Pentagon to send Patriot anti-missile battery to Middle East

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/11/2019 12:36 AM

On Friday, the Pentagon announced that the U.S. military will send a Patriot anti-missile battery to the Middle East to deter threats from Iran. Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) reacts to the U.S.-Iran tensions. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information acro...

B-52 bombers arriving in qatar in response to worsening threats by iran, we're told other b-52s also have landed at undisclosed locations in southwest asia. Meanwhile, the uss abraham, lincoln carrier strike group and a bomber task force have passed through the suez canal as they move closer to station in the persian gulf. The pentagon also sending the uss arlington warship, a patriot, surface-to- ...
ir missile to join the uss, lincoln strike force joining us tonight, retired four-star general, fox business, chief, strategic analyst, general jack, keen general good to see you. This is, this is an interesting situation which we don't have a clear picture of what the threat is. Yet these are significant moves to certainly reinforce ourpresence in the in the persian gulf region. Yeah absolutely clearly the fact that the pentagon has gone out of its way to make these move so public to show videos of a carrier strike group going through the suez canal, not normally done and then announcing every move that were that we're making. What that tells you is one they do have credible intelligence as they have reported to us and two they're trying to deter iran from taking the action the pentagon believes it's aware of, and that's what the public moves are about, and, and hopefully that works i mean Looking move, this administration has taken the toughest stand on iran since it came into power in1980. That'S 39 years. Democratic and republican administrations have refused to confront the iranians use of proxies to gain dominance in the middle east, and where are they? Lebanon, syria, encroaching israel, undermining bahrain, have greater political influence in iraq. The united states have a civil war that and topple the regime in in yemen, so they they are about malign behavior and sponsoring terrorism around and the other thing lou is when obama administration began, the jcpoa or the so-called nuke deal we put on the table, their Maligned behavior as a condition for the discussions and the iranians said we will not talk unless you take all of that off the table and then there's and and andwe did and john kerry did exactly that and what this administration has done and says back on the Table is your malign behavior your dominance in the middle east, that is issue number one and and president trump does want to talk to them, but he'll only going to talk to them under the conditions that this trump team has established. What is your sense of the threat that they are posing right now to the united states to us interest to the interests of our allies, whether that threat is in the form of malign behavior or intent from proxies from you know whomever it may be sponsored by Iran they want to dominate and control the regionof. The middle east and and they've they've had a fair amount of success in achieving that.

As for the reasons, i said because no one's ever confronted them and they clearly want to encroach on the security and sovereignty of israel, they have got lula in in in lebanon, a hundred and thirty thousand rockets and missiles all from iran in lebanon. One reason only to fire those on israel they've got tens of thousands in in gaza hamas. I have a question: why, in the world, aren't those rockets missiles eliminated? Well i'll tell you the truth. Israel has struck those rockets and missiles, particularly they arrive at the damascus airport they've knocked out a warehouse right, thereat that international airport, with those missiles when they tried to move them into syria. Israel has conducted over a hundred strikes lou in the last year and a half to two years inside syria against iran, placing trying to establish spaces or bring a military capability that would encroach on on israel, and how much of this is a signal that is they're. Sending in the the strike group bolstering it with the bomber task force's additional ships? How much of this is a signal also to our allies in europe, about where we're headed, what we will expect in the way of cooperation when it comes to the threat posed by iran? Well, i think anytime, you're showingresolve against an adversary. It has ramifications around the world, just as we have seen in a previous administration. We'Ve showed so much incredible weakness and backing away from our adversaries that they've been emboldened, and that's one of the reasons why we have so many problems that were challenged with by today and - and i think that the threat that iran is presenting that has not been Revealed to us in specificity deals with likely us bases and facilities that are in the region, and iran can access readily with drones or with rockets or with pt boats, etc. And i think the intelligence is probably pretty good and very quickly did. Were you pleased to see a minutemanmissile launch within ten minutes of north korea, a trident missile fired from one of our submarines, traveling some 7,000 miles? What was your reaction when you saw that there was a response now attend north korea's nonsense? Well, it was stunning in terms of the coincidence and the to long-range missiles, one land-based, as you suggested, another submerged submarine firing incredible distances. Those are top-of-the-line capabilities that the united states has, and they were certainly seen by the world and and noted by our adversaries. Once again as a reminder of what we really have in our arsenal, perhaps china was even paying attention who knows? Oh, you betcha liu.

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