Exclusive: Trump criticizes Venezuela’s Maduro, calls Mueller probe ‘political game'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019 01:22 AM

FBN’s Trish Regan interviews President Trump about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the problems at the U.S. southern border and the Mueller probe. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and ...

Here with me right now, the president of the united states, donald j trump, mr. president, welcome hi, trish hello. You know once in all these pictures that are coming in to us right now from venezuela and it's clearly a very fluid situation as you know, but what sir is your latest information? Well, it's a little bit more of yesterday. Yesterday was rough and probably tomorrow is going to be very ...
bad and it's a terrible thing. People are starving, people are, are dying, there's no food, there's no water, it's just a terrible situation. You see what's going on and we're doing everything we can do. Sort of you know the ultimate and there are people thatwould like to do. Have us do the ultimate, but we are we are we have a lot of options open, but well we look at. What'S going on there, it's it's an incredible mess. Yeah! That'S that's for sure. I know you've said this before and you say that all options are on the table. I know there was a big nsc meeting today and you get all your top people trying to go through various scenarios, trying to figure out what to do next.

Really, what are our options right now, mr. president? Well, some of them. I don't even like to mention to you because they're pretty tough, but you know we see what's what's happening, withrespect to the hunger. You don't see things like this anymore and they don't want food. Maduro won't accept food. I think he should. Frankly, i think it would be better for him if he did, because you have people that are starving and they become desperate and you you see what's happening on the streets and the streets are very dangerous, that it's very dangerous, for i mean frankly, everybody, everybody and - And we haven't seen a scene like this in many many years and when you think how wealthy this country was trish, this country was one of the wealthy countries not just there, but this was one of the wealthy countries of the world and now youlook at what's Going on where they don't even have food where they can't get water, the water is filthy, dirty and people are getting sick. It'S terrible terrible thing, no i'd, say, look it's a tragedy and it's a tragedy. That'S so close to home. Less than you know four hours from miami, what do you think about nicolas maduro? Well, he's certainly run it tough, but i think he's losing a lot of control. He really did go out and do things that are bad. It'S an extension of his his previous and previous was bad.

That was unacceptable. I mean it was horrible and unacceptable. It'S really a failure of socialism - and i don't know, maybe thisis beyond socialism, but this is socialism, and you see what happens now. They'Re talking about it. For our country, i can't believe it's real. You know when you hear some of the things being said, but they're talking about socialism for our country. That'S not going to happen, especially with how well we're doing, but maduro is he's a tough player and it's awfully tough to play closer when nobody has food - and i mean, despite the fact that they have no food, they have no water and they're marching in the Streets secretary pompeo told me, sir yesterday that maduro was ready to leave. He was like you know, packed up ready to go on the tarmac. Butthe russians stopped him. What does that say? What are the russians doing down there, and and how does that change things for us or escalate? If you would, unfortunately, if that's the case, it's not acceptable. You hear a lot of different rumors. You hear rumors that he was you hear rumors that he was leaving a different way.

I'M hearing rumors about russia and i'm hearing a lot about cuba and we'll do a very, very strong embargo and sanctions on cuba. It depends on what's going to happen, they have a very. They have a lot at stake too, because it's not like they're, exactly boomtown boomtown, i used to say boomtown, usa, but they're awful andsomehow. I'M thinking of myself i'd better, not say that. But it's not if they're not they're, not a boomtown, that's for sure they're not doing well and and with the right moves. Cuba could do very well, you know we could open it up and they're closing it up if they don't get out of venezuela. So we're trying to help people we want to deliver food in medical, there's, no medical, you have children that are unbelievably sick, there's no medical, they have doctors without medicine and it's a you know. It'S great people, the venezuelan people. I know a lot of people from venezuela they're incredible people, they work so hard and it just went boys theyhad the wrong, the wrong form of government. They had the wrong to people and murderers just been not doing the job, not the truth. I remember back before chavez when venezuela had a more prosperous future ahead of itself, and now you look at the last 20 years and how that is disintegrated. Let me ask you about who's actually coming up a little bit later on the show tonight.

