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Published: 12/08/2019 12:25 AM

There’s a big push to ban plastic straws, and many companies are turning to paper as a more environmentally friendly option. A lot of consumers hate them, complaining that the paper alternative gets mushy and falls apart. The nation’s largest paper straw producer says the bad reputation stems fr...

It was a terribly disgusting experience. Paper gets soggy when you put it in liquids. It'S one of the most divisive paper. Straws are evil most controversial issues in america today. Definitely one of the worst inventions ever paper, straws, love them or hate them grow more prevalent every day, businesses and local governments across the country are trying to cut down on the environmental impact o ...
the non degradable plastic versions. Back in 2018, seattle became the first city to ban the use of plastic straws, then came california and dc and oregon. Now more than three dozen bills pending in 22 states, aardvark straws in fort wayne, indiana is america's biggest producer of paper. Straws store them hereand. Then we deliver them to the machines here they say paper. Straws aren't bad, but you have to use them differently this morning. Don'T jam it don't stir your ice around, don't bend it over the top, because i can't go back to its original format. So how do you wage the pr battle against paper straw, haters out in the world, educate them that it's a slightly different experience and you have to educate them that they're gon na have a bad experience if they use a bad product.

The bat products aardvark says our cheap foreign made straws flooding the market, giving them a bad rap and the bad taste lefting consumers mouse has led to accusations ofgovernment overreach as more bands coming to affect the president's reelection campaign. Even taking aside now, selling trump and blazing plastic straws claiming liberal paper, straws don't work still, many consumers remain a bit confused. I just wonder if it's less good for the environment to use seven papers draws per drink versus one plastic straw. This doesn't make any sense. See for environmentalists going paper is a positive step. However, imperfect paper will degrade in in soil or in water or as plastic. It just breaks. Apart into smaller and smaller pieces. Last year, aardvark increased its production moving to a facility triple the size to meet demand and they're working to make their product even better. We spent10 years getting the paper straw as strong as it is today and strongest in the world. We know that there's a next generation out there that has a stronger, even longer-lasting experience as well. As you know that one of the main complaints and consumers is they don't like the papery taste on their lips, because they're used to plastic, which has no taste aardvarks message to the haters, their straws don't suck molly hunter nbc news fort wayne, indiana, hey nbc news Fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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