Employees leaving labor force in mass exodus

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/10/2019 07:21 PM

ManpowerGroup North America President Becky Frankiewicz discusses why people are leaving the workforce. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the bus...

Charles number of job openings in march, seven 1/2 million. coming off february's nine-month low. near the all-time high. Despite what i feel is the hottest job market. I think most people would agree just about ever. we're seeing a max exodus of people leave labor force. The question is why. : we have north american manpower, executive president. , becky thanks for joining us. , happy to be he ...

charles last two months. The jobs report is bank busters, -- gang busters. every single month. This year, emhave left the labor force. the numbers at 1. 2 million people. How do we get that 1. 2 million people leave a labor force where there is seven 1/2 million job openings, april isconsistent, with there year and last year. ? We always have a blip with last year. People are confident they can leave the workforce and return, because there will still jobs here.

we're seeing increase on people leaving to go back to school. intersection of retraining. People have to come back to gain meaningful, employment. charles, that is good things. The quits number has not moved commensurate with the number of job openings. , even though more people are quitting not kind of quits numbers in booming economy. It gets back to the question. What is missing, though, what is missing for those people who are not in the labor force. , not hitting the bricks or can't get a job or don'twant a job in this environment? . I can't imagine someone not wanting a job in this environment because there is opportunity across the entire economy for work.

We have to encourage americans. There is opportunity for you. translate your skills into meaningful employment opportunities into your resume', get out there to find something. Charles talk about people quitting going back to school. What about folks? Don'T necessarily have the wherewithal ceo of ibm came up with great term new collar workers, don't need a college degree but more than high school degree. How do you fill the void so that you have the confidence you will get hired, , absolutely we're seeing businesses step in with certification. , not everyjob need as college degree, and definitely not every job in america need as high school degree.

Businesses are stepping into the gap. We at manpower group are doing upscaling training. We have to work to make sure we have employers ready to work. charles. There seems to be a dark side. disenchant man. I talked about the what happened in the country from the heartland to unfair trading practices. millions of americans lot of their jobs.

What is replaced pride is opioid epidemic. That has to be playing a role too, because it seems really with young men that this is a acute problem. it actually a tragedy in our country. We have unprecedented economic opportunity for jobs. yet. We see pockets of people where, whether because of they didn't see their parents working didn't, have the role model working or some cases drugs not participating in the workforce. The government is trying to.

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