Could Google's efforts to limit online tracking censor search results?

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 12 hours ago

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, former investment banker Carol Roth, FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos and Layfield Report CEO John Layfield on how Google is planning to launch new tools to limit the use of tracking cookies. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel deliver...

So do we believe gang that google has found a way to keep our searches private as we roam the internet? What are you right? Is there being hypocritical at the moment they're saying, hey we're not going to give it to any third parties or profit seeking third parties, but we're going to keep all the information to ourselves. So these cookies, that are like cookie trails? They follow you from site to ...
site to site. I think the only way to bypass it is to start using apps as opposed to the various websites when you click to one to the next, but i don't believe it at all. This is like big brother. Instead of a bunchof guys having your information, one guy has it name is google or alphabet yeah? I guess the good. The good news is that the robots will kill us before climate change, but as a shareholder, you know i love what i'm here. I love what i heard today on their ai. Their google assists of all these things that connect you as an individual. It scares the heck out of me: here's the bottom line at the end of the day, if you're connected to the internet, if you have any technology, that's responsive that information is not secure and it's not private. The luxury of the future will be privacy and you're not going to get it thistime around from google. Unfortunately, you know carol, i'm not as worried about even the privacy as i am the fact that they are engaging in censorship of materials that they don't like, and that is a very dangerous thing, because so many people get their news from the interweb as we like To say, and as a result of that, when a google search sends you to the favorite information of the left, it is not a true form. I think something's going to happen in the way of an antitrust suit, a lawsuit on the part of consumers, and the way they could get out of it is to declare themselves a common carrier and no longer dictatecontent and simply be like a phone company where you Buy the phone line you talk on it, but the phone company doesn't get to say i don't like what you're saying i'm gon na cut you off quick, john, go ahead governor.

I agree than what you're saying, but there's got to be some personal responsibility. I think, if you're getting your news from facebook, which is the largest repository of cat videos in the world right now, there's nothing wrong with you. If your gets where you're getting your news look, this is the new red meat for the democrats they're running for election. They can't the old companies go up the banks, they need somebody to go. Afterthey'Re going the tech company all right.

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