Mr. president, he will be here, and you know, look you mentioned the venezuelan people and how much you like them. This is a gentleman who's, clearly very, very brave and is a walking target frankly, because nicolas maduro doesn't like anybody who is a threat to him. Sowhat happens if they do something if they were to jail or they were to execute god forbid hwang. Why doe the man we recognize as the president of that nation? Well, i hope it does it happen. I'Ve been watching him on the streets and right of the streets where people are being killed and he's out there doing rallies he's actually very brave in a in a true sense, but i've been watching him and watching the moves, and you know i've is a lot Of spirit for him - and it is from a constitutional standpoint - is the way it's supposed to be. He was elected and they there they should be running it now at least wecould go in and help them a little bit with, and maybe a lot depending on what i mean the advantage they have is they have oil. It'S mortgaged out to the hilt between china and russia and all the money that's been poured in there over the years. They just they just sucked money out of everybody in order to get you know, it's just it's a terrible situation. It'S like an incredible thing because they have mortgaged their oil almost to the maximum, but we'll see what happens there. You know you wonder what happens to that's called foreclosure via usa. I guess think about it when you think about it, though, what what they have, what hasto be done? Do you you really do.

Essentially it's called a country foreclosure. The place is so bad and so dangerous and all the wealth, but the wealth is all mortgaged out, but so something's gon na have to be done even there even there, because the amount of money that's loaned for that oil. You know the loans for that oil. They don't give them any breathing room, so it's not what people think? Okay, so you bring up. You know where your critics are gon na, say by the way. They'Re already saying this i mean so you have the the ilhan omar's of the world right now that are saying. Oh, this is just about oil. The onlyreason, the united states of america cares about. Venezuela is because they have such a massive oil supply. What do you say to that? Well, it's wrong, and it's what it is. Is it's a humanitarian thing when you look at what's happening, we would really like to see a successful country. We like it the way it was yeah before this group got in there before the and the predecessor.

I guess they say was worse. I'M not sure i think maybe majora was worse. It'S pretty bad. He started. I was asking somebody the other day with a great knowledge of venezuela who was worse and frankly, but you know java started the process and and now it'sand now it's really been just wiped out. The whole thing is where people have no rights for certain and don't forget i mean they have high oil prices back then right, and i knew that as well. I understood what venezuela and a lot of great venezuela as people that is willing people living in miami, and this should not be happening so we'll see what happens. Let me ask you a lot of things. Will a lot of things will be going on over the next week, and maybe sooner than that, we'll see what happens this. You mentioned cuba in there, which brings me amazingly to infrastructure, because i remember the vice president telling me way: backin october, that he had some concerns about venezuela and cuba actually funding some of these caravan groups that are coming up to our border. So that brings us back to a subject very near and dear to your heart to which is the wall. I know that you met with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer recently and there's talk of a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan, which is just enormous, is any of that money.

Mr. president, for the wall, well, we're not going to need it because we have it from other sources, we're building the wall and by next year the end of next year. We will have probably around 400 miles of wall up we're buildinga lot of it. Now, we've given out a lot of contracts, we have a lot of contracts that have been left and we're building a lot of wall, and unfortunately you know it's a massive area that we have when we're talking about not going to do it. No, but well, it's gon na do a big. It'S gon na do a lot of it because we're adding that on to some of the things that we've already renovated - and you know, we've actually done a lot of work and we're doing it would have been a lot easier if we had the the money. You know originally people were talking about 20-25 billion. You don't have to spend that muchit's, not nearly that much we've cut it down. I'Ve actually gotten a better wall for much less money and we're getting great speed out of it too, but we have it from different sources and different parts of government, including the military. The army corps of engineers has done a really good job and it's happening aside from the two trillion dollars in infrastructure. None of that money would go to the wall, but you're gon na get the money from other sources to make sure it's being built right now. I mean, as we speak, it's being built and a lot of it is so and again, if somebody would have said you're gon na have 400 miles.

