj anti-trust, has decided that they're gon na pose the ...
deal they've recommended a lawsuit to block it. Here'S what we know as of now that doesn't mean it's not gon na change later in today, but as of now from we understand, that's the staff, the policy guys, the mahkum veterans of the world, the head of the antitrust division. His immediate staffthat makes the decision on whether to go forward and try to block this deal. They have not decided against the deal and here's one other thing: that's interesting that white house economic advisors, when we understand believe that means the policy guys, because the cut lowe's the menu cheon's, those types. The white house itself believes that there is really no antitrust concern here on this deal. Merging these two companies bringing you, even though you're going from four wireless carriers to three because it'll be verizon at & t and the combined sprint mobile. The policy advisers who, by the way, have a have a line in with mister with malcolm della room and his and his staff. They arethey are onboard on this. They think that this combined company is gon na, be able to extraor to weaker companies and they're sold on it, and i just want to make real clear here to everybody and as you're following the story because sprint took a hit. Today, i believe, was on a reuters report, which is basically a regurgitation.

What we know this staff hates this deal. These are the staff is essentially part of the deep state. Not does the staff is the it did unanimously rule this way this staff makes a recommendation. They go to the here's our case for not we take mission. In this case, we think you should kill this deal because wethink ohm from four to three is a president often overruled they are often overruled their stairs sometimes over some time you don't hear about it. Now you're hearing about it because it's yeah i mean you know it's it's a little fishy that you're hearing about it. Now they may be worried that dela rim is gon na, follow the advice of the white house and essentially approve the deal and not not challenging in court, but you know: listen, it's never over it's over. I can only give you what i know, and i know this - the staff hates it. They want to kill it ma cuban enlighted huawei. All these other headlines, they're described as the deepstate there's a lot of obama administration people in there. That believe in a very strict interpretation of the clayton act, which is the ruling act on antitrust, they think, if you limit the number of providers, that and of itself is going to create an anti-competitive environment, the staffs against it delavan is undecided right now, okay, he Is he and his staff from what i understand as of a half hour ago? It could change the if our have not made up their mind, and i could tell you that the white house itself from the economic and national security stat standpoint, not just economic national security point it down onto his junk president trump. I mean ii'm telling you that the the if he goes against this deal - let's just say he agrees with the staff he will be opposing donald trump, every economic adviser in the white house.

Every republican who believes in you know who believes that this is part of the free market. You know right his his buddy at the fcc, a gpio just approved it based on conditions. It seems like listen, i'm not saying he's gon na approve it. I'M not saying he's not gon na listen to his staff, but it seems like it's, but if they're gon na wind out of the sails and the stops right just that this might well, we should put an intraday up. I think it'soff a little bit. It slows based on what i just reported, but yes, you're right. It took a huge. It took a lot out of it yeah it's just a little bit off. It slows but yeah on these reports about the staff, but i'm telling you there is a feeling inside the trump white house that we need one company here, that's strong to compete against the other two and of course you were just talking about you might be down To three, regardless sprit might go out a bit right. I mean that's another thing right. I just want to make it clear here. One of the things the white house is worried about is 5g deirdrejust, set it on qualcomm.

They worry about it here. This is a company, that's gon na is gon na, be on the forefront of 5g, and if you're, you know worried about the chinese, you need a listen. Sprint is not gon na make it on the 5g. You know in the 5g competition by itself, t-mobile's gon na have a hard, a better company, but they're gon na have a harder time. Sprint has spectrum that five dead. That'S that excuse me sprint has spectrum that the t-mobile could utilize in the combined company. This makes sense on a lot of for a lot of other mergers in the industry, have been approved, i'll, be it with counters and all that so theymay and this may and they may just get more concessions out of this deal. But i'm telling you that this i'm not saying they're gon na prove it. I don't know. What'S in malcolm dylan's, mind you know, i'm just telling you i'm just giving you what i know now he has not made up his mind. It is his decision. It may make up his mind and a half-hour and her day, but it is his decision.

The staff may be against it, but it's his decision and by the way the white house wants this deal done. Imagine the white house just want to get your thoughts on a quinnipiac poll. That'S out, 71 percent of americans thinkthe economy's doing pretty well right now, right, um, but they're, not giving the president the credit. You know he's never gotten the credit. I will just say this. I think well, it's gon na come down to i mean you saw it during the last election it's gon na, come down to when he has his when it's it's, whether it's biden or kamala harris or whoever, two of them. You know the the american people are going to make up a mind is. Is it worth getting rid of donald trump? For this you know, and if it's bernie sanders, is it worth getting rid of donald trump for some guy, that's gon na take the country radically to the leftwhen. The economy is going at 3 %, and you know the america, you don't think we're there. I mean, even though this comes in the face, you know look at very strong economy, for which the president normally would get credit, just as we disproportionately blame in for when things are bad. He is not really an even in some of these battleground states that he won, he's, not trailing and, and he is try, some of them are doing extremely well. There i mean, when you talk about record low unemployment in pennsylvania, he's trailing and they're exact, yet yeah.

This doesn't make sense yeah, i know, but it's gon na come down to a personality contest and one otherthing eli i mean you know, listen. Is there any people who watch fox love, donald trump, trust me, i it's my family in queens. You know i get it, not. Everybody loves him matter of fact. Most people don't like they don't like his antics. That doesn't mean they won't vote for him compared to the alternative and he suffers from that dislike because of the twitter stuff and some of his harsh commentary in some of his antics. He suffers heard that doesn't mean he's not doing a decent job on the economy, and sometimes you just you just vote the economy. You know what i'm saying, particularly when it comes down to. Is it bernie sanders iwill tell you this i'm plugged in with a lot of people in the biden camp in the bottom campaign. They think, if any of these other guys get in there, it's not him it's over. They think they think they use. Do you know when they can win? They think he could win easy.

Given his appeal to the midwest. That'S them talking, not me understood mr. stilley, charlie gasps prenup. Thank you very very much, sir.

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