Kobe Bryant’s NBA Legacy On and Off the Court

Channel: Bloomberg Markets and Finance
Published: 11 hours ago

Jan.27 -- Basketball icon Kobe Bryant, who won 5 NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, has died in a helicopter crash in California. Bloomberg’s Eben Novy-Williams reflects on Bryant’s basketball career on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

I was surprised yesterday and the coverage i mr. bryant that nobody actually talked about how he played basketball. What was his distinction? He'S got the ball. The other team scored he's at the baseline is in a guard. How did he bring the ball up? Court yeah, i mean he was a relentless competitor and he was a gifted scorer and a pretty darn good shooter as well. So he was someone you know. If you ...
look at the numbers he retired, he was the third highest scorer in nba history. He passed michael jordan, one of his idols and actually you know two days ago, lebron james actually passed him for third all-time, but but i think when people think about kobe, as a basketball player, there's no question of his relentless competitiveness and his work ethic standout. For sure the work ethic of a 17 year old who had to live with his agent and couldn't sign his contract till he was 18. When was the great shift of maturity from a wonder child literally and then at one point it became a different bryant. When did that occur? Yeah i mean people. Will some people will tell you that you know he was like that when he was very, very young, you know byron, scott, who was a coach of.

Is that the lakers remembers. You know when he was 1718. You know coming into the coming into the the training facility, you know two and a half hours before practice and there the, but you could hear the ball bouncing and kobe's in the dark and you see shooting free-throws. So so we had a lot of that drive when he was when he was very young, but you know i think there was a shift in his game and his kind of maturity. Once shaquille o'neal left the lakers, they won three titles together. A lot of people felt, like you know, maybe these guys couldn't win these titles that they weren't. You know two of the best players ever playing together and he won two more with a team that was, you know, largely his. So i think that was certainly a shift in his career as well, but even what actually catapulted him to legend status, what it was at his game, or was it also when he did off-page? To be honest, i think it's i think it's all. I mean it's not just that he was a great basketball player. I think his work ethic. As we said, it became kind of became of stuff of lore around sports and there's no question that he inspired a lot of people and then you also have to look at what he did off the field. You know we talk a lot about athletes and and and their investments or what they want to do in business.

Koby espoused all the things that athletes are striving for. He wasn't just you know investing in a few companies. He was a named partner in a vc firm. He wasn't just kind of appearing in media content, he owned his own studio and he just won an academy award. He was at a best-seller on the new york times book list. He did you know he had the money behind and the infrastructure behind a lot of the deals that basketball players and really all athletes are kind of striving for nowadays, when their playing careers are over.

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