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Wild weather disrupts holiday travel rush, President Trump speaks out about impeachment, and last minute shoppers rush to stores for Super Saturday deals. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). » Subscribe to NBC News: http:/...

Tonight, the holiday rush, a record number of americans hitting the roads and skies as nasty weather, gets in the way mudslides and flooding in the west a washout down south where the storms are heading. Next breaking now the president lashing out at impeachment. In a speech late today, as democrats and republicans battle over what happens next, a family shock speaking out for the first time after ...
learning, their daughters, close friend, was arrested in connection to her murder. Was it a plot to steal her baby? The disturbing video of a police deputy pulling a driver from his car then attempting a chokehold the driver killed by the deputy says the move was warranted brave, new worldsea world under fire for how it treats its killer whales. The dramatic new change they're making is it enough and move over black friday today is super saturday. The busiest shopping day of the year we'll tell you where to find the deals in the final sprint to christmas. This is nbc nightly news with jose diaz-balart good evening. As millions of people take to the skies and the roads on day, one of what will be the busiest travel season in history, deadly weather, the record rainfall, flash floods, mudslides, high, wind and icy roads are causing chaos as several storms are moving across the country. And it's only going to get worse and we sees morgan cheskyreports from atlanta tonight. It'S the holiday travel mess with wild weather nationwide. That tonight has taken a deadly turn on the west coast record rainfall causing multiple mudslides, some areas, seeing a foot of rain in 48 hours. The slick roads blamed for this deadly accident in washington, killing a sheriff's deputy on the way to a call when his cruiser hydroplaned left the roadway due to water.

We believe the western storms forcing flash flood warnings and wind advisories from washington state down to northern california across the southeast heavy rains expected through monday, potentially impacting air travel in busy hubs like charlotte and atlanta. I'Ve heard it's been pretty bad, but i'm just i just packed likehour ago today in atlanta, at the world's busiest airport, the holiday travel tradition, just starting to take hold all the waiting waiting at the gate waiting to get through security. That'S usually what the worst, but i come prepared from now, till new year's, more than 115 million travelers are expected to fly or hit the road. That'S nearly a 20-year high and a four percent boost over last year. Do you feel, like all the craziness is worth it well, yeah cuz you're spending the holidays with your family, as for the big day itself, all sideshow white christmas may be wishful thinking with even more rain on the way and morgan. This is just the beginning. Ofthe worst travel days, yeah jose. That'S right! It'S only expected to get busier at the airports, but the truth is the more those. The more of those hundred million travelers are actually expected to be hitting the highways and some good news for them. Triple-A says gas prices. Only expected to drop in the days ahead, jose morgan chesky in atlanta. Thank you.

A deadly fire in a las vegas apartment building is under investigation. Tonight it happened early this morning. You can see the thick smoke and flames pouring out of a three-story complex. Several people had to jump to safety. Six people were killed, 13, others were injured, fire officials say it appears. The fire started. Whenresidents used their stoves to warm up their apartments to politics. Now, president trump is in florida rallying support at a gathering of young conservatives, but still reeling from the impeachment vote. Kelly o'donnell reports a working saturday night for president trump appearing before a summit of young conservatives meeting here in west palm beach days after his impeachment is adopted. The president urged these student activists to stand by him. Each of you is a fighter and the frontlines of defending our way of life, and i am profoundly grateful to all of you, while the specifics of his senate trial are still at issue. The president lashed out at democrats.

There'S no crime, there's no, nothing! The presidentcalled up texas, congressman dan crenshaw, who offered his impeachment voting card as a gift. It'S a no vote on impeachment day. That was it [ applause, ] tonight's event gives mr. trump the gift of cheering supporters. At a crisis point in his presidency, the white house is also emphasizing important year-end business and made an event out of friday's bill signing for the department of defense, which gives the president what he considers a legacy achievement: a new military service. This is a very big and important moment. It'S called the space force. The president also signed a 1. 4 trillion dollar package of government funding that keeps operations open through september 30th. Among the highlights, a 3. 1 percent military payraise 1. 4 billion dollars for border fencing, a trump priority - 25 million dollars for gun violence, research, important for democrats and it repealed three taxes from obamacare and raise the age to purchase tobacco products to 21.

