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Published: 12/14/2019

House Judiciary Committee approves two articles of impeachment, suspect in custody for brutal murder of New York City college student, and former Kentucky governor under fire for controversial pardons. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local...

Breaking news tonight, the house judiciary committee approves impeaching the president democrats taking a major step. The vote passing now going to the full house for final approval, republicans firing back, insisting there's no evidence, party divided growing, wider and angrier as a defiant. President trump says this will only rally his supporters there's been an arrest in connection with that ho ...
rific stabbing death of a college student in a new york city park, the suspect taken into custody, it's just 13 years old tonight, the urgent manhunt underway for other teens, who May have been involved in the attack a mother's promise on the heartbreaking anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. I made a promise to himseven years ago that i would do everything i could to honor his legacy. The grieving families new nationwide mission to help prevent even more school shootings, plus hidden camera controversy, high school students on a field trip, find recording devices in their hotel rooms. What the hotel is saying tonight and what you can do to tell if a device is hidden in your hotel room and the holiday shipping deadlines, starting as soon as this weekend. We'Ve got the dates and where to look for the best deals, what you could be paying more if you ship next week, this is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening, everyone. It was just four months ago a usgovernment whistleblower flagged a dubious phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. It was the start of a path that tonight brings donald trump, just one step away from impeachment. The democratic-led house judiciary committee today sending two articles of impeachment to the full house where approval is likely next week. His removal from office, however, would be a question for the republican-led senate and the prospect of acquittal. There is leaving the president defiant.

Kristen welker has details tonight, president trump, on the cusp of impeachment. After an historic vote in the house judiciary committee with every democrat voting. Yes, i miss garcia votes. I mister niggas, aye, mister niggers votes, aye, every republican voting, nowmr. jordan. No mr. jordan votes no mr. buck two articles of impeachment passing the first one charging the president abused his power by soliciting the interference of a foreign government, ukraine in the twenty twenty u. s. presidential election article two charging obstruction of congress for defying subpoenas issued by the House of representatives democratic chairman, jerry nadler, calling it a solemn and sad day for the third time and a little over a century and a half the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. The house will act expeditiously, republicans with their own fiery response. You don't get to remove a president because you don't like them.

They did not produce a scintilla ofevidence to support a charge of impeachment. For his part, president trump publicly defiant, it's a witch hunt. It'S a sham, it's a hoax, but sources inside the white house tell nbc news. The president does not want the stain of impeachment, though he sees potential advantages. Heading into 2020 fundraising for the republican party has gone through the roof. We'Re setting records we've never nobody's ever seen anything like it, because the people are disgusted next. The full house slated to vote wednesday and it's expected to pass with democrats in the majority. If so, the republican led senate decides whether to remove the president, something that's highly unlikely, and tonight the president's outside attorney, rudy giuliani, confirms hemet with president trump today and, while giuliani did not give any details, he was recently back in ukraine investigating the biden's western. A more drama and chapters ahead of us and all this kristin. Thank you. There'S breaking news from the supreme court tonight, which has just agreed to hear president trump's appeals in his battle to keep congress and prosecutors from getting his tax returns. Pete williams is at the supreme court pete.

What do we know? Lester? The president is appealing court rulings that require his accountants and to banks to turn over years of his tax returns and other financial documents. One case involves a grand jury subpoena issued by the manhattan da investigating the hushmoney paid to two women during the campaign lawyer say a president can't be touched by any part of the criminal justice system. The other two cases involve demands for documents from three house committees. The court will hear these cases in march with the decision by late june, in the heat of the presidential campaign, and for now the subpoenas all remain on hold lester a closely watched case all right. Thank you. Pete also developing this evening. A break in that brutal killing of a college student here in new york, a young teenager, arrested and charged as an urgent manhunt continues for more suspects. Our ron allen has more today as grief consumes the barnard college, communitymultiple law enforcement officials say a 13 year old boy is under arrest in the death of 18-year old student tessa majors nbc news is not naming him because he's a juvenile charged with second degree murder. Robbery and a weapons charge in a case, that's horrified the city. I am absolutely confident that any individuals involved in this terrible heinous attack will be brought to justice. Today in the suspects neighborhood stuns reaction he's just 13. He had his whole life ahead of him and the the victim she had a whole life ahead of hers still unclear what role the suspect played in the robbery and stabbing in a park where investigators searched a pond for clues justoff.

The prestigious college campus with the park now open. You can see this massive staircase, the crime scene, police, say: majors was down in the park and climbed up these stairs, trying to escape her attackers and get to safety fighting along the way. What turned out to be fatal wounds now majors a freshman from virginia being remembered for her music dreams of becoming a writer. To me, the greatest tragedy here is that that the world won't get to see what she would have done tonight, her grieving classmates in shock. They must be closure, i mean in honor of of the victim tests and tonight police say there is a second teenager in custody being questionedauthorities have said. They believe, as many as three attackers took part in this brutal murder, lester hi ron, alan thank you and in new york and across the river in jersey city. We are getting a closer look tonight at what led to the deadly shooting rampage there this week. There'S new video showing how an armed couple carried out that horrific attack at a kosher market gabe gutierrez has more the camera above. The kosher market in jersey city captures the carnage from a chilling new angle to pedestrians calmly, walk down the sidewalk seconds later. A man with a rifle opens. Fire then enters the grocery store. A woman also armed follows him more shots.

