Trump will secure the border at all costs: Tom Homan

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/22/2019 12:22 AM

Former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan discusses President Trump’s push to secure the U.S. southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the...

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main under discussion. Apparently, there's little doubt that the radical dims, a business roundtable and wall street, the chamber of commerce or horrors, if you prefer and the koch brothers have conspired to block president trumps. Every effort to balance trade to end enormous us trade deficits, particularly with china, the globalist elites and the establishment fighting the trumpagenda at every turn, and nowhere with more money and more energy than at our southern border. President trump's closest advisors are, i'm told, working to wrest control of the southern border from the powerful drug cartels that are deciding who and how many people are allowed to cross the us-mexican border, and the cartels of course decide how many tons, how many pounds, how many Ounces and doses of deadly drugs are smuggled into the united states. In consequence, those mexican drug cartels are deciding how many americans will die from overdoses sources. Tell me the white house is urgently considering many approaches and options and, among them, significant strengthening of immigration and customs enforcement to begin close, coordinationwith state and local law enforcement in bringing criminal, illegal immigrants, visa overseers and illegal immigrants under final court order to be removed from The united states and to vigorously enforce the remain in mexico policy, namely assuring that so-called asylum seekers remain in mexico or other third party nations until their claims are adjudicated in the united states, 90 % by the way of those claims historically have been judged to be Invalid or outright fraudulent, joining us to a man with more than three decades of experience in securing our border and protecting the lives of citizens and communities. Former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement fox business contributor tom holman, joins us tonight, tom good, to haveyou. Here this, this is a a moment in history where it appears we're going to watch a president. The united states decide on the security of the border and what to do against the intransigent and some would say, corrupt mexican government. That is also under the sway of those drug cartels that are controlling that southern border.

Look. I'Ve said it many times in this show we got a great president. I worked for six from this president, not only talked to talk, he walked and walk and he's and he's taking this on. If, if, if, if he can work this, he will secure this border at all cost. Look he's already he's always taken: executive actionshe bought already declared a national emergency, but we need to support his efforts from within, which means we talked many times you just mentioned. We need to round up those, we need to locate those who had their due process. Kind of final order remove them. We need to show these countries there's the consequence, they're deterrence to enter this country legally. You can't come here and commit immigration fraud. As you said, 90 % is fraud and expects to stay and wait for the next amnesty or wait for the next entre. We got to take these actions and it needs to be across the nation and we need to pull other federal agencies in. So we can wecan put a huge dent in this.

We need to send a strong message of central america. If you want to spend your life savings to come to this country and commit immigration, fraud only to go home then come get it. But i think if we do this, i did it three and a half years ago it works. We need to do it again. So i'm gon na keep pushing that until it happens. With all of your experience. Do you at this point find it stunning that the radical dems, the democratic party rhinos in the republican party, the the global elites, the establishment can't wrap their heads around the certain knowledge that that border is controlled. Bythe cartels that they're the ones who are deciding and profiting from the the illegal immigrants that they're smuggling across the border, the deadly drugs they're smuggling across the borders, stop the cartels, you stop those drugs and those illegal immigrants crossing the border. The criminal cartels control. Everything happens on the northern border, mexico. There isn't one ounce of drugs come across that border. There isn't one person that cross that border without the blessing and the paying off playing the the the the the plaza fees, they call taxes of the cartels and operate with those areas, and that's why i've said for a long time.

This is this: isn't just about illegal immigration. This is a nationalsecurity crisis, because the cartels have pushed large groups of families through one area of the border, so they can move their drugs and bad people, people that don't want to be arrested by border to other areas. It'S happening and it's been happening for a while. So what concerns me is who has entered this country illegally? That'S taken advantage of the crisis on the border, for instance. Do you want to do harm to this country? If you are a terrorist now, as you know, you're gon na take advantage of the same system that 12-man people entered illegally. Are you gon na, go through database checks and come to an airport or go to a port of entry? Noyou'Re gon na take advantage of the crisis on the border, where 40 % the board with your assets, are not working the line and enter that way. That'S what scares the hell out of me and i think it scares the hell out of most of us. Frankly, let me turn to the president, who issued tweeted this out today, and i and i'd like to put it up. If we can for the audience to to see the president said. This mexico's attitude is that people from other countries, including mexico, should have the right to flow into the united states and that us taxpayers should be responsible for the tremendous cost associated with illegal immigration. Mexico is wrong. Andi will soon be giving a response.

Your thoughts about the president's tweet, i think, he's throwing down the gauntlet. I think again, i think this president look he's a bulldog. He doctor people aren't gon na, beat him down. They attacks him every day, but he's gon na keep going for what he knows is right, he's doing his job as the president nighted states. He wants to secure this border, he wants to protect americans and knows won't stop them from doing it. The ninth circuit's trying you know that the the ngos are trying the democrat leadership is trying because they this president more. They want to secure this border, but he's not gon na give up. So him throwingthe gauntlet down and mexicans right thing to do as we just discussed. The criminal cartels in mexico are operating with imputed mexico. What are they doing about it? It'S a gift of law, mexico to trafficking, women and children, but one-third the women come across. Mexico are being sexually assaulted by the cartels. So what is it? What does the government mexico done to dismantle these cartels and shut them down? Because if you shut them down, you shut that the national emergency down, because nothing happens? Well, the cartels so they're operating with impunity.

Mexico hasn't done anything because your law enforcement on their payroll, some of the militaries on their payroll elected officials on their payroll soi, think the president needs to step it up with mexico and put them on notice. We could send hsi down there and and show them how to dismantle these organizations. We can also look at the remittance payments billions of dollars a year set by illegal aliens working and living here illegally, sending back to mexico. That'S a big part of gdp. Let'S look at remittance payment. The president needs to hold an ex-pro accountable because they're in lawless and they're, affecting our national security and as the president just tweeted, he will soon be giving his response. Tom holman is always good to see you thanks. So much see you preciate, you.

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