Ken Starr: No grounds for impeachment in Mueller report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019

Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr on the political fallout from the Mueller report. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital ...

To be. can starr knows. , former independent counsel joined us right now here in new york, but for the back to the program. Thank you, but good to be with you. stuart. What you make of what speaker pelosi said: . She has the authority and power, but she better not use it. It will be divisive. The house has broad authority into the constitution, but it would be extraordinarily unwise based on th ...

First of all, no collusion. , that is key. There was no act of treason or quartzite treason. Now, there's quibbling about issues of it's a power struggle between congress and bill barr and the justice department. There is no basis for impeachment. , stuart youhave, read the report. i have. stuart and you read the motherboard as much as you can read, but in that report of the grounds for impeachment , not in my view.

There are those who say. Look at these obstructive acts, but i respectfully disagree. First we have the judge bill. Barr and justice department say they do not amount to a crime. where these actions wise for the president. No, but they were not crimes. As i see it. , if you don't have a crime, i think it's very odd to proceed down the grounds of impeachment. here is the key stuart.

There is zero republican support for impeachment. unless there's a consensus within the country, anda broad consensus, not unanimity, but a broad consensus that needs to be done. Then it's an extremely unwise and just bad for the country. speaker, pelosi. , stuart speaker. Pelosi does not want to go down the impeachment of the being pushed on it by her extreme left. she's trying to get a middle ground here. Will you trash the president with endless investigations and all kinds of indications, but don't try to impeach it, because you can't is that roughly right, as it stands now, yes. a lot of saber rattling, but knowns really firing their weapons yet. the target is the Justice department and bill barr. - that is the crossroads where the battle is being engaged.

we will be, but the indication of exactly privilege, which is the latest round from the executive branch. We may invoke executive privilege perfectly normal ordinary president clinton did it. President obama was keen on doing it. Oh yes, executive privilege is always the constitution. Itself. stuart. I think we have 20 minutes of anti-semitic education, legalism lawyers, peppering questions at various witnesses, but i don't think the country likes it. , that's my opinion. In my view of contemporary iraq and politics, but what do you say? , it's easy to suffer from investigation fatigue. I saw that back in the 1990s.

[ laughter, ] [ inaudible conversations, ] people get tired of it. stuart, careful, can. , [ laughter ]. We saw your report. >, > ididn't, think anyone read that report, but we've all been reading them all the report. [ laughter ]. There is so much detail and i'm talking about book, one asleep obstructive acts behind, but that's the tail that should not wag the dog. The key is: what did he find in book one at every turn, every turn no collusion. It is a war and peace very boring. I must say my report was rather interesting.

stuart. Yes, it was. You did read it. , shame on you. , [ laughter ]. Here is the point. if there is no underlining crime but with all due respect, perjury and obstruction of justice with president clinton - and we don't have that here. - don't go downthe road of impeachment. , whatever the politics are it's bad for the country, but speaker pelosi said it Is divisive so.

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