Barr will make members of Congress look unprepared: Lewandowski

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/01/2019 01:13 PM

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Attorney General William Barr’s upcoming hearing on Capitol Hill. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New Y...

The russia probe is finished, but the big bombshells just keep on coming the washington post in the new york times tonight breathless the league reporting that robert muller complained to william barr that the ag did not capture the full context of his report. It'S enough to make you strap on a tinfoil hat and scream cover-up, but if you scroll to the bottom of the articles, each paper admits spec ...
al counsel emphasized that nothing in bars, letter to congress was inaccurate or misleading meeting another day and another piece of clickbait barre Is scheduled to testify before the senate judiciary committee tomorrow and the house judiciary committee on thursday, but this latest leak seems to indicate that someoneand, the justice department is trying to make those long days a little bit longer. So did william barr cover for the president, or is someone out to get him here with me tonight, former trump campaign manager, great america pack, senior strategist? It is corey lewandowski. Welcome back thanks for having me back anything. So, what's gon na happen in the next couple of days with the ag? Well, i think attorney. General barr is going to go to capitol hill and probably like he has before make the people on capitol hill. Look like the clowns that they really are by and large right there's a man amongst boys. Up there attorney gerald barr has been so smart whenyou. Look at his confirmation hearing. When you look at times he's testified. He has showed that his resolve is unquestionable, that his ability to tell the truth is unquestionable, that his ability make these members of congress look like they're ill prepared because they always are - and i think you'll see a lot more of that when he's in front of The house in two days, yeah speaking, of which the house judiciary committee and i went and looked up, that the number of members democrats and republicans who have jd's on that committee because it is the judiciary committee. It is the vast majority of them.

So these are all lawyers capable of putting together questions why arethey fielding them out to other lawyers as designated hitters? Well, because they're, not very good. Look you look at when you're the best and brightest. You don't usually end up in congress just to be clear right. This is what happens when most of these people are. You know, career public servants or you know. Look. I unfortunately had the great privilege of testifying on two separate occasions in front of the house intelligence committee being grilled by members who are lawyers, and i can tell you i would never hire any of those people who asked me those questions, because they had no idea. What they were talking about is the attorney general right to push back asa condition of his testimony. I think the attorney general's absolutely right to say: look, i'm willing to answer your questions that members of congress, those who are duly elected, have the right to ask him as a co-equal branch of government, but not to shop, that out to other attorneys who aren't accountable To anybody, look if you want to ask you know the attorney general a question go run an election win. Your election come to congress, serve on the committee and ask the question: why are you giving up your job responsibilities for someone else to do it? Why didn't you fire the attorney general jefferson beauregarde sessions when the president asked you to? You know kennedyit's like me, trying to fire you. I have no say in these things like i'm, just a private citizens like hey corey, go fire kennedy. We don't like our show today.

I can't do that more, so you know no more than anybody else could, thank god right and look what what really happened. Kenny it's important yeah! Let me just give you the context when i had the opportunity to speak with the president. He expressed the same frustration to me that he expressed to many other people on so many occasions that jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation without ever notifying the president. At a time, and if you would have known that he was veryclear, he wouldn't have nominate him and he said to me. What do you think, just like the president asked so many people questions on their opinion on things all the time, and i gave him my opinion. That'S what this whole thing is right so and obviously this president operates very differently than any other president has operated in the past and and so much of that is weird and it's hard for people who live in the washington bubble to grasp. But what i take from this is the president says: bat poop, crazy things all day long and maybe he's really not as powerful as democrats. Fear. If he's got a bunch of people around him, whoare not indulging his nutty whims. No look. I think the truth is when a president asks well, when the president asked for something to get done. I believe he gets done and there's multiple ways struction if he had gotten those things done when he asked you and rick dearborn and others to shut down special counsel limit the scope or fire jeff sessions without it i'm not an attorney.

So i can't answer that question in the eyes of the law, but what i can tell you is this: the president, as the leader of our country, has the opportunity to fire those people who work in the administration. That'S that's unequivocal and if you're firing those peoplefor a good cause or a reason, that's perfectly lawful and legal to do until there's no question about that and just to be very clear, the president never prevented bob muller or anyone else on his team from looking into Or doing anything, they had carte blanche opportunities to follow any rules that they wanted. What we found out about bob mahler was, he knew very early on the investigation that there was no collusion, but he continued to keep the investigation up. It seems like the house judiciary committee should sit down with bob moeller because that's where their frustration stems from it's, it's the the contents of the report itself. It'S not the redactions, there's a lotof false outrage about that. It'S not with the summary that bill barr gave to congress, because if he hadn't had done that they would have called for his resignation, then it's with what robert muller did or didn't find and that part of it where they're going after william bar that's the political Part that will ultimately undo democrats good fortunes and i think they're really foolish to continue with that line. Well, what would happened is this. They were putting all their eggs in the bob muller basket. They were, we heard it easter right. We heard it for one year. Ten months in six days that bob mahler had unequivocal evidence that there was collusion, that thepresident colluded with the russians to change the outcome of the election. And then the report comes out, no collusion, no obstruction, and they didn't know what to do because there so long.

We heard from adam schiff and eric's wall well that they've seen the collusion firsthand. Then the report comes up from laura and says: there's none and they have egg on their face because they look like the liars that they really are and that's what they're already in bdc eggs in the basket broke and that on their vanilla, absolutely right don't eat Raw eggs, thank you very much for being here. Thank you.

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