Kelly tonight's event sounded like a campaign rally. Will the president keep that going over the holidays? Well, hosea? He has at least one campaign event scheduled before he goes back to washington. That'S the launch of the evangelicals for trump coalition, especially important after a prominent christian magazine called for his removal from office and, of course, he'll have his tweets and time with family and friends for christmas, jose kelly o'donnell in west palm beach. Thank you very much. A californiasheriff's deputy is off the job tonight on leave for what his boss calls an extremely incident. Newly-Released body cam video shows a deadly encounter between the deputy and a disabled man during a traffic. Stop sarah harmon has details a note. This video is disturbing. It began with the report of a stolen car deputies in pursuit of a vehicle reported missing in a core jacking. What they didn't know. The driver 52 year-old david glen ward, was the car's owner in a video of the stunning confrontation released by the sonoma county sheriff's department, deputy charles blount, can be seen approaching the vehicle the driver, who was physically disabled, struggled to exit the car law enforcement dragging himthrough. The window then tasing him police, say deputy blount attempted a carotid hold a controversial move designed to cut off blood to the brain.

Ward became unresponsive as it became clear ward was the victim, not the carjacker. He was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead tonight. Sheriff mark essex says he plans to fire deputy blount, a 19-year veteran of the force, a lawyer for blount defending his actions telling nbc in a statement. Deputy blount didn't cause david ward's death. Frankly, mr. ward caused his own death by inexplicably taking a number of bizarre actions alleging he had a serious pre-existing condition and methamphetamine in his system, and there were no indications of trauma tohis neck after shocking footage leaves the community demanding answers. What happens next. An investigation is currently underway, an officer blount is on administrative leave. His attorney tells nbc news. He has not been fired and says. If and when that happens, he will absolutely appeal the decision and now to the price you pay today is so-called super saturday. The busiest shopping day of the year retailers are rolling out the deals to get you in the door before christmas, your stephanie ruhle tonight the final shopping sprint, as 148 million americans are expected to finish their last-minute shopping.

Our stores are open early and closely through retailers. Like macy's jcpenney and best buy keeping their doors open, forextended hours, kohl's is welcoming shoppers for 24 hours a day until christmas eve. Why is this weekend so important for retailers, because there is the worst exhale of the holiday shopping season? So it really all comes down to the wire americans are expected to spend over seven hundred and twenty seven billion dollars this holiday season, an increase of 4 percent from last year, who are the retail winners this year, it's off price, its tj maxx, ross stores, burlington And target so if discount one did luxury lose them and all the rest of department stores, the strong retail season means the last-minute discounts won't be as deep as years past. But there are still some gooddeals out there best by slashing $ 100 from apple laptops, walmart offering 60 % discounts off toys and games. Experts suggest the baathist method, buy online and picking up in-store to get extra savings and skip the crowds. While millions are shopping online. We found many who are braving the elements looking for the last-minute deal, so what kind of stores you go into every simple store that i can especially anything for toys for my sign up for my stepdaughter. They want to make sure we get all the great deal. Stuffy, if your plenty to do your shopping online, it's not over amazon and some other sites are offering two-day shipping. If you order by tomorrow, you can evenget one day if you're willing to pay up and what about christmas eve, your shopping, our stores, gon na, be open. You can still go to brick-and-mortar stores until 6:00 p. m.

christmas eve after that you're. Out of luck, several rule, it's great to see you likewise to you still ahead tonight. The family of that murdered mom in texas is speaking out for the first time since she was killed. Her friends believe the suspect tried to steal her baby also see change through years of controversy. Those sea world whale shows are getting a major makeover, we're back with an update on a story. We'Ve been following closely the family of that missing, mom murdered in texas istalking for the first time since her death. Now new questions about the infant found alive and the friend who's been charged in connection with the crime. Sam brock reports for the first time since the tragic death of heidi broussard and miraculous recovery of her 3 week old infant nbc news has the first extended reaction from heidi's devastated family. Today, we feel overwhelmed overwhelmed with grief, of course, but also the details of all that needs to be done were blessed with having many of heidi's friends to help in the austin in lake. Charles communities have been wonderful with their supporting kindness. Broussard'S body was uncovered inside the trunk of a car at her friend's house inhouston, her baby margo unharmed inside the home family and loved ones, stunned by the alleged role of a childhood friend, to make it humphrey who faces two charges of kidnapping and a count of Tampering with the human corpse friends say: humphrey told him she was pregnant. She had an online baby registry listing a due date, the same as heidi broussard's when heidi was giving birth.

