Russia wants Venezuela to be more like Syria: Walid Phares

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/01/2019 10:28 PM

Fox News foreign policy analyst Walid Phares on the crisis in Venezuela and Russia’s relationship with the Latin American country. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquar...

Tensions are still rising at you're looking at live shots of caracas, venezuela, it's all between the protesters now in the military, which so far is acting pretty brutally. Yesterday. So far, it's been unclear as to how far they're willing to go to push the protesters back as those protesters are attempting to overthrow the maduro regime. Fox news, foreign policy and national security. Analyst wa ...
id phares ferris joining us now on the phone walid. A lot of people have been talking about russia. They clearly had a role in getting maduro to stay on yesterday, when apparently, according the state department, he was ready to leave they. They look at the syrian model. Now syria is a placewhere. Russia went in with a relatively small military commitment, a lot of mercenaries of theirs went in, they have some agile democracy a little bit of money and and there you go boom, you got a satellite nation. Is that what's going on for the russians in venezuela, david, that's a great analogy. Syria is what russians would like to see venezuela becoming, and there are a lot of comparative policies there.

For example, the russians are present in venezuela, but a much heavier in syria, because syria is so close to russia and russia had bases before there are cuban troops and unit in venezuela. They are iranian forces and hezbollah, as you know, in syria, but obviouslysyria doesn't have the incentives of venezuela economically. You know what i'm talking about oil. Syria has only problem, but syria is strategically important to another ally of russia, which is iran versus venezuela is really surrounded by colombia and brazil. Two us allies at the end of the day, well lead it's carol, roth in terms of what it takes to get maduro out of here. Is this gon na be a peaceful situation? Do you think that it's going to end up in violence? Is there some sort of deal that gets cut based on similar situations in the past? You have a best guess: fair play right now, violence sure, unfortunately, violence will cease it either. Wydo andhis forces are crushed, and this is a matter that medoras very attentive, very afraid of engaging in he's surrounded. I mean we are in a neighborhood we're not far, and then latin america most of it, is against him. On the other hand, he would not let wydo take over that easily, so he's trying to make a good decision he's trying to put some pressure and, at the end of the day i think, he's part to play time. You want to stretch it as long as possible, maybe a year and a half, if you can so that maybe in our elections there would be a change, and that would be his debate a year and ahalf that we're gon na continue to see this type of Violence and chaos on the streets of caracas in venezuela, the two years that we have not considered you know look at where about violence as well, but they were not on our tv screen zone. Yes, that's the plan of module you! I don't understand that that that's. Why he's leading everyday a demonstration in in caracas? He knows that we are supporting him.

He knows that the organization of american states, the eu. He has really a very large international consensus, what he doesn't have our military unit. That'S the different waleed john lee feel here. One thing that russia wanted in syria was the port of tartusone of most important ports of the mediterranean. They got it, they got a 49 year lease on it. That was the main thing they needed for some of their energy infrastructure. What does russia want to get out of venezuela? Well, russia basically would love to see a an alternative to maduro, who is also a maduro meaning, so they would like to cut a deal with us telling us. Okay, if you don't like maduro, you know why? Don'T you get his deputy who's, basically worse, because he's closer to the iran and hezbollah. Their situation in venezuela is much more difficult than an era. In syria. They have borders with iraq. They have borders with iran.

Theirfleet can roam in the mediterranean. That'S not the same. In in venezuela, so they can't really on the capacity of maduro regime. F is armed forces for sustaining as long as possible and who knows what other unknown cars they have will be used. The walid i'm trying to think through a best-case scenario. Let'S imagine a peaceful, relatively peaceful from here, a change in government and move to democratic government market capitalism when the soviet union fell. What we saw is that the people who were best position to go after the assets of society, since there wasn't a lot of free market. I theory were the people who were involved in sort of underground economy under thesoviet union. We were talking earlier about criminal activity in venezuela. How do we prevent venezuela from becoming another kleptocracy with the people who have been involved in criminal activity to date being the ones who are best positioned to go after the new economy? Excellent question? Actually, this is very legitimate to think about the next stage after the change of government in venezuela and because of the riches and because of the energy and because of all wasn't as well, a really has. Basically, then it's well. There was a democratic nation.

If you recall about maybe fourteen fifteen years, they had political parties that had right wing left wing social democrats, something like the republicans and theyhad a multi-party system tsofen as well. I can go back if the current alternative, which is president white, dough and compressive white dough and his parliament, will be the one to take over if these are thugs or sort of radical to take over them. Good, five and as well as will go. It'S gon na go to a war situation. I do believe that the next venezuela that would emerge out of this crisis, even if philip take longer - and we americans are very impatient in general, but it may take longer - are going to be very liberal democratic multi-party system. Venezuelan, if we are nearby, if the system is the american latin american organizations are with them andthen, we have a chance at a good shot. Well, he'd, venezuela, a lot of people forget it was the founding member of opec. Everybody thinks that opec was all middle eastern. It was venezuela that was founding member of it and in regards to that, they became very friendly with a lot of middle eastern countries. In fact, their vice president, until recently under maduro, had of syrian father and a lebanese mother. So he was middle eastern himself. The middle eastern influence cannot be discounted in venezuela and it's not all good, as you mentioned before.

I know the venezuelan middle eastern arab, syrian lebanese communities very very well. I know them very close over the past 10to 20 years. You have everything you have those who are opposed to the regime. Therefore, you know you can project clothes to give on below some of them actually work with hezbollah. Hezbollah has a presence in downtown caracas in margarita island, and then you have a large majority of these venezuelan syrian lebanese middle easterners, who actually support the united states and alaskan cities in miami in new york and many other parts of canada and europe and are waving. Basically, for that change to combat and reinvest so the middle east and factor in in venezuela could go in both directions and i would support the directions. I was want to see a ribbon as well. Democraticvenezuela.

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