Trish Regan: Democrats’ chicken stunts are beneath dignity of Congress

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/03/2019 01:09 AM

FBN’s Trish Regan and Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) discuss how Senate Democrats took aim at Attorney General William Barr after he decided not to appear at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information acros...

Chicken bar should shown up today and answer questions. Hey look at that. What do you know, show-and-tell at our house of representatives in washington dc today the democrats deciding to bring a chicken not a real one, which might have actually many more interesting, but a ceramic chicken and some kfc to eat. It was all designed to take a jab at the attorney general for declining to come to their ...
earing today. You know this is what major matters of state are being reduced to stunts like that local theater come on guys. I mean this is our congress. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the people that we are relying on to govern and to secure. Our countrynow you've heard me wonder out loud whether the partisanship in washington has made us as a nation uncover, noble and indeed the democrats are certainly doing their very best to make sure that we are uncover noble. The president, in an exclusive interview, tells me there's a reason why the attorney general wasn't so keen on attending today's hearing. Listen fox has learned that attorney. Barr is not actually going to go to the house judiciary committee tomorrow. How come well.

I guess they want to treat him differently than they have anybody else and for many many years, they've, never done it. This way where they're, bringing in outside counsel or something, then that's not the way. Youknow you elect people they're supposed to be able to do their own talking, but he did a fantastic job. Today, i'm told i got to see some of it. He did a fantastic job. Lot of them have been trained as lawyers, so i would say, that's fair to expect them to do their own questioning. But i'll tell you this. If i were attorney general bar i'd have another reason to skip congress politics. You have only to see how rabid the democrats in the senate are right now, all in an effort to smear attorney, general bar and to prove their new theory on obstruction, of course, for a crime that didn't happen. Listen there was neverobstruction. There was never collusion. You look at it, it's all just it's a political game.

Sadly, yes, it is a political game and that's concerning. We should all be on the same page on the same team when it comes to truth and justice. How about these three people running for three of them? They'Re not doing very well, but three of them are running for a particular office. I think i may be you're talking to the person right now, they're running, so you have three of them running against me and they were up there ranting and raving like a lunatic frankly and they're running. And how is that fair? So you have bill barr, highly respectedgreat, attorney general and he's got to take the abuse from people that are running for office right because it's all politics exactly so, knowing that it's that political, that should concern us we're talking about some serious stuff. Here i mean the democrats wanted the world to think the president trump was an agent of russia and when they found out for sure he actually wasn't, then what did they do? They decided to strategize to take down members of his team and to try and take down him the president himself right now, they're trying to come up with this whole obstruction of justice thing, because the president dared to ask his legal team for some advice. Whichlast time i checked you, you have things like attorney-client privilege right. The president ought to be able to ask. How do i get myself out of a jam? I guess some democrats trying to effectively frame me politically. How do i get out of that seems like a worthwhile question to ask members of your team anyway, here with me, to react to all of it right now: wisconsin republican congressman sean duffy and congressman it's good to have you back, i mean i'm, i'm really struck By this, and more so of course, because i read the whole report, all of it and after getting through vol 1, i wondered why the heck do we have vol 2here and it's very peculiar to me and a little bit banana republic like that. We'Re trying to go after a president for something that doesn't exist, a crime we didn't come here to me. First of all, trips i got ta tell you, i'm embarrassed tonight and ashamed of the congress that members of congress had behaved.

The way that you showed you know bringing in chicken to a hearing what a bunch of clowns and the fact that they don't have the smarts and intelligence to ask questions of bill barr. They need their own lawyers to do it for them. Breaking two hundred plus years of precedents in the house that they're gon na bring their lawyers and askquestions don't be dumb good ones, but unfortunately there are a lot of people that get elected to that office. That don't know what the heck they're doing or what the heck they're talking about. Ilhan omar comes to mind. We'Re gon na talk about her later in the show, but it's irresponsible and what they did today, congressman that was nothing but political, theater, a giant absent. That'S absolutely and they look stupid doing it and they undermined the institution in which we serve and by the way i mean bill. Barr was gon na come in he'll. Take their questions. He'S not gon na take questions from lawyers. He asked i mean he has a jerry nadler to come in andreview the unredacted report. He can look at it aldrin and decided not to go.

Look at it. This is just games, and you mentioned in your intro they're, not looking for truth, they're. Looking for a political stunt, if you're looking for truth, you would say: did russia interfere with our elections, yes to donald trump clued with them? No, let's move on to governing and making people's lives better, but what this is really about. Trish and you'll do this as well. You'Re right on this is about about smearing bill bar because, after this is over, he is going for hillary clinton, the dossier, all the corrupt intelligence officials who brought us this investigation over two yearsdistracted our attention and, i think, misuse their power. There are going to be people held to account, billo bars, the guy who was gon na, do it and they want to destroy him before he gets to that evidence about that. We spent two-plus years listening to democrat after democrat and by the way television host after television hosts, awestruck and calmest after columnist in print media. Tell us that somehow something really bad went down and tell you this congressman. I think something really really bad did go down, but i don't think had anything to do with donald trump. In fact, i know that after reading the entire report, you see that it was like keystone cops. Rightthe russians were trying. They were trying very hard to get to him or somebody close to him and they kept striking out.

They never made it to first base. I would imagine they knew people in the hillary clinton side of things, because she'd been around a lot right and but you and i both know that the the bob moeller could have made a referral for criminal charges to bill bar. He could have made a referral for bill barr to charge or for the congress to impeach. It'S happened in the past, but it didn't happen here because it was no collusion. There was no obstruction that didn't happen, and the democrats keep. I mean trying tofind a new storyline, because doesn't they don't have any ideas? Presh we've talked about tax reform. We do seen streamlining rules and regulation making people's lives better. I mean wages, are increasing, there's more opportunity, more jobs, more upward mobility. Things are greater in america and if you can't run on that, you got to stick to this tired idea that there was russia collusion and they can't let it go and by the way the american people are tiring of this, and i think this is gon na Cost him the presidency and frankly, with the antics today in the house, with a little chicken eating fast, i think they're going to lose the house as well. Well, youknow boy, when he brought up you had three people questioning attorney general bar yesterday. There on the senate committee that are all running for prime mean everybody's running for president these days you know yeah, if you're a democrat, that's not running for president. There must be something wrong with you right because they're all running for president, but the idea that now they get to use this as some kind of platform to play their their politics that's wrong.

And that's what alarms me and i don't care what side of the aisle you're on on this really congressman. This is not a political moment. We should be thankful that there was no russian collusion, but we shouldbe very disheartened by the way this all went down and we deserve answers. But we give power to our intelligence agencies, incredible power to use it for good when they use it for political purposes. We, as the public have the right to know. I have a right to know or trust we take that power away from them and it's important to have that power to keep us safe, but when they go after a presidential candidate that they don't like that think they can smell their supporters in walmart. We have to review that power review who abused it and hold them to account to make sure it doesn't happen again and to clean out those badactors put new rules and guidelines in place to make sure this never happens again. He knows spying happened and he's going to get to the bottom of it congress absolutely congressman duffy. Thank you.

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