Family Speaks Out After Missing Texas Mom’s Murder And Baby’s Survival | NBC Nightly News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/22/2019 12:27 AM

The family of Heidi Broussard tells NBC News in a statement that they feel “overwhelmed” with grief and the support they’ve received. Broussard was found dead after she went missing with her infant daughter, who was found unharmed.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch...

For the first time since the tragic death of hattie, broussard and miraculous recovery of her three week old infant nbc news has the first extended reaction from heidi's devastated family. Today, we feel overwhelmed overwhelmed with grief, of course, but also the details of all that needs to be done were blessed with having many of heidi's friends to help in the austen in lake. Charles communities ...
have been wonderful with their supporting kindness. Broussard'S body was uncovered inside the trunk of a car at her friend's house in houston, her baby margo unharmed inside the home family and loved ones, stunned by the alleged role of a childhood friend, to make it humphrey who faces two charges, ofkidnapping and a count of Tampering with the human corpse friends say: humphrey told them she was pregnant. She had an online baby registry listing a due date, the same as heidi broussard's when heidi was giving birth. Where was the suspect? She'S been moved to austin to await her next court date as the family looks to fill a void left by heidi's death with christmas coming. Our focus right now is our grandson, silas and spending time with him to grieve the loss of his mom. Our daughter, heidi silas, received his christmas presents early this year, delivered by heidi's friends, trying to provide comfort as he misses his mom. That is her world and she is hisworld ya plan simple, that bond, that someone would can witness with her and her son. Take note because you'll never see anything like that. A bond broken, but a family strong and sticking together, determined to heal their lives, will never be the same and there's gon na be empty plate at the dinner table and on christmas and in every day, from now on and sam, you have new information tonight about A vigil for hiding in a family jose is planning a vigil for the next day or two at the same location, where a search party was supposed to be meeting this weekend. His family tells me they just want to connect with the community and grievewith those who feel their pain, nbc news fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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