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Published: 12/07/2019 07:01 AM

NBC News Emmanuelle Saliba speaks to the father of a man that was shot and killed in protests that have rocked Iran for three weeks. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and pow...

This has been the most intense and violent turmoil. Iran has seen in at least four decades and many are left wondering what happened as firmness started to spread across the country. The government moved quickly to cut off access to the internet, leaving most of iran completely disconnected from the outside world and making it really difficult for any information to get out and now, as a run, is s ...
arting to come back online. Some stories are starting to emerge and we're getting a little bit of a glimpse into what happened during those weeks, i'm emmanuel before he was shot and killed at a protest. Twenty-Seven-Year-Old puia bakhtiari took a series of videos documenting his day: videos, likethis barium, atom iran, maduro eautifully years voice that you hear in the video it's november 16 and iran is experiencing its second day of protests. Huia is driving home from work when he encounters a demonstration on these protests started when the government announces decision to increase the price of human to generate money for some of the poorest families in the country for summer onions. This move was the last straw in a long list of grievances around the country, protesters use their cars to block major highways and cause disruptions like you're, seeing in these videos, quia got caught in one of these about 35 miles west of tehran on this major highway. Near kailash, these videoswere posted to his instagram page after he was killed. A family member found them on his phone [ music ]. That'S how we found that and how we were eventually able to reach his father. We spoke to him on the phone and he told us more about this one little movement, there's a tiny peek montauk from kearney high, the hotel, honey yeah cause, i wouldn't understand, call recording erica forgot to supersede or injure another more ian campbell in others, progress who Put michelle photo machine, whirs hooniverse in reverse travis. The hockey rink'it has happened.

Madam therefore, bakunin dimensions are finishing the first he told us that we had dinner at home that evening, before heading overto, a protest in this district of garage with his mother. His dad sent us more videos who has shot that evening. These haven't been published online here. Protestors are chanting and lighting garbage on fire. In some of the videos we examine, you can see protestors setting signs on fire in others. You see them throwing pavement pieces in the direction of what seems to be security forces trash burns in the street protesters try to create [ music ] as the night progresses. The clashes between protesters and security forces seem to escalate. You can hear what sounds like teargas being shot in the background, and you can see that trace of smoke amidst bad video of his body, ofthe morgue surfaced online. We blurred the video due to its graphic nature. I missed the international a human rights organization estimates that at least 208 protesters have been killed. They cited credible reports. We asked iran's government about these numbers and in an email, a spokesperson for ron's mission to the un responded that these numbers were not credible.

He added the iranian interior ministry is in the process of reviewing and investigating the protests and the violence associated with them, and the result will be made public when those investigations are complete and in a change of tone. Iran'S supreme leader said that any innocent citizen killed during the protest should be considered a murder to die. Amartyr is considered one of the highest honors in the islamic faith. He also added that families of innocent bystanders should be paid a government stipend. We as father considers him a martyr, that's what he told us on the phone, but it's still unclear whether or not his government will consider him an innocent bystander or a willing participant at this time. We as family is one of many that is still waiting for answers. You know, because i care you know fake me get. Thank you get all your masala sauce. All that much only good good. It should be not after another, after lincoln joy, o hadouken acid mother come down yet again over. I will goaround to the netherland so much cheering cory kathy is she passing alice's mother is coming to baltimore serving the record mother. Lucia holder, hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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