Sheriff Briefs On Pensacola Naval Base Shooting: 'Our Community Is Secure' | NBC News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/06/2019 04:53 PM

Sheriff David Morgan held a briefing on the shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Fla. He confirmed four have died including the shooter and multiple others wounded in the incident. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC ...

At approximately 651 this morning the call went out to the escambia county sheriff's office, central dispatch, that there was an active shooter on naval air station pensacola. We had two units immediately respond. You know many to come behind the course. While we would love to do a full disclosure with you this morning about everything that we are aware of, quite obviously, we cannot do that. Ther ...
are things that we are now in the investigative process that are required to be held back by not just the escambia county sheriff's office, but our lead federal agencies, which of course, are the fbi and the atf and the associated federal partners that we have in The us attorney'soffice is also present. As the mayor said, i want to assure our community that the the threat has been negated. Our community is secure at this time. We have no reason to believe, or are we looking for any additional shooters within escambia county, not just within the parameters of na s pensacola, i would tell you this strikes home particularly hard for me, as a retired military member walking through the crime scene was like Being on the set of a movie, and as the mayor eloquently put you just don't expect this to happen at home. This doesn't happen in escambia county. It doesn't happen in pensacola. It doesn't happen to our friends and neighbors who aremembers of the united states navy, but it did and it has and so for now we're here to pick up the pieces. We have two officers at the escambia county sheriff's office and the initial response that negated the threat that are now in a local hospital.

We expect them to fully recover. It was a member of the escambia county sheriff's office that did negate the threat. I will share that with you. It was one of our officers that did that, as the captain said we have today. Excuse me as of right now we do have four deceased and approximately eight total. That includes the ones that have deceased by the way that are injured, thecrime scene processing continues under the auspices of the fbi and the atf. We are lending all local assistance that we have to this effort. Everything from command buses to you, know crime, scene techs. If they are so needed, we ask for the prayers of the community and we asked for the assistance of the press. Please be patient. These things are ever evolving. You may hear a mis statement from one of us at this juncture.

Why? Because we've got a lot of moving parts in this machine and we're all trying to get it in sync, and so, if something comes back later that we have to correct, i would ask that you not be overly criticalthe reason why i say that is this: is We have grieving families at this moment that the navy, now with their grief, counselors and with ours at the escambia county sheriff's office, or going out to handle the human side of a police action. We need your assistance with that. We need your partnership at this point and we have enough critics in our community and we ask that you assist us. So if we reach out to you as a member of the press and ask for that assistance, i ask that you come forward with it. Hey see news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and clickon any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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