Then acustomer david lacs runs for his life. As the woman starts, shooting in his direction and misses lacs told us the shooters appeared to have tactical training the way the handle the army confirms. David andersen once served in the us army reserves authorities, say hate against jews and police may have driven anderson and his accomplice to target the kosher store where they gunned down three victims. This officer was ruined to dirham to stand off earlier investigators, say the pair shot and killed police detective joe seals. It was a great street cop. You grew up on, grew up in jersey city. He knew the city he loved doing what he did. The mayor thinks the intended targetmay have been a religious school next door with 50 children inside this could have been far far worse. This could have been the equivalent of a sandy hook, type tragedy. So far, the fbi has not confirmed that the shooters here had any other intended targets. Lester cried gabe gutierrez. Thank you.

The former governor of kentucky matt bevin, is facing a fierce backlash for pardoning or committing the sentences of hundreds of people, including murderers and rapists. A sister of one murder victim saying bevan can rot in hell. Here'S peter alexander tonight, just days after leaving office, former kentucky governor matt bevin is under fire for issuing 428 pardons and commutations. According to the louisville courier-journal, amongthose bevin pardoned a man convicted of raping a nine-year-old child another who hired a hitman to kill his business partner, a man who killed his parents and a man who beheaded a woman before stuffing her in a barrel, governor bevins pardons show What is a shocking lack of judgment and potentially an abuse of our system of justice? Most of those impacted low-level drug offenders, but also pardoned patrick brian baker, set free this week, two years into a 19-year sentence for a home invasion where baker shot and killed. Donald mills, whose sister is furious, pissed off i'm not gon na lie to you. I was pissed off the courier journal. Reports baker's family last year raised morethan $ 21,000 for bevin tonight. Democratic lawmakers are demanding answers. We owe it to the people of kentucky to dive. In and figure out what happened and determine if their trust has been betrayed, bevin a trump ally who last month lost his re-election bid tweeting late tonight. America is a nation that was established with an understanding and support for redemption and second chances. Peter alexander nbc news.

The us and china today announcing a partial agreement to end the ongoing trade war. As a result, president trump says he will not impose another round of tariffs sent to take effect on sunday, but this is just a first step. 25 % tariffs remain on a long list of chinesemade goods. Tonight, former first lady michelle obama is among those defending 16 year-old climate activists. Greta tun berg after president trump mocked her for being named time. Magazine'S person of the year, here's katie boeck greta tun burg, making a call for action in italy. Today they will have to do their job and to protects our futures, the sixteen-year-old, taking little time to savor being named time, magazine's youngest ever person of the year. President trump one of five finalists bashing, the decision, tweeting greta - must work on her anger management problem then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend chill greta, chill june berg, who was on the autism spectrum, calling it her superpower hasbeen attacked by mr. trump. Before responding by using the president's words in her own twitter bio, a flood of support for her followed, including from michelle obama, don't let anyone dim your light, ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on just last week, first lady melania trump Expressed outrage after her teenage son barron was mentioned by name during impeachment hearings by a law professor. So while the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a baron. Melania saying she should be ashamed overnight, be best the name of the first lady's campaign against bullying, trending, the white house telling cnn today the president and first lady often communicate differentlytheir son is not an activist who travels the globe, he's a 13 year old who wants And deserves privacy, the latest in a feud between president trump and a teenager, katie boeck, nbc news tomorrow marks seven years since the horrific shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut tonight.

There'S new hope. As a group founded by newtown, parents has opened the first crisis center of its kind to prevent other school tragedies our kate snow has the first look. No, nobody gets in trouble. We'Re just here to help gather information. Okay, tucked away in this miami office, every beep. There'S another tip coming in there's an immense power here, because they're saving lives and intervening rightnow as we stand here. Nicole hockley is a co-founder of sandy hook. Promise, and this is the first national crisis center focused on school safety. School districts in 21. States are training students to use the program say something they can submit a tip anonymously online by phone or most popular through a mobile app. It'S about preventing a disaster in school instead of reacting to one. This is about how you change a culture, to really look out for each other and giving the kids the control over their environment and what they do versus saying that this is an unsafe environment and you need to practice running and hiding.

