US birth rate at 32-year low: Report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 04:22 PM

Capital Wave strategist Shah Gilani, columnist Liz Peek, FBN’s Ashley Webster and Susan Li on the report that birth rates in the U.S. fell to the lowest level in 32 years. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms th...

Fewer babies born in america last year than at any time since ronald reagan, that is what's not the birth rate, is way way down. It is in 2018, three point: seven, nine million births, that's down 2 % from 2017 down four years in a row, 10 of the last 11, the reasons being given including teenagers and unmarried women having fewer babies, lower hispanic fertility rates and the rise of women obtain ...
ng College degrees: what does this all mean? Well, the disturbing trend is that the fertility rate falling below the replacement level, in other words the workforce, becomes too small to support the growing retirees segment is a very troubling trend, as you've said before, we've seen itin, japan, italy and elsewhere, and it's not a good Trend you have in a lot of modern societies, western societies, you've got more and more older people retiring being supported by fewer and fewer and fewer active people working who are in turn having ever fewer babies right, it's an impossible situation. Right i mean japan is in dreadful shape because that's japan's immigration policy. What this really calls for is a sensible, self-interested immigration, because we have jobs available prom in europe, where they have the same issue as there are no jobs. Chaga loni, you put your economist hat on for a minute lowest birth rate. I think what 32? Yes? What does that actually mean forour economy? I think eventually it will translate to higher inflation. I think sinner require an increase in labor cost, because if you were laborers and workforce shrinking, that means the remaining workers are going to demand more wages and they're going to be able to get them and as the economy continues to grow, i think we're gon na Rent, we there's no there's no inflationary signs anywhere right now, but that can change in probably a few quarters or certainly a year to offer to be a serious problem. I would think those productivity, as well with the older folks, leaving the labor force and then the younger folks, which there aren't a lot of to pick up theslack. I think productivity might be a concern who would have thought we'd open the show with something's up in iran, and then the birthrate fall into the 30.

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