Hillary Clinton says the 2016 election was ‘stolen’ from her

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019 12:24 PM

During her speaking tour, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested that the 2016 election was “stolen” from her. American Majority CEO Ned Ryun reacts to her claim. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that i...

As i've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee and you can have the elections stolen from you. Ah, my gosh, this is a new one. It was just stolen right. I mean how exactly was it stolen? Hillary clinton? Did they break into the diebold voting machines and actually change things entirely and keep in mind she ran. What do you c ...
ll it? A perfect campaign completely ignoring key states like michigan and pennsylvania, important political states. She doesn't get it, but you know what i guess it doesn't matter, because she's selling something else entirely, not that anybody's buying, because no tickets are beingsold at regular prices. They'Ve been slash them. This is the evening with the clintons worldwide tour or us tour. I guess that they're doing sales are plunging, prices are dropping very quickly. There are some reports of tickets going for as little as two bucks. This is like pt, barnum they're, taking the show on the road. The election was stolen.

Joining me right now is american majority. Ceo ned right ned, i'm curious. Is there any precedent for this because, let me just say, like i'm gon na fall out call this just plain old, tacky, okay, they're out there trying to sell tickets to americans. I'M like you guys, don't have enough money. I mean it's one thingfor a president to go and give a speech and and talk to a you know a certain amount of people get paid for that in a speech. This is a whole different ball game. This is vaudeville style. Let'S take the show on the road, you know mom and pop get up there and say that election was stolen. Has any other president done anything like this? Well, i doubt we've had president and a spouse as shameful as the clintons. I i called him the grifters like selling tickets right. You know kashyyyk two dollars a piece now, because i can't get the right done exactly at least that you would think they'd have some self awareness, howshameful and embarrassing. It is that some of those tickets are going for two dollars, but when i heard that clip trish again, my initial reaction was stolen by home.

Let'S, let's, let's name it. If you really think that somehow 300 dollars of facebook ads in pencil that were inept or 832 dollars of facebook ads in michigan, somehow swung a multi-billion dollar campaign, stop that's not believable, and the fact of the matter is hillary wants to blame anyone and anything, except For the one thing, that's truly responsible for her loss in 2016 herself, she was a terrible candidate. She ran a terrible campaign and guess what she'll never be president? It'S really amazing, i mean yougotta. Think of it. The ego right of some people to have no self-awareness to know that you know you just you're not cut out for it and by the way - and i say this objectively - her husband was okay. He was a good politician. He could get up there and play to the crowd in part cause he liked the crowd he liked people saying he communicated with them at a level that she just you, know, clearly didn't get. He even he said you know honey. You better. Go too. I probably won't call her hon, but you should go to pennsylvania and she opted not to i mean what a lousy, lousy politician and then by theway. She told all the coal miners that she wanted to put him out of business.

Ya know, that's right. I mean it was a terrible campaign with a terrible message. I don't think they've really learned their lesson again on identity politics. Again, nobody told them they didn't. You know they shouldn't campaign in the rust belt and again those turned out to be the deciding votes. But but the thing that's troubling to me, trish in all of this is the fact that you've got hillary. You'Ve got stacey abrams, they're all starting to question the results of these elections and one of the great aspects of our constitution republic is the peaceful transfer of power in whichone party accepts the fact that they lost an election and they hand over the power of the State to the other party and what they have been doing. The left was lecturing donald trump in 2016 that he had to accept the 2016 results as legitimate and now for the last two and a half years. They have been doing nothing but accepting the legitimacy of those elections and that's a troubling fact now do you know she wants to get rid of the electoral college. She she wrote a piece on that and she wants to turn everything upside down, so that i don't know, maybe she can run again to think that in her hearts of heartsis, the desire i mean, why? Why are they doing a vaudeville show selling tickets for $ 2 apiece, i'm still, i'm just yeah. You know they have enough money that they really do like. They have enough money to be out there like this because of the charity right where they took money from all kinds of people, including countries that were not so friendly with that's right.

No, i and the thing that's amazing, to me. Do this other aspect again, hillary. Just can't accept the fact that she lost, but democrats now seem to think that something's broken with our democracy when they lose elections that somehow they're supposed to win every election. Here'S here's a piece ofadvice of them! Why don't you lose with dignity and accept the fact that people like a really good economy? They like their jobs? They, like wages, going up all these ideas and things that donald trump and republicans have put in place, and perhaps they should use some common sense and look at those results ago. Hmm, maybe it's not them. Maybe it's us maybe we're doing something wrong, but i think they like complete self-awareness from hillary to the rest of the democrats. Yeah i mean clearly, i mean we heard robin viral, who is a democratic strategist who works for obama on his campaign, even he's saying, yet they need to lose this whole idea of impeachmentbecause. It'S sending them down the wrong path, and now going after a g bar i'll, tell you what path, though it's gon na send all of us down as a nation, and it should it's gon na, send us down the path of figuring out how the heck? This all went down and how the heck we were using opposition research that had never been vetted by our own fbi, nor even to the judge, it was opposition research to get a fisa warrant. That'S right! No, i mean, and i would argue trish it was partisan propaganda. This is paid for by the dnc is paid for by hillary. It is a crime to falsify fisa applications and someone throughwillful omission did not tell the fisc that they are using partisan propaganda as evidence for these applications not once or twice multiple times again. It was four times it was once and then renewed three times, and i think we've got to get to the bottom of this.

This is deeply troubling the rule of law, people using the surveillance, state and law enforcement as political weapons against political opponents, and the reason that they're so scared of a g bar trish, because they're afraid of where this will go. I think it will go to the obama west wing, i think, will go to the top of our intelligence communities and, i think, will go to the topof, our law enforcement and i think there has to be a reckoning. People have to go to jail for what they did.

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