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Published: 12/28/2019 04:02 AM

NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen takes an in-depth look at the limited oversight of airline foods and why a former worker says you should be careful when ordering an in-flight email. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digit...

[ music, ], so many options at 30,000 feet: hummus, sandwiches, even hot meals, but sky high dining can be risky about 3/4. The way through the flight. I start feeling really bad one flyer, jason alderman says he got food poisoning after eating duck ravioli on a flight. Last year its most intense sickness i've ever had. He says he reported his illness to the airline and filed a complaint with his ...
ocal health department, and then nothing really felt like nobody was claiming responsibility. It feels like things like this can be allowed to continue to happen. The cdc says about 48 million americans get food poisoning each year, but how many cases from airplane food experts say it's hardto track, because passengers might not get sick right away and then scatter to different destinations. So just how safe is this food nbc news? Look through more than a thousand pages of fda inspection reports for three major airline catering companies. Since 2012, we found food safety violations that might make your stomach turn at lsg. Sky chefs flies rodents, dead, roaches, dirty pans and utensils marked as clean and liquid dripping from raw bacon onto cooked bacon at gate, gourmet, dusty fans, blowing air onto uncovered food and dried food debris on cutting boards and flying food group. A live bird inside one facility and two instances of listeria: the public, separate food safety, expert, roy costa, isa, former government food inspector with 40 years of experience. How can these types of violations make people sick by either allowing the bacteria to grow or by allowing the bacteria to get on the food and then survive to the customers? Another concern how the food gets delivered.

It was about nine flights a day that you were putting food on to the airplane soon her prince, who asked us not to use his last name, is a former truck loader for lsg sky chefs. The workers union now in contract negotiations brought him to new york to speak with us. We learned the food in the truck. There'S no a/c outside is very hard to close that truckso. My idea for the food who has sale. He says once the food left the facility, it was only cooled by dry ice. Did you ever see the dry ice evaporate yeah many time, because phoenix is very, it's very hot. You know the dreyse is like it's like a guys if you live. It is very hard like in a couple of minutes against beer from the time the food is put on the truck to the time it gets put on the airplane. How much time has gone by it was like two hours an hour for three hours. To put a food in the plane, how do you think passengers would react, knowing what you knowi kind of i eat anything it up? Pretty much. All three companies told nbc news they're committed to providing the highest food safety standards and comply with the latest federal regulations undergoing internal and external audits and said they've taken action anytime.

An issue is identified, flying food and gate gourmet, adding they've made investments to improve and ensure food safety. The fda requires inspections, at least every three to five years until this facilities are also often inspected by state and local authorities, but for frequent fliers like jason. The take away before taking off i'll grab something at the airport i'll eat the pretzels or i'll go hungry. Hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out ouryoutube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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