Trish Regan: China needs us more than we need them

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 10 hours ago

FBN’s Trish Regan supports President Trump’s threat to raise tariffs on Chinese goods. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of t...

The president of the united states playing hardball with the chinese tonight making good on his threat to raise tariffs to 25 % on chinese goods coming to the united states of america. This comes on the heels of some 25 % tariffs already being charged and could soon be followed by even more tariffs got it china. This first round of tariffs is being enacted on friday this week because, according to ...
us negotiators, the chinese reneged on promises that they had made to us here we are negotiating in good faith. They are not so here's the deal if china continues to play around like this, refusing to keep up its end of the bargain, then we engage in retaliationwe can make china's life much harder economically. I promise you that then they can make ours we're their number one. Customer number-one customer: having bought more than a half a trillion dollars worth of goods from them just in the last year alone, that's more than twice the amount that they buy from us, so they need us. We support their economy and the bottom line here is china needs us more than we need them. So if they intend to engage in economic warfare and that's exactly what they're doing, then they should just remember right now we win that fight and tariffs are a weapon that the president tells me he's not afraid to use okay, they'renegotiating and where, where does this go? Do you think you're able to get them to stop stealing our intellectual property right? Look, that's ours! Sure i mean look, it's been it's a very major part of our deal. It'S you know. I mean with tariffs. I'Ll just and i know i got ta. Let you go because that believes in tariffs when somebody's taking advantage.

If i wasn't able to use tariffs, i found these really great, very old laws that haven't been used in a long time. Had i not had the power of tariffs and i could assign him myself and i not had that power we wouldn't be having great just tariffs - are a weapon i'll tellyou. This is an example of a president doing exactly what a president should do. He is looking to protect our economy. Remember american businesses they're, not so incentivized, to cut trade with china. Why should they? I mean they're too desperate, trying to prove to shareholders every single quarter that they're very active in that very important market heck. They even surrender willingly their intellectual property to the chinese all because they want the opportunity to access 1 billion people in that market. So this this folks is where government must step. In i mean i'm, a small government live for your diet, kind of girl, but you need government and you need them to protect us and protectour future and our children's future. We have all the leverage right now all the economic leverage we are still the biggest economy. But when you look at china's growth trajectory, we may not hold that space for long so raising tariffs on china. This friday, i say good, do it and keep on raising them.

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