Where was the suspect? She'S been moved to austin to await her next court date as the family looks to fill a void left by heidi's death with christmas coming. Our focus right now is our grandson, silas and spending time with him to grieve the loss of his mom. Our daughterheidi silas, received his christmas presents early this year, delivered by heidi's friends, trying to provide comfort as he misses his mom. That is her world and she is his world ya plan simple that bond, that someone would can witness with her and her son. Take note because you'll never see anything like that. A bond broken, but a family strong and sticking together, determined to heal their lives, will never be the same and there's gon na be empty plate at the dinner table and on christmas and in every day. From now on and sam, you have new information tonight about a vigil for heidi in a family. Jose is planning a vigil for the next day, ortwo at the same location, where a search party was supposed to be meeting this weekend. His family tells me they just want to connect with the community and grieve with those who feel their pain, jose sam broke in austin. Thank you. Coming up next, a dramatic robbery caught on camera. The victim dragged away, what happens next and a big shift at seaworld? Other changing those killer whale shows.

Amid the controversy over how the animals are treated, there has been a train derailment along a civil war-era bridge in west virginia. It happened overnight. A freight train crossing the potomac river near harpers ferry, ran off the tracks with several empty cars falling into the water thecrash wiped out a section of the famous appalachian trail as well. No one was injured and the cause is under investigation, an alarming robbery caught on cameras, getting a lot of attention tonight for what happened after a man stole a woman's bag. Here'S a woman at a shopping center in st. paul minnesota earlier this week, putting away packages. That'S when the crook tried to pull off her purse, the victims arm got caught in the strap and she got dragged when the robbers drove off all the cash she had saved for christmas gifts was inside. She eventually got loose. She was not seriously injured. There are big changes to tell you about it. One of thecountry's premier tourist attractions seaworld has been under fire for its killer whale shows. Now it's taking a different approach to how it treats these giants from the deep kerry sanders explained.

The killer whale show was once all about the spectacle, but now right now, seaworld is at a point where we are evolving our killer whale presentations to more closely reflect our conservation and education mission. The shift coming almost a decade after a seaworld trainer was killed by an orca and then the widely viewed documentary blackfish that challenged the practice of using captured, orcas and others bred in captivity. Simply for entertainment, did blackfish force you to realize it's time to shift. Think blackfish was apoignant moment in our company's history for sure seaworld says: they're, changing the killer whale displays at each of their parks; san diego san antonio and now orlando to be less about music tricks and dancing, and more about education. Morgan rickey works with the whales. We'Re definitely still gon na have the wild behaviors, but what we're doing is we're explaining the why, but critics argue, the whales do not belong in captivity, captivity, causes emotional mental problems and also physical problems. Physical problems, like droopy dorsal fins from spending too much time at the surface and mental problems like boredom, they are intelligent. So when they are in a box, it's boring, and this year, tripadvisor virgin atlantic andbritish airways holidays announced they will no longer sell tickets to seaworld. Reflecting changing attitudes about wild animals in captivity, eventually killer killer whales won't be in our parts. At seaworld seaworld made the commitment to stop its orca breeding program in 2016 and for this last generation of whales, a new environment, striped bass, where once only orcas lived, and if the whale eats a fish in front of a child, the whale eats a fish. It'S the circle of life down below is katina and a captive orcas becoming less performers and seaworld hope. More unique educators, kerry sanders nbc news orlando when we come back.

There'S good news tonight about helping bring some christmas cheer who aretroops far from home. There'S good news tonight about helping our troops around the world feel loved and remembered during the holiday season. They'Re getting christmas trees from strangers, a small but important symbol of the season, bringing a bit of home to those serving far away from the mighty and majestic to the humble and hopefully there a holiday tradition can burn a symbol of the season. But some are buying more than just one family's donating christmas trees to our troops, along with notes of love and support. Thank you for protecting us. We hope you enjoy the tree merry christmas, my family loaded up and shipped by truck and fedex by flight to bases all over theworld since 2005. Trees for troops has partnered with tree farms across the country, sending nearly 250,000 christmas trees to military families, who can't be home for the holidays, good tidings coast to coast, even as far away as afghanistan and at anderson air force base in guam. This season extra special for the crisp family from virginia spending, their first stationed on the isles back stateside seemed green at camp lejeune. 450 trees donated here from tennessee for the aegon burgers from missouri. The reason to be thankful. This christmas sergeant luka second burger, has been deployed to the living room. You want to put some lights on sadie and bennett, helping dad decorate there.

You go good, jobfor them and our other us armed forces. These trees are much more than just a gift. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, they're also an inspiration christmas says. Thank you for all you do for your country. We love our mini heroes, such as you love from memphis tennessee. True, sir troops is a massive effort. More than 18,000 trees were delivered so far. This holiday season on 78 military bases - that's nbc, nightly news for this saturday - kate snow here tomorrow with an inspiring story about a little girl with big dreams who became a professional ballerina despite a debilitating spinal condition, i'm jose diaz, pilar reporting from new york. Thank you for the privilege of your timeand good night. [ music ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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