This is a tip. You'Ve got last monthyes about a potential school shooting, yes, saying that they're extremely afraid to come to school because of this threat. Jessica neely is the crisis center manager. Since opening in september, her counselors have handled more than 5,000 tips, responding within seconds connecting with the school and authorities as needed. The tipster says here. Thank you so much for letting me talk to you. If i find anything else out, i will let you know that shows that they trust the system. Yes, you're doing a really good job right now, one of the most common tips - students worried a friend - might hurt themselves where's the razor right now hockley believes the sandy hook, shooting where she lost her six-year-olddylan might have been prevented. If someone had spoken up, i made a promise to him seven years ago that i would do everything i could to honor his legacy and to prevent school shootings going forward, and this is part of honoring that promise saving others lives in his name. Saving lives by teaching students to say something: kate, snow, nbc news, miami, i'm truly making a difference. Now to our series, the money. You make a look at african-american women almost twice as likely to live in poverty as americans overall, but a provocative experiment is helping them create a better life with more here's, blaine alexander jackson, mississippi 1,200 miles and a world away from the recordsbeing set on wall street.

In a state where only 10 % own stock, ayesha yonder - oh noes, here this used to be a thriving shopping, complex, strong markets, don't mean much when people talk about a booming economy, but you see this: do you believe that people are being left behind? I definitely believe i know people are being left behind nationwide. Nearly one in four black women live below the poverty line in mississippi it's one in three most folks, particularly black women, are pigeon-holed into these low income, poverty level, jobs that do not create a pathway out. That'S why under roe created springboard to opportunities programs to help single black mothers, she's testing a new idea, gainingnational attention? Oh, that's two and one giving out cash privately-funded, no strings attached to see how the women choose to spend it without government requirements, a concept called universal basic income. Young d'oro chose 20 mothers at random. Why am i calling you to cola to receive $ 1,000? Every month your name was chosen for one year. What does this money mean to you? I love freedom. Tia cunningham works at a senior living facility where she makes 10:31 an hour. What does your paycheck usually look like um between five and six hundred mm-hmm $ 600? Yes, ma'am this every two weeks now, with the additional money she's chosen to pay down debt, three thousand dollars so far, ableto pay, because i get my credit straight and go visit her father in pennsylvania, something she couldn't afford for 20 years. It was emotional i wish. I could spend more what is the biggest difference between this program and a government subsidy. You know government stuff that he comes with a lot of conditions and comes with a lot of rules about how you have to use the resources with this we are saying: is your money we're getting more into the inner city, bold experiment that yonder will expand next Year, giving women more than just money, but also the chance to take control of their lives. Blaine, alexander nbc news, jackson, mississippi.

That'S a fascinating idea. We'Regonna, take a break just ahead outrage after a group of high school students on a field trip find hidden cameras in their hotel rooms. We'Ll tell you what the hotel is saying about this tonight and if you haven't, sent your holiday packages yet where you should look for the cheapest deals on shipping. That'Ll still get those gifts there in time. Well, it has happened again. Hidden cameras discovered in hotel rooms. This time by high school students who were on a field trip in minneapolis, here's miguel almaguer a high school field trip turned nightmare after students discovered hidden cameras in their hyatt hotel rooms. Tonight, madison school district, staying tight-lipped on details, but confirmed a schoolstaff member who was accompanying. The students was put on administrative leave as a precautionary measure. The spycams were only hidden in the teens rooms, the hyatt says no other devices were found and no one associated with the hotel was involved. Minneapolis police are actively investigating, while students and parents remain on edge. Spying on hotel guests is becoming alarmingly common, most famously broadcaster.

Erin andrews was filmed through a peephole in a nashville hotel, a woman sued hilton hotels after she was unknowingly recorded taking the shower then blackmail. All i could think was my life absolutely over just get out. My life is ruined. The easiest thing a person can do to protect themselves from these typesof attacks is to actually buy a little device. It cost about 20 bucks and it allows you to actually detect when there's a camera in your room, a simple tip to watch out for whoever may be watching you, miguel almaguer, nbc news all right up. Next, your holiday shipping costs are about to jump where to look this weekend to the best deels, don't mean to put pressure on anyone, but there are 12 days until christmas and time is running out to send those presents our vicky win on how you can find The best shipping deals in the price you pay, even if you've checked holiday, shopping off your list. The clock is ticking to getthose gifts delivered by december 24th for standard shipping. The deadline has passed for ups for the postal service, it's tomorrow december 14th and next up. Fedex december 16th, if you can't get your packages wrapped and ready to go by, then websites like ship, gooder and fit shipper will compare different shipping options for the best rate stores like postnet, do the same and ship on-site deadlines for priority. Shipping are on the horizon. For ups and fedex packages have to go out by december 20th to arrive by christmas eve for the postal service. It'S the 21st that final deadline december 23rd, where the cost of overnight shipping could be steep and when you're sending those gifts.

Makesure, you put a label on outside of the box very securely, nowhere near a seam and here's a pro tip add a second label on the inside, so the delivery people will know where it goes in case. Something happens to this one. You can also set text or email delivery alerts and consider extra insurance, especially if you save money by getting your gift in the mail early, vicki wynn, nbc news. That'S nightly news. I'M lester holt good night, hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusivesthanks for watching.

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