Trump looks to help U.S. farmers cope with trade tariffs

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/10/2019 10:48 PM

1 Empire Group’s John Burnett, FBN’s Jackie DeAngelis, Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith and Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky on President Trump’s plan to help U.S. farmers cope with the recent trade tariffs. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-tim...

The president addressing farmers concerns this morning. He tweeted out quote: we will buy agricultural products from our great farmers and larger amounts than china ever did and then we'll ship it over to pour in starving countries in the form of humanitarian assistance. In the meantime, we will continue to negotiate with china in the hopes that they do not again try to redo the deal. So will this ...
help this new idea that the president have helped farmers cope with the trade skirmish? What do you think? Is it just me or is this the stupidest idea ever reminds me of the old communist economy scheme, one half of the country, you dig the holes, the other [ laughter ]. Basically, you want to talk. You want to tax the farmers through the tariffs, but then you want to help them out by buying the pork. Is that all gary completely when he went to wharton economics was not on the agenda, because this is the most idiotic policy use that i've ever heard. But other than that you love it go ahead. Yes, my line completely, i mean i said earlier joe biden's. You know the whole message was give me: i'm not a socialist like bernie sanders. Now we can add to that like donald trump, because donald trump wants to buy hogs from american farmers as an observant program to buy hogs kind of like the newdeal that paid farmers not to farm which conservatives have been complaining about for decades. I just also want to say griffith david, that that hog farmer he belongs on television, the guy was so lucid.

He that's what we need more of you know. The thing is, is that you know i'm a free-market capitalist and when you look at you know sound fiscal policy, it does work. This idea, not too sure, but you know what the invisible hand is good. One is working. However, you know china has been, you know stealing out well for quite some time, so my father always said you know what either you pay now or more later on right in thepath that we're going down. If we don't do something now we'll be paying more later on, i think that this goes exactly along the lines of what joe biden was saying with the healthcare. This might help short term at my not, but you might sort of alleviate the situation, but it's not sustainable, and so he may get some points from the left because he's feeding the humanitarian crisis, but the bottom line is you need to strike a deal with china. You need to figure it out and have it work so that trade will work in the proper way and without that well and beyond. Beyond this plan of the president, i tend to agree guysone. Another problem with it is that i've seen i used to cover latin america and other poor countries where i'd see us rice and other farm products sold on the black market. That is the corrupt politicians would get twice. You know they get it from the united states.

Take something for their family and then sell the rest of the black market, but beyond that. The fact is is that china has food inflation, very high food inflation right now, they're running out of pigs because they had swine fever there now i know they could buy from other countries. But if this trade deal works, there is going to be an opening for hog farmers in chinalike. We'Ve never seen go ahead. Get back to. I want to hold a john this census. I believe it's their first time on the show. I have to hold your feet to the fire saying that this was kinda could be a good. Will you just please come out and say if this is you think this is a good policy or there's an idiotic policy, because in my mind there is no discussion here. The stupidest [ laughter ] thing is this: is a chess match being played out in the open with no timer right, although we wish we had a timer yeah right, but you know what the person we're dancing with. You know what wants to continueto dance once the playlist play the music and go as long as they can. You know.

The thing is is that president trump is trying to strike that balance, that delicate balance between you know what keeping trade talks going, trying to make sure that he applies the right amount of pressure, because we don't get it done now when we have the leverage when, When up when we can, we actually get it done so the thing is: is that i don't necessarily agree with this particular move. However, given the fact that china is having problems right now with their food and things of that nature, honks they're not likely to raise a tariff on something thatthey actually need, and president trump already knows that, let's let's face it, i mean this is this: is a Guy, we know him well enough to know that he's got a million of these ideas every day. This is something that popped out in its wheat. This is probably never gon na happen, but guys. Thank you very much.

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