You don't400 miles is 400 miles. That'S a lot! That'S a lot we'll have that done by the end of the year next year and we're trying to pick. You know we're building it in big sections and we're trying to pick the sections that not necessarily the best for construction but the best for keeping the people out and keeping the drugs out. And you know it's so bad. Ask you something. Let me ask you something, because you know, i think conservatives, and certainly you sir, have gotten painted is the mean for wanting this wall and wanting this barrier, but you've also said look you know, i want to roll out the red carpet for the right, kindof people. We need to be bringing people here legally the right way. How would you do that, and do you think i mean i mean, could you be the guy? Actually, that gets immigration reform, which i have always thought, is a very bipartisan issue really and truly through. I hope so and we're going to be submitting something over the next two weeks where we have a merit-based system. We need people. Look. I have companies coming back into the united states, like you wouldn't believe.

You'Ve reported it i mean toyota is coming in with 14 billion dollars, and many of the car companies are going into michigan and going into all of the different pennsylvania northcarolina south carolina florida they're. Coming into all of these states and they're coming in tremendously, i mean it's going to be, it's incredible. What'S happening, we need people. To be honest, we have her. We have a lot of you know. We have a very low unemployment rate. We have the lowest rate. We'Ve had in 51 years, we're gon na soon set the record and all of that's good, but we do have to be able to. You know power up these. These companies that are coming in they're not going to be able to come in if they're not going to be able to get people. So a lot of that growth is going to open that opportunitywell. Look at what happened.

We just did 3. 2 and frankly, if we would have had the obama interest rates, you know they kept them very low, which is not necessarily good, but if we would have had those low interest rates we could have been much higher than that. But 3. 2 is a number that they haven't hit in 14 years 3. 2. I'Ll give you that it's pretty darn good you've got very low unemployment best, certainly within minority communities and women as well. So that's all a lot to be proud of. Let me turn to the news today, my goodness i did you see this. I am sure you did. He must have cut parts of itattorney general bar there with his testimony. I foxx has learned that attorney bar is not actually going to go to the house. Judiciary committee tomorrow how come well, i guess they want to treat him differently than they have anybody else and for many many years, they've, never done it.

This way, where they're, bringing in outside counsel or something and that's not the way. You know you elect people they're supposed to be able to do their own talking, but he did a fantastic job. Today, i'm told i got to see some of it. He did a fantastic job and it's all a big hoax. This whole thing with russia. It turned out, there is no collusionthere is no obstruction, you've covered it better than frankly, almost anybody, if not anybody, but there was the whole thing, is it's just a terrible blot on our country and when what it represents, but there was never obstruction. There was never collusion, you look at it, it's all, just it's a political game. Now i'll tell you on the other side, there's plenty to be talking about. They covered. I heard very much with this truck and page and the insurance policy and all of the things that happened. That is so terrible, so disgusting, frankly comey and you look at all the democrats. They all wanted to fire coming until i fired him.

You know schumer everyone of them, they, i would say practically every one of them they wanted them out and then, as soon as i, as soon as these guy and they're all holier-than-thou. Oh, that's such a terrible thing to do. Look politics! It'S politics today! I would say to you and thank you for the compliments. What i would say to you on that is, and i think you know me well enough by now. I want what's right, what's fair and i've called you out and i'll, you know continue calling you out. If there's something i don't think is right but listen, this is. I read the entire report. I spent easter weekend, mr. president reading every single pageof that thing and i can well there was volley. My family really appreciated it, but you know volume. One left me saying what the heck did. We do and then volume two just had me saying.

Well, goodness, for goodness sakes, why is there a volume two when you discovered in volume one that you never had a problem, so you've now got a attorney general bar being subjected to the politics of the moment? What do you think ultimately happens? Is this going to go into 2020? Well, i think people are tired of it. The big thing was collusion because you know collusion is a whole different, ball game and, as you say, when there's no conspiraciesthat no crime, there's no anything. In fact, i guess they. They said the campaign repulsed efforts to come in, but you know when you get close to your guys. They try doing it. They probably tried for her campaign too, and if you look at obama president obama in september, he learned a lot about things. He didn't do anything and nobody likes to talk about it's a very one-sided deal, but i think it's turning very quickly and a lot of things are coming out, trish that nobody thought it would be possible if you wrote this as a novel it couldn't sell because It wouldn't be believable yeah, we might be looking at a volume, three isuppose. Let me ask you about all these calls for attorney general bar to resign. You know, i see that, and i again you mentioned the politics of the moment, but resignation now for the attorney general. That'S what the democrats want. What'S your reaction? Well, i haven't even heard that i mean it's so ridiculous. He'S an outstanding man he's about standing legal mind and - and i heard he was really he performed incredibly well today - come on harris mm-hmm.

Well, she was probably very nasty how about these three people running for three of them - they're not doing very well, but three of them are running for a particular office. I think i maybe you're talking to theperson right now, they're running, so you have three of them running against me and they were up there ranting and raving no like a lunatic frankly and they're running. And how is that fair? So you have bill our highly respected. Great attorney general and he's got to take the abuse from people that are running for office. They don't care about this they're just looking political points, and i really think that the american people see through it so easily tricia, it's so so easy to see through. I think they do. I think, americans, you know what they want to know, that they have a job and that their neighbors have jobs and that they're gon na havesome kind of job in the future. I mean that's why it does come down to the economies when we look at 2020 right now. You get three point: two percent growth you've got, no unemployment does that stay and if it does in that kind of environment who do you want to run against? Well, i don't want to say, certainly i'm not sure i care, but it looks like bernie's. I saw the tweet storm on biden this morning is a sleepy guy. I don't care, no, it just seemed to be what happened. Is you know the firemen love trump, the policemen love trump, the military? They i mean the relationship.

We have look, what we've donefor the military 716 billion dollars. It was really depleted in trouble. So you know these people of and then the into the firemen or the international comes out, and they always do they have for many many years, but they go with the democrat with joe and the fire men and women. They went crazy when they saw it. They went absolutely crazy because they're going to be voting for me, they're all going to be voting for i had it. The last time the heads of the unions voted for hillary or, as we say, affectionately crooked hillary, which turns out to be so true, but the heads of the unions went that way and the people wentmy way again. Spyder, i mean obviously a tough bet, as it all turned out. I think i think biden would be easier from the standpoint that you will have so much dissension in the party, because you're gon na it'll make four years ago. Look like baby stuff, because you know they're they're looking to see what they want to do. Is they want to see if we you know they want to get in, they want the radical left, they want the left movement and he probably isn't there. I think you could have tremendous attention just like hillary did she had tremendous dissension with the bernie people? You know a lot of the bernie people, trish voted forme. You saw that people were shocked.

I said a lot of them. A lot of them voted for me. Why is that? Because of trade i think the bernie people, the one thing that i do have in common with bernie is trade, because he knows that the world is ripping us off and i've stopped it and i'm in the process of stopping it. He could never do what i'm doing now now we're negotiating with china. We negotiated with japan were negotiating with all of these countries that have just ripped off our country. For years and years we lose 68 billion with japan, we'll lose 500 billion dollars with china. We don't you know i puttariffs on china they're paying us billions and billions of dollars, no okay, and where, where does this go? Do you think you're able to get them to stop stealing our intellectual property? Because all right look, that's ours! Sure i mean look. It'S been it's a very major part of our deals. It'S you know with tariffs. I'Ll just and i know i got ta, let you go because that believes in tariffs when somebody's taken advantage. If i wasn't able to use tariffs, i found these really great, very old laws that haven't been used in a long time. Had i not had the power of tariffs and i could assign them myself and i not had that powerwe wouldn't be having great deals.

You'Re. Seeing the deals were making, including south korea, we made a great deal with south korea. That was the deal made by hillary clinton. It was a horrible deal, she said it's going to produce 250,000 jobs and it did for south korea, not for us. Okay for south korea anyway, we we worked that deal made it a good deal, but without tariffs you could have never done it. You could have never done it and i don't want the tariffs and just a threat, so it was and you're doing that with sanctions. As well, which brings us full circle back to venezuela tonight where we're going to continue watching thechaos - and we know, as you said, all options sir remain on the table. That'S clear: we have all options are on the table, we'll see we want to help people so we're not interested anything other than helping people. The trish, they're dying, they're dying, they're starving. They have no water, they have nothing. It'S incredible. If you would have looked 20 years ago, as you said, if you would have looked 25 years ago, this was one of the wealthiest countries and now they're all dying of starvation and and things that you wouldn't even believe possible.

Today, i know i know, let's all say that you're reporting on it it's great that you're reporting on it becausefrankly, it hasn't been given enough attention and you're bringing it out, and it's really important that you're doing that. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. Mr. president,.

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