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Published: 12/13/2019 04:56 PM

If you don’t know what a graze board is, think charcuterie board meets cheese platter, with all sorts of other goodies added on. Author and food writer Katie Workman give us her best tips for putting together the perfect snacking experience. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeTo...

So what is a grades board? A grease board is like a cheese board and a charcuterie board got married and had lots of little other delicious babies, hi i'm katie workman, i'm a food writer and a cookbook author, and i blog at the mom 100 comm and today we're talking gray's boards. There are no hard and fast rules about creating a grey's board. It'S really what you like, what you think your guests a ...
d your family will like and then keeping in mind some very basic ideas about variety, color, taste, texture and trying to mix things up and and not giving yourself too crazy about what goes together and what doesn't. So we'll start with cheeseyou will say that i have picked a very significant variety of jesus, so you'll notice i put the aged goat cheese further away from the triple creme. I don't want all the round things together, all the creamy things together all the red things together, so now we'll move on to our charcuterie or us to lumi. These are cured meats or almost always, pork in nature, when you're creating in grace bored people are gon na, be pretty much eating everything on the grades board and it's pure unadulterated form, so you want to go for the best quality that you can find and afford. This is definitely the moment not to buy the deli meats. You don't wantthe boiled hams and the bologna's there, whether they get slimy or they're great in the sandwich, but save those for the deli platter. So our meats and our cheeses are here. Those are sort of the anchors of the grey's board and now we're going to start adding in all sorts of other things in no particular order, so smoked fish is another option. You can do smoked salmon, which is what i have here smoked mackerel persimmons. This is just one of the fruit i've chosen because of the season, but you will change this up from season to season carrots and radishes and you'll notice that the leaves are still attached to the groucho's.

This is veryintentional. A little bit of green adds such a beautiful freshness. Speaking of greenery, we have some tim, those that are still on the vine crenshaw is really traditional, delicious pairing with all sorts of cured meats. It'S also great, with salmon you'll notice that some things on the tray are just sitting on the tray and some things are in little bowls or containers. It'S nice to kind of vary the heights of things in containers, help you do that: artichoke hearts and here's some green olives oops go away so dried fruit, another option, dried, apricots, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and here we have dried figs, which are just a fun, a Fun little twist on things: sothis is the easiest herb dip ever it's essentially herbs and sour cream and mayonnaise and salt and pepper so simple to make. Then you can use whatever herbs you have on the hand, which means you can use up. Whatever do you have in here, honeycomb, honey is really fun to add honey pairs really nicely with all sorts of cheeses as well. You can put out a little bowl of honey and there's truffle honey and there's there's so many different kinds of honey and honeycomb is also really fun. It looks absolutely beautiful. What do we have left? We have fruit, there's really not much rhyme or reason to to where things go other than your eyeis gon na tell you know wrong answers at all. The last thing we're going to do is add some herbs. You can use any fresh herbs.

You have again a great way to use things up and the herbs aren't necessarily for eating. It'S not that someone's gon na necessarily pick up a sprig of thyme and start chewing on it, but they might pull off a couple, leaves and add them to their cheese. On the crostini or a cracker, so if you look at this grey's board, you'll see that it's really crowded, i mean really crowded and that's intentional. I love the way. A slightly overstepped. Braised board looks, i think it's just so appealing and so invitingand so bountiful. So i would say for something with this much food on it you're looking at about 20 people, if it's a cocktail party and if dinner's to follow, i would think that this would happily feed about 30 people, and the other thing about a great board. Is you? Can replenish it as it goes, so this is a very flexible, a very, very flexible way to entertain. So that's our grades board and i hope you all have a great board at your next get-together. They are absolutely perfect for the holidays, as you can see. Incredibly easy to put together once you decide what you're buying and i am gon na dig in and try notto mess it up too much. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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