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Published: 12/31/2019 04:46 AM

Iowa has been the first state to vote in the presidential primaries since 1972, but some 2020 candidates are wondering whether this is the best process. NBC News’ Maura Barrett gets reactions from some Iowa voters on whether to change the order or not. » Subscribe to NBC News:

Iowa'S caucuses have been first-in-the-nation since 1972 in the states. Delegates are hugely important to anyone trying to become president, but some candidates are wondering whether iowa really should be the first to vote. Mora barrett asked a few iowans. What they think secretary julian castro doesn't think that iowa should be the first in the nation in the presidential selection process. The ha ...
keye state is about 90 percent way and he argues that the lack of diversity is representative of the rest of the country. He thinks that the dnc should establish a task force to identify a select few states that could rotate through beings. First, i spoke with a few iowans about what they think i fullysupport both changing the order of the states and also anything to be done to end the ridiculousness of the caucus process. I love the idea in theory, but i love the idea in theory, because i am an extrovert form of theatre, major and a situation where you get to argue with people to convince them that the righteousness of your cause in a public space is designed for people. Like me, who love public speaking', who have forceful personalities who enjoy that very particular environment, i don't know that this is something where then we can townhall over, especially when you know, i think my priority is getting getting the man out of the off out of theout Of the white house - and i think that asking another state to go first - is sort of like pushing them off to put diving board there's a lot that goes into making this sort of operation happen, and it's one of those things that you don't really realize. Unless you're here on the ground experiencing it when it comes to the diversity argument about caucusing, every state i've lived in before iowa has been significantly more diverse than iowa and also votes so late that our voices never matter in the primary. This is a very white state. It'S a very rural state.

It encourages very specific narratives of what americans are concerned with no matter how liberal iwill vote asan voters are. It is a overwhelmingly white liberal middle class agenda that dominates who wins the caucus process, and just because i happen to be a member of that particular grouping doesn't mean that my personal concerns and the concerns of people who look and live like me should determine the Momentum going forward for all americans, especially not in the democratic party, well he's looking at the makeup of the diversity, and we are a very small community, but we are a close community and we are, are we out there? We do what we need to do. We are together, like we are cohesive and we do it with what needs to get done. Ipersonally am out there working hard every day, i'm walking side by side with my other brothers and sisters, our diversity. You know there are states that more represent the diverse demographics of this country. There are a better microcosm of the u. s. and in iowa that being said, i know that racial demographics aren't the only thing that matters when it comes to how people choose their supporting and in politics in general. You know: look at georgia. Look at alabama. They have a larger community of african-americans mississippi. So eventually, if they look at what we're doing here, they can say we can do that too.

So they can take our leaders. I think it's kind of clearthat he's saying this because he can write like he's not gon na win as unfortunate as that is he's not gon na win, and so you know it's the sort of thing that you're not going to see the front-runner saying because they Need us to support hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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