Nancy Pelosi says Trump obstructs justice on a daily basis

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 04/30/2019 11:34 PM

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) on the Democrats’ ongoing attacks against President Trump and the president’s lawsuit against two banks. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. He...

Nancy pelosi and the democrats finally working with the president on fritton infrastructure, but don't let that rosy bipartisan look fool you. The democrats still going after trump for obstructing justice nancy says he does it on a daily basis. Joining me now is california republican congressman tom mcclintock. Great to see you, sir good, to be back thanks kevin what you're taking this fight. Well ...
i think that the real obstructionist is nancy pelosi. This is the resist movement coming to the house of representatives they're doing everything they can to obstruct the president in his discharge of his lawful duties as president they're doing it by misusing the subpoena and a number of other devices to try todisrupt this, this administration, their Motto has always been resistance by any means necessary and that's what they're doing what you're taking the president trump and his team suing deutsche bank in capital, one to block the release of the his financial records under democrat subpoena. What are your thoughts there? Congress has has legitimate oversight responsibilities involving the conduct of the current government. This has nothing to do with this. This is rummaging through years and years of president trump's of the financial deals when he was a businessman, and that has nothing to do with running the government. It is strictly harassment, i mean again it's designed to disrupt his ability to discharge his responsibilities as president congressmanwhat's, your take on critics saying it's, the dems obstructing congressional business by focused so much focusing so much on probes and doing so little and legislation. I think there are 16 laws that have been enacted this so far. The year-to-date, that's half the rate of the last congress.

Well, don't forget they're talking about the green new deal that would cost upwards of 90 trillion dollars over the next ten years, banning everything from airplanes to cow, flatulence, they're talking about medicare for all which would forbid private insurance. If you like your health care plan, you lose your health care plan and have it run by the same jolly people who run the irs and the otherfederal bureaucracies. So i'd rather not have them legislating right now, right here, i think the american people elected this congress to actually tackle the tough problems. Immigration of our budget problems to keep the economy going, and the democrats are, of course, totally fixated on trump derangement syndrome. We'Ve got july this july could be the longest expansion in us history. That'S a monster trump economy that the democrats are up against there, that it is, and you would think that they would be learning from that saying. Okay, we want to. We want a strong economy to will continue these policies instead, they're advocating higher taxes, basically going back to the same policies that cost our nation afull decade of economic growth. Great to see you congressman come back soon.

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