Trish Regan: We let Putin succeed in creating division

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 12:52 PM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan says Fusion GPS hired a former British spy named Christopher Steele and paid him $168,000 to pen the now infamous dossier. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall...

Tonight, a new twist in the spy gate story that may soon go down in the history books as the biggest political scandal in american history. How do you like that? Vladimir putin may have guessed how deep our deep state was? I mean edward snowden. After all, was his buddy right, hyneman out there in russia, and vladimir putin would have wanted to expose that the deep state for his own political gain ...
So, let's jump back to what we already know. Okay, we know that hillary clinton's campaign paid its dc law, firm, perkins coie to funnel money to fusion gps, the so-called investigative firm to dig up dirt in russia. On now, president donald trump, we alsoknow that fusion gps hired a former british spy named christopher steele. He had a specialty in russia and they paid him 168 thousand dollars to pen this now infamous dossier that our fbi later used as a reason to investigate the trump campaign and spy on innocent americans christopher steele. The british spy called up a whole bunch of his former intel friends over there in russia to see what he could dig up. What he could find out, including some longtime former kgb folks and others that were quite close to vladimir putin. Talk about an open invitation to russia, i mean putin, the political animal that he is. He was just handed one big, magnificent opportunity, thinkabout it by the clintons, by the way, if he really wanted to create division in the united states of america. This was certainly a good way to do it, and, given the partisanship that already was running rampant in the u.

s. putin managed to achieve something that may have been beyond even his wildest ambitions and there was the mainstream media out there, helping him every step of the Way, vladimir putin was able to directly funnel whatever garbage he thought. Hillary clinton and us intelligence agencies might want here about donald trump. He was able to funnel it straight to them all, while simultaneously making sure that americans, no matter how this election turned out, would eventually discoverdonald trump was set up by the so-called deep state, fusion, gps and the clinton campaign. They opened our democracy right up to the direct disturbance from the russians. It'S like, we were waving a big flag and saying: hey, come on, hey russians come and get us thanks guys. I mean what better way think about it. If you're putin to injure your opponent, then by using the age-old method of divide and conquer straight from the ancient chinese military strategist, sun tzu's book the art of war, chapter 1, section 23 - here we go on how to wound your enemy. He writes quote if his forces are united, separate them and that's exactly what putin and russia havedone we are separated right now, as a country i mean they're not entirely to blame. I would add that we're part of that we've allowed that the democrats and the republicans have become so divided, and so political and the mainstream media has enabled them to do all that that sure we are divided right now. Lucky for putin. I mean sources are telling me that the russians have told the maduro regime in venezuela.

Hey, don't worry about the us. You guys can't do anything. The u. s. is so caught up in in smaller mess and they're, partly right. We are divided, although hats off, to the administration, because they've taken on some major policy reforms, despite allthat chaos. If you ask me, vladimir putin wants us to know how deep are deep status, the bread crumbs they're all there, and just in case you missed any. He highlighted them when, speaking in helsinki, after being asked about the dossier. Remember this king gustav. I believe that russia is a democratic state and i hope you're not denying this right to your own country. You are not denying that united states is democracy. Do you believe the united states is a democracy, and if so, if it is a democratic state, then the final conclusion in this kind of dispute can only be delivered by a trial by the court, not by the executive, by the lawenforcement.

Okay, can you take a hint i mean? Putin is basically challenging on us on what we consider democracy and he's advocating for a full discovery of what may have led to the dossier because well he knows that this will further divide us and by further dividing us. He helps russia on the international stage, but i would only say maybe when this is all said and done, the good news is, it does get exposed, it has to be exposed. We deserve answers and i'm afraid that those answers are not going to be very good and they're gon na be very disheartening and they're gon na be very difficult and we're all gon na be very, very upset. Becausewe put our trust in the system. We had faith that the fbi and the people working in the fbi would be doing the right thing. But then, when you learn that there are fbi folks out there, that will go to a judge and get a warrant to spy on an innocent american with a bunch of flimsy opposition research that has never checked, never checked easy things to chuck. Like michael cohen, you know: did he go to prague? Did he not go to prague? Why don't you check the immigration system right his passport? Why not take a look? Why use opposition research to get a warrant to spy on an american.

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