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Published: 12/22/2019 04:46 PM

Peggy Noonan, Helene Cooper, Rich Lowry and Doris Kearns Goodwin join the Meet The Press roundtable to discuss the top stories of the decade. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News Digital is a collection of innovati...

Back now, with endgame and the end of the decade, it's sort of weird to think that we're ending the decade and we finally we're gon na enter a decade that it's a lot easier to refer to. Instead of the arts of the tens of the teens, the 20s 30s it'll be a lot easier now. But i asked all of you to come up with what were the most impactful stories of the decade sort of politically socially and we tal ...
ied them up created a scoring system. There was a tie for fourth, a three-way tie for fourth with the great recession: the recovery from that osama bin laden killed and trump's 2016 election peggy. You had the recessionand recovery. Why? Oh my gosh? The recession was not only an economic event: 2008 in america. It was a psychic event, it changed us politically, it changed a whole lot. It was not a recession and a small thing. It was a big epical event. You put bin laden on there you weren't alone, but you also had been like i'm thinking about what what grabbed us and just riveted like slammed us down in the chair and you're, like oh, my god, but look at the headlines. Look at that was a huge deal. We'Ve been looking for this guy for for more than 10 years for 11 years and for far more than that, actually and thatwas a big news story.

So while we have trump election tied for fourth, the next one at number, three's political realignments and rich, we put your briggs it within political realignment. As part of that, all of you had some form of this day. A look! That'S why it's third yeah! Well, the coalition's of the parties are shifting, they have been for some time, but it's been accelerated and boris johnson's smashing victory in the uk points to how a more populist nationalist right potentially has a broader appeal. The number two story of the decade: let's show it on screen here - climate change, doris you had that. I believe it's your top. I did most important speakingas a historian. What are they going to say 50 years from now, and i'm not going to be right? 50 years from now, but i think when you look at the natural disasters that happened, you looked at the withdrawal from the paris peace accords. If that continues, and if we're not taking a leadership role in this, the generations to come, will know that we failed all right number. One was something that i don't be honest of. We in our in our staff meeting we were trying to figure this out because about half of you put it well, let me reveal number one or i give it a while we decided to call it social illsas. Half of you put gun massacre sandy hook. Half of you had referred to opioids, and this is where i want to spend a minute in some ways when you put that together, it does feel as if yeah we have a societal ill here.

Yes, this one with okay and we haven't figured out how to tackle either. Yes, i would say america and drugs has been a huge story. The number of people who never used to get into that area of life started in the past five seven years. These are drugs, these are not drugs, yes, legal drug and attendant to this is the change in legal pharmaceuticals. What'S there the sense that people havethat in a way world guinea-pigs in a way for a new drug revolution? That'S going on. We don't know how things are going. I would add, into addiction, social media addiction, pornography, all of those things that very quietly happen, but change. The face of a country in the increasing isolation of so many people is there lay the reinforces helene in your news of that way. You put sandy hook as number one and look it's the it is. There are two memories etched in my head of being a white house: correspondent one is that not in death and two is that they at the white house. I i think sandy hook for me, is by farthe most important thing that happens this debt because it changed it. It showed that i think that we were willing to accept as a people the deaths of children in schools.

We were willing to prioritize our gun rights over over protecting children in elementary schools. The fact that we're okay with this and that nothing changed after sandy hook, said so much and now, when you see all of these kids who are so used to active shooter training, we didn't have that kind of stuff. Before that, it was that what that was a big deal like that, you know it strikes me rich. Is it's a reminder of how little americans turn to politicians anymore, formoral leadership, because our politicians have totally failed on these two crises yeah? So this is why we've had now for years, peace and relative prosperity in this country, but there's a sense of deep unease, one because this decade played out under the shadow of two failures from the prior decade. The financial crisis is peggy alluded to in the array and the iraq war and just something broken is broken in our society. The lack of attachment of individuals which accounts for the drug crisis for alcohol deaths for suicide and 2017. I think those three things accounted for 150 life expectancy rate for certain and client has decline. I'Ve got it's come down depending where you livei mean. This is something i don't know. I we don't want. We so distrust our politicians. We don't expect them to have the answers on this.

We don't want them. Losing. Losing trust in government means losing trust in our collective ability to do something. When franklin roosevelt used to say you can have any problem and if man created the problem you can solve that problem. I think we're losing that sense and that's really scary, although you know there are positive things about these tens, there was activism and more women ran and won before a lot more people interested in politics. There'S it's an arc to this decade that i have to see the positives wellyou. You have to see it as a historian in 30 years. This decade may be reviewed differently than we're reviewing it now we're living in what feels like a more dark period, and i had five seconds it's all right guys, that's all we have for today. Thank you for watching, happy holidays. Merry christmas, happy hanukkah and everything remember we'll be back next week because if it's sunday meet the press, hello from washington, i'm chuck todd and thanks for checking out the meet the press channel on youtube click on the button down here to subscribe and click over here. To watch the latest interviews highlights and other digital exclusives.

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