Barr says federal nationwide injunctions ‘violate separation of powers’

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/23/2019

DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discusses the fallout from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. ...

Joining us tonight, victoria tensing, former deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department, jody jennifer former us attorney for the district of columbia, founding partners of the digenova and tenzing law. Firm great to have you both here. Let me ask you first to react to the statement by the former dni james clapper, which seems to be straightforwardly evid ...
nce of the former president's involvement in this witch-hunt victoria. Well, if president obama were so good, why didn't he stop it now? Let me see what are we talking about this involvement, a few hundred thousand dollars worth of ads and hacking into the computer account of the dnc allegedly, because we really don't knowbecause, they never turned their computers over to the fbi. This is this big hurrah about this tickling little thing that didn't do anything to affect the election. I mean i mean it's really. It'S pathetic. The the messaging, though, by the democrats, is always so good that they have it out the 40. Some percent of the american people think the russians got into our ballots machines and changed them. Well. It was two in two and a half years of nonsense, joe and the attorney general. Is it's really making an interesting point now talking about specifically district court judges and what is obviously a concerted effort by obama, appointed clinton, appointed judges to block his agenda andfrustrate his administration? Well, contrary to what the chief justice says, there really are democratic and republican judges and they're, showing it this use of nationwide injunctions.

Thirty sister of them since president trump took office, are a demonstration of the political nature of the modern judiciary and attorney general barr. Has it right, the supreme court needs to stop this. On the first available case, the department of justice is going to try and do so. This is an outrageous violation of the separation of powers, just think of it. A single federal judge in hawaii or san francisco or someplace else can stop the execution of a federal law or federal policy all over the united states, unelectedjudge that's before it ever gets to a circuit court or the supreme court. The supreme court has to stop this and we didn't learn this in law school. I just want you to know this back when the days when jo and i were in law school, they taught you hey. District trial judge rules, something circuit court rules, something it just pertains to the area that that court has, and so this is a very new new concept, and let me tell you why this is important and then why bill barr is so concerned about it, because we Learned in law school that these cases are supposed to what they call percolate. So the different judges, anddifferent courts, look at them and decide issues and that that's when they're ready for the supreme court to review and by having one judge able to do this and have an emergency then and the supreme court has to look at it. You have no percolation, i i want to turn to to the attorney general and his investigation of the investigators and he seems to be signaling things here, whether it be his concern about judges, frustrating the executive branch, a district court judge and his victoria laid out what They were once constrained and no longer so, it looks like the attorney general is taking on the system itself. That is part of the. What now ifall of the evidence produced by special counsels and fbi investigations, leaves us with clear the clear impression that there was a wide conspiracy, but it was on the left and it was with the very investigators themselves of the doj and the fbi who conspired to Overthrow our president, who conspired to frame the the candidate and the president, it's it's stunning, the the horizon of challenges, the attorney general faces to remove of corruption from the legal judicial system.

Well, luke he's the right guy to do it and he said something in the interview with bill hemmer the other day that was very important. He said the one of the meetings that really bothers him is thejanuary: 6, 2017 intelligence, briefing of the president-elect by comey, brennan and clapper right. That'S when james comey did the famous black male, with alone with the president about the salacious details of the steel dossier. The reason he's focused on that, because that is the beginning of the post-election overt conspiracy against the president of the united states and bar knows it and he's going to deconstruct that meeting, because the day before that meeting, there was a meeting in the white house with President obama, and vice president biden and brennan and clapper and comey to discuss the january six briefing of the president of incoming president. This is just the beginning of the tearing down of thewalls of corruption that comey, brennan and clapper were in charge of.

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