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Published: 12/12/2019

As impeachment debate continues on Capitol Hill, President Trump delivers remarks at the White House Summit on Child Care and Paid Leave. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative an...

The american family is the true bedrock of american life. We passed a massive tax cut for working families and doubled the child tax credit median household income is now at the highest level in the history of our country. Our agenda is lifting up americans of every background race, religion, color and creed. A moral obligation is to the american workers and we're committed to helping them climb t ...
at great ladder of success to equip them with the skills they need. We will launch the pledge to america's workers, i'm so proud to be the first president good afternoon, everyone. It has been an incredible service. I would like to thank you all for being here as we concludethis inaugural summit on supporting american working families. We are delighted to be joined by a man who ran for office on the promise of lifting up forgotten men and women of this country, and that is exactly what he's done for nearly three years. The president has delivered on one promise after another and under his leadership, families have never had a greater future in every action he takes. The president is putting american families first, because since day, one he's recognized that strong and thriving families are the greatest source of american success and the best hope for america's future. Together with the help of everyone in this room today, we will support american families, build up ourcommunities, strengthen our economy and enable every child to grow thrive and achieve the american dream. Now a great pleasure i'd like to introduce the president of the united states, [ applause, ], [ applause ].

She has been terms of advocacy for america's working families - 14 million people. She got injured for where she'd go into walmart she going to rent companies and say they really want help. I really want you to teach them, because the government can't teach like the companies could teach and companies would take a half a million people, a million people and her goal when she started at two years ago was 500,000 jobs, she's done over 14 million. So that's really something i want to expressmy gratitude to each and every one of you for being here and to the white house summit on child care and paid family leave a subject. That'S a very big subject. Nowadays, we're pleased to be joined by secretary alex azar alex. Thank you very much to governor phil bryant, my friend for a long time, and we really. We have developed a fantastic relationship over the years and it's been incredible what a job he does and i don't know i have a feeling he's leaving office not because he had to. He was leading everybody in the polls and that great state where we just had a tremendous victory in mississippi, but he was leading by alot. I think phil. What are you running it now? I think we're gon na take it easy is a lot of confidence, non confident people, it's that kind of run together, but i feel you've done a fantastic job and we appreciate it and mayor betsy price. Thank you very much.

We'Re also grateful to be and have with us members of congress from both sides of the aisle and many of them participated today i saw a list of a who's who in congress - and we appreciate it very much as many of them have spoken we're here today To support the aurora calling for working moms and dads to really help them we're going to help them whocan help them a lot. American families are the heart, soul and backbone of our nation. Strong and loving families build up our neighborhoods sustain our communities. Invigorate our cities past down our values and make a brighter future for every citizen in the trump economy which is setting records every day, in fact, the stock market's up very substantially today, as some of you may know, and when it goes up, i think of 401ks. I used to think about stock. I think we've got 401ks and i think about jobs, but it's up tremendously today in the trump economy, american families are thriving like never before. Just last week we announced that we smashed expectations and created twohundred and sixty-six thousand jobs in november, a number that was unthinkable a day before the day before that we're guessing. Would it be 80? Would it be 90 beyond 60? Somebody said an optimist, and this was two hundred and sixty-six thousand plus you could add from the previous month's, because we're adding some of the jobs they miscalculated on our side as opposed to the opposite side. The positive way so two hundred and sixty-six almost three hundred thousand jobs in november, which is an incredible number. Seven million jobs have been added since election day and i have to say, other nations are not doing well at the parts of the world are not doing well. Atall. You look at europe.

You look at asia. Look at a lot of different places. We won't talk about china, the people working a deal with china, but i wouldn't say up until now: they've loved me, unemployment is a 50-year low and the african-american hispanic american and asian american unemployment rates have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded, so the lowest level Ever recorded [ music, ], the lowest in 71 years, but soon will be historical, so i have to apologize for the 71 years. That'S probably my worst statistic best in 71 years i say: can you imagine normally that would have been a great statistic for us phil, but nowadays we're a little spoiled right. Butwe'Ve lifted nearly 1. 4 million american children out of poverty, and this year, 40 million american families. Will benefit from the republican child tax credit each receiving an average of over $ 2,200? That'S something, let's put the word republican again, let's emphasize it because i notice every time we do something that democrats trying to say wait. We really did it. You know they didn't. Do it, but you'll be very nice. We want to be bipartisan and everything we do we're putting the american families first and frankly, we're putting america first, but american families are coming first with more women working today than ever before. We now have a historic opportunity to enact long overdue reforms.

It'S timeto pass paid family leave and expand taxes, really an expanded access to quality, affordable childcare, in addition for all american parents, something that could take a long time before it ever got done. But we're going to get it done well, working with a lot of tremendous people, many of whom are in the room, and i want to thank you for that. An estimated one out of every four american moms returns to work within two weeks of giving birth because they cannot afford to miss the paycheck or risk losing their job. We want every mother to have the chance to spend those precious few weeks with her newborn or adopted child, and i understand statistically theyshow, statistically it's so much better for the baby and growing up even in later years. I can imagine that and martha. Thank you for being here. Just see you [ applause ]. Thank you. That'S why it's my state and in my state of the union address i called for congress to pass paid family leave into law and it was very well received. I have to say one week ago we were thrilled that members of congress introduced bipartisan, really very strong. Bipartisan legislation paid family leave legislation and that's what it's called. We did criminal justice reform and we called it by a slightly different name and a lot of people.

Don'T know that it's criminal justice reform, isaid change the name, but somebody put it with the name, that's for a step back, which is good, but it's criminal, justice reform and in this case we're going to just go with a very perfect day paid family too much Right this week, my administration reached a historic deal with congress. The federal government will now give 12 weeks of paid family leave to all federal employees, something the candidate for president, i pledged to advance paid family leave with this important step. We are delivering and we're really delivering like nobodies, i think ever delivered before. If you look back certainly with the first three years of a presidency and was so short of the third yeargetting 12 hard to believe we're, getting close january 20th will be there. But in less than three years we've done things and i always say that i fulfilled more promises that i made is also focused on expanding access to high quality, affordable childcare. Last year, as brad decided to lower the largest-ever increase in child care, development block grants two states. The states understand that very well in more than sixty percent of american homes, both parents work yet many struggle to afford child care, which often costs more than ten thousand dollars per year, and it's devastating to families. Frankly, devastating here with us today is sayo and mama, who is benefited from childcare assistance and isnow earning a degree in early childhood education, while raising our two young, beautiful children say on. Would you come up please and say a few words [ applause ] before when i started my job, my husband and i were able to put our youngest daughter and take care with the help of childcare subsidy. We didn't have the support we wouldn't have been able to afford to take care, and i wouldn't have been able to work and want to become a teacher now both of my daughters are going to preschool in the same building where i work, it's very convenient. For my family - and i am so close that i was able to check on my daughters duringthe day, she got sick. So thank you earlier this morning the white house released our principles for child care reform.

Our goal is simple: we want to expand child care options and reduce unnecessary regulations so that parents can choose the best care for their children, including and, very importantly, in home and faith-based care is bethany brittney haseman, a single mother who runs her own child care center. In fluey de colorado and brittany, if you could please come up and say a few words please thank you wow what an honor it is to be here today and you have a good trump. Thank you. So much for all you do it's truly a blessing about elevenyears ago i was put in a tough position, my husband passed away in a car accident. I was a now single mom of soon-to-be three children. I had to provide for them all by myself and child care for three all under the age of three and my oldest with autistic tendencies was not an option. I was going to school for criminal justice at this time and could no longer have. That is my dream. For my three children only had one parent, i opened up a childcare in 2010 out of my home. Now i own a large home site i signed on with early learning ventures in 2015. Now i am an director to my veryown center being in the childcare business. I know all the struggles.

There are some major challenges: the cost of childcare for our families, background checks and those timelines are very challenging hiring staff based on credentials not growing teachers that fit the right reasons with what's best for the children and their age groups and the cost of qualified teachers That being said, my dreams for them children have just begun. It takes a county and a state and a country to be the best. Thank you, president trump, for making it priority to help our families get quality care. On behalf of little imaginations, we would like to invite. I have a kitchen, i don't know if youguys ever get in colorado come see our site. Thank you. [ applause ]. We have a great senator in colorado. We have to get him extended, so we know that every american parent, like brittany, wants the best for their child and every american family strengthens and uplifts our country. That'S why an issues like child care paid family leave to school to us my administration is putting control back into the hands of parents where it belongs. With this initiative, we have a chance to give all moms and dads the resources and support they need to succeed through our -- is -- prosper and help their sons and daughters reach their amazing god-given potential. That'S what's happening so what's happeningwith our country as a whole as americans, we know the single most important investment we can ever make is in our nation's children.

I want to again thank everybody for being here and thank you all to the people that worked so hard, and i know how hard and tirelessly you fight for the american family constantly. I want to thank my daughter. It was who's. Every minute of every day is working on something that's good in this case right now. That'S what we're doing, but she's she's got other things in mind. Also, it's incredible what she's able to get done, and i have to give her a very special thank you. [ music ], i just blesseverybody in the room. Thank you very much for the incredible work you work so hard so tirelessly, but the rewards are there with this administration, you get the rewards with other administration's. It just never worked, but we get it done. They may like me, they may not [ applause ]. Any jenny. Please remain seated until the president at marts.


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