Authorities Update After Wreckage Of Hawaii Tour Helicopter Found | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/28/2019 12:17 AM

Watch live coverage as authorities give an update after announcing the wreckage of a tourist helicopter was found after going missing off the coast of Kauai in Hawaii. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is...

All right, you guys already good afternoon, i'm mayor call, come -- and, first and foremost, we want to offer our thoughts and prayers with everyone involved, and especially the friends and family members of those passengers. Yesterday evening we got a report of a tour helicopter that had not reported back to its home base, so we had air and ground operations dispatched early. This morning we comm ...
nced those operations and we were able to positively identify the aircraft involved at this time. I'D like to turn it over to battalion chief kono ho for more of those details. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. mayor, for the record, my name is solomon kind of whole battalion chief with the kauai firedepartment. I do have a prepared statement, so, if you bear with me, like the mayor mentioned before yesterday afternoon, received notification of an overdue tour helicopter with seven people on board, including the pilot. The us coast guard coordinated, search and rescue efforts, along with additional resources from the united states, navy, pacific missile range facility, the kauai fire department, the kauai police department, the state department of land and natural resources, as well as the civil air patrol. In combined efforts with the local helicopter tour companies and the hawaii national guard this morning, at approximately zero nine thirty hours, our resource is located to breathe from the missing aircraft in a remote area of cocaine our groundat. This time we have no actionable information on the status of the passengers.

Our ground and air crews continue to search for survivors. In addition to searching for survivors, we are focusing on identifying and establishing contact with family members of the passengers on the flight manifest. The ntsb has also been notified and the lead investigator is in route upon our request. The faa has issued a temporary flight restriction in the vicinity of the search area and we will be providing you more information when it becomes available. Thank you once again, we'd like to offer our sincerest thoughts and prayers. I would like to reassure the family members and friends of all of those involved. Thatwe are sending out as much resources as we possibly can and once again, as we get more information, we will be issuing them out in further press releases. Thank you very much, we're still in the process of trying to notify family members. What i can tell you is that there's two different sets of family members that were on the aircraft party of two and a party of four, but that's all. I can tell you right now: yeah, that's a very good question and it was along the prescribed route that all of the two our helicopters normally fly once again at this time. I cannot give you that information pending contacting with the family at thistime. I don't have the information on that as far as the fire department we're just focusing on the search operation at this time.

Nothing, nothing that i can confirm. As you know, prior to this incident we did experience some very bad weather conditions and we are going to be following up with additional information when the ntsb arrives on scene. So, in the interest of public safety, we did ask the faa to have that temporary flight restriction to still allow other companies to fly their routes. So there is a ceiling and a limit that they are all aware of, that they cannot proceed or venture into to interrupt the search operations. So we did have acoordinated effort. As you know, it's a very tight community here on koete, so they did. A lot of the companies didn't want to offer their assistance. However, safety is paramount both for coast guard, the us navy and all other assets. We tried to hold off and try to assign and have them coordinate with the joint operation center through the us coast guard. At that time, i've been cooperative questions or come in to help clarify what may have gone wrong. You know, i cannot speak for that part of it only because i was more involved in a search operation, but what i can tell you is what i know off of the report. There were 25mile an hour or 25-knot winds coming from the north.

The conditions did change to more of what we call our trades from the north and northeast, and they actually became a little bit more favorable for our crews and their search operations. I'Ll have to get back to you on that one just to confirm. If i'm not mistaken, i believe it was what we normally see here on kawaii, which is the a star type ural type helicopter. But i do need to reconfirm that, and i can get back to you on that as well. You'Ve been involved with several searches over the years was this a larger, more extensive search using the navy, the coast guardusual process? That was a very good question. Mr. wylie have you served before on the rescue the time of day when the report came in it kind of limited our capability. As far as the coy fire department is concerned, that's why we contacted or contact was also made with the us coast guard to assist. They have that what we call night vision capability, so they did assist with us before, and then we also have a request that we put in with additional assets. We'Re gon na take one more question, because i got to get these folks back to work. This is an ongoing operation and so we'll take one more question. You know the search forsurvivors.

What did you find? Well, we still hold out hope. I can't because i'm not there unseen. I have several companies there working the scene right now. I will try to get an update for you at our next press conference. Not at this time, though, all right, thank you, everybody, you know once again, we're be, will working very hard to to have this operation be successful. So, thank you. Thank